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Demonic Haunting Mind Games on 2011-10-12

Rob again, apologies for the delayed post, it's been a while. Things are still the same here at my end. This is just a brief update of what's been going on with me since I posted my last experience. Sounds crazy but I swear this 'thing' is in my head. A while ago I was sleeping on the sofa, I ...

Demonic Haunting - Gibb Lane on 2011-01-13

Thank you for your patience on waiting for my next post, I understand a majority of you are waiting to hear more of what has happened. Even though I like the thought of sharing these stories with such a wide range of people I don't really enjoy the experience very much. The rope burn on my neck c...

Demonic Haunting - Hypnosis And Attacks on 2010-11-15

Rob again. It seems to be coming more often than usual now, I hope you're not sick of reading my stories? I feel as though I am going over the same things over and over and if I'm honest I'm sick of reading and typing the title: Demonic Haunting... My last post was regarding a kind of 'missing time...

Demonic Haunting - The Abduction on 2010-08-24

Thanks to you all once again who have supported me through my experiences, I feel quite relieved to read your comments are actually agreeing with me and that I'm not just going insane. This post comes more or less straight after my most recent one; as I did mention I would tell you about this experi...

Demonic Haunting - The Taunting on 2010-08-16

So it's my third post on this site - not bad for someone who never believed in ghosts. It's been a while since I last caught up with you guys and shared my experiences. I guess before you read this you'll need to read my last two posts to get the general idea of what's been going on in my world. ...

Demonic Haunting - Millie on 2010-02-01

I unwillingly posted my story on here a few weeks ago and was suprised with all the feedback I got from you all. For anyone who hasn't read it you may need to to understand this story. I mentioned Millie, my 9 year old daughter, a couple of times in the post 'Demonic Haunting' and many of you menti...

Demonic Haunting on 2010-01-18

I'm new to this site and thought dealing with the fact that my 9 year old daughter see's a lot of 'things' was the only problem on my mind. Until now... My names Rob I'm from Manchester in the UK, I'm 27 years old and up until now my life has been 'ghost free'. My daughter, Millie, see's a lot o...

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Intrigued09 - thanks for taking the time out to read through all my posts! I know some of them are a bit long winded and it's possible people who haven't followed them from day one could get mixed up or confused as to which story to read first. Yeah Millie is my little miracle, she's probably the most special person in my life and always has been. Big soft spot for her! (Although I treat my other kids the same) 😁
Yeah I'll be keeping you posted on any updates. Hope you get chance to read them.
Adolphos: Thanks for the links and the helpful suggestions! Going to try your first idea of locking myself inside the house. Might get my girlfriend to hide the house keys... And window keys as well cause I wouldn't put it past 'myself' (not sure if I should be blaming myself here or something else) to attempt to climb out of the windows.

Butthead (Adam): Once again thanks for your comments - I'm glad you have read this post seeing asthough you were following all of my others.
The incident in the lane in my other post was the opposite way from where I awoke this time. Not long after that had happened I went back quite frequently to the lane to try and get my head around it. I can remember exactly where I stopped my car. But nothing.
Of course I've done something similar this time round... I've not gone to the end of the road to those 3 houses as I doubt the residents would be too pleased if there was a random guy stood outside their homes just staring?:P But I have drove in the lane and just found myself staring down at those houses... I have also thought about knocking on? My only concern is that if I do knock on and I'm invited in then what will I be letting myself in for? Maybe it's safe that I don't enter any of the houses or maybe it's somewhere I need to be, I don't know.
I'm glad you have followed my every post and truely believe what is happening - for those who know me I'm not a very creative person when it comes to things like this lol and ghosts/entities arn't exactly my strong point.
Ok so turning up the TV sounds like a bad idea... You're right. I am avoiding the situation in hopes that it'll go away, doesn't seem to have worked so far but there is a glimmer of hope inside of me that really wants to believe that ignoring it will work.
My daughter Millie (I can't thank her enough) is so helpful in all of this. She has limited info on what is happening to me but she senses it, I know she was born with some kind of gift and to over come Leukimia says it all. She is a very strong person and a true soldier in my eyes. Everytime she is around me that feeling seems to go, I can relax in peace and place this whole experience to the back of my mind.
Serenity: Thank you for the link. I found the Gib Lane part... I'm glad it kind of backs me up. Now I know I'm not the only one who feels that there is something on the lane.
Thank you for the comments.

Loganz_sis thanks for the compliment. I'm trying not to let this take over my life. 😉

Redphx I'm glad you sense this just by looking at the area, and I'm not the only one! Unfortunately the park surrounds a large majority of where I live so I have no choice as to pass it most days. Whether it's in my car or walking past. I never sensed anything before though, although I have heared many stories about the area, since I awoke facing the houses it has been since then that it makes me feel physically sick when I'm close by.
I'm sorry you can't see the houses I mention quite well as it will only let you zoom in down the road, but you can atleast see the three attached houses at the far end.

HazMan_III you're right. I feel stumped as to what is happening and I can't seem to get my head around it. I have tried a few things to rid this entity such as burning sage and attempting to talk with it. I guess I'm just hoping if I ignore it, it'll go away. Although I know deep down that this won't happen.
I have read each and everyones comments and took them on board.
A friend of mine suggested I go and see a priest. And another friend has contacted a Spiritualist for me and told them about my problems. I have a number for him but haven't yet been intouch.

The urge to contact him is unbearable but when I try to it's asthough something stops me. Which I guess is pretty scarey to think about. I'm convinced this entity has settled itself inside of me. Why else would I be experiencing loss of time and sleep walking?
My actions have got a lot of people close to me worried and I think only now are alarm bells ringing inside them... Now they know the full story. As much as I want to help myself something is putting me off. Is it the entity? I don't know.

I apolagise for the road name, it's actually spelt with one B... Gib Lane. Here is the link to google maps to the exact location.


Where the 'A' in the orange bubble it it is further below that where it comes to the T junction, it actually says 'Gib Ln' on the tiny part of the road.
James: Thank you for your comment. I have more to add to this terrifying reality. I am now in the process of posting this story on to this website. I hope you have time to read it and maybe help me in explaining what is going on.
Angelgem - I have no clue as to why these 'Demons' are after me. If you have read my first story I explain that I think I 'picked it up' in a hospital, like some nasty virus. I don't believe in God, I am in no way religious. And if there is a 'Higher Power' then surely this wouldn't of happened or I would have been helped by now? I understand a lot of people on this site are very religious and I respect that.

Redphx - we are trying to put a full summery up of the whole story and make sure that what I've told them is correct information. I will put my story up then once we have gotten to the bottom of things. 😊

Protected - Thank you for your comments. No worries that you cannot assist in helping me with my experience. The thought of people reading and understanding my stories is good enough for me and I guess gives me the strength to believe I can beat this. You're right about the people who have posted on all of my stories, it also blows me away to see how many people have took an interest in this and taken the time out to comment and support me, that goes to you as well. So thanks once again.

Thank you for the comments.
Rashidah - I regret to say I 100% agree with you. Well now anyway, now it's over and done with. I do feel as though I may of opened a can of worms, I'm hoping things don't get worse. I guess if they do, I have myself to blame.
Butthead - I apreciate your rant lol it tells me you have shown a great deal of interest in my stories and haven't just pushed them aside as silly little 'jumping to the wrong conclusion' type of posts.
A friend of mine did suggest I take Millie, my daughter, with me into these hypnosis sessions if I were to go ahead with them. Which I obviously did but without Millie. She reckoned Millie could of been used as a sort of shield to block this entity out while we tried to get to the bottom of things.
The guy who lead the hypnosis sessions was a certified medical practitioner.
The rope in the garage was, as far as I am aware, not hanging from the wooden beams. Surely I would of seen this? The tap I felt on my head indicates to me that the rope somehow fell from off the top of the beams into the back of my head before it managed to wrap 'itself' around my neck.
My dad had no clue as to why the rope was there, he has never seen it and wasn't aware of any type of rope in that garage. It's as if it's only purpose of being there was to hang someone, the way it was tied into a slip knot just seemed too coincidental. It also put a lot of preasure for the first few days onto my mum and dad. They even questioned each other about the rope, and were very suspicious of each other. They even asked me if I'd put it there in an attempt to kill myself!

Adam thanks mate. It's been a while since my last post but no changes really. Non I was hoping for anyway. My reason for logging on today is that I'm going to be placed under hypnosis in around 2 hours. Pretty nervous about the whole thing but maybe this will shed more light on the situation? I hope so anyway... Will keep you posted!
And Ghostbeliver: I'm sorry I scared you 😊
Date: 2010-09-15
Fascinating read mate. Sorry to hear about your mum and aunty but sounds like she's around a lot. Keep looking out for the signs and I hope she visits again soon, maybe this time not to help someone pass over... Rob.
Thank you all for your comments.
Butthead: I read all your comments on my posts, thank you for the support mate and I apologize for the late night and the time it took you to read through them and comment. I'm glad some of you are following my experiences. I named this post The Abduction as we generally thought this was the case of my missing time, however it wasn't until after I posted this story that a friend of mine mentioned possession without any hesitation. This got me more worried as I tried to go over and over in my head what had happened, what had I done in the time I cannot remember? Take the screw driver incident for example, if I hadn't of come round when I did what would have happened? Was I about to put a persons life in danger or my own? Surely the screw driver in my hand was intended to be used as a weapon. This scares me into thinking in the 1 hour 40 minutes what did I do? Did I meet with anyone? Talk to anyone? I have this image of me pulling cars over on the lanes and murdering the people who got out. I know it sounds daft but I'm thinking the worst thing I could have done. I have no evidence of meeting up with anyone as far as I know, my clothes we're in no noticeable state and my trainers had no signs of mud, water or any sort of stain that I can think of. Maybe I'm just over reacting and looking into things too much.
When I mentioned Hypnosis to the same person who mentioned possession she immediately protested against the idea and says I'll be even more vulnerable in a trance like state but if I insisted that I do get hypnotized then to take Millie with me so this 'Demon' cannot interfere with my state of mind and take advantage once again.
Thanks for your support, I hope I squash this mother fu**er into the ground for good.
Date: 2010-09-02
If you YouTube the title of this story it shows videos of the lights.
Being a big skeptic up until last year I now believe in the paranomal. But extraterrestrials have never been a question of doubt in my mind, all those planets in the whole solar system and we're the only living planet? I don't think so. There's something else out there. Good story!
Thank you for all of the comments and for following my stories. I agree, Millie really does have a gift.
Pinkzilla, I'm sorry to hear about your illness I hope you have made a full recovery.

In a way I'm glad you all agreed on the fact that what I thought was Karl, was not. However I think I was secretly hoping that you'd all think it actually was him. In denial huh?

I have a number for a Medium that my sister gave me, I think giving her a call is my only hope although she doesn't come cheap.
I'm trying my best to control my anger when it creeps up on me, I keep Millie close as a kind of protector which is daft as it should be me protecting her.
I have tried burning sage but with no luck.

I'll try my best to keep you all posted as I'm interested in reading your views on this.

Thanks again.
Date: 2010-08-16
Penny - yes I'm still here. Odd as I haven't visited for a while. I have just submitted another post, Demonic Haunting - The Taunting. It should be up in a few days please read. Yes this is still continuing and it is terrifying. Thanks for the support
It's in South Manchester and quite similar to Salford. Yes if you could find any more info on the area than I can that would be great. Cheers.
I'll also keep you updated.
Your story stood out to me when it was first put up on this website yesturday and I immediately added it to my favourites. The reason being, because I recently posted a story on this site with a similar title 'Demonic Haunting'. From what I read I can relate to some of the things that are happening as I am experiencing a few of them. Please Please Please read my story so you can relate to it and if you yourself have any advice for me then please go ahead and feel free to comment.
I like you have tried a few things, I've began burning White Sage in my house a few times a week, I've had a family friend who is a Medium come to my home on a regular basis and try to get rid of this thing with no luck. I'm not religious and although it may sound wrong of me I don't believe that turning to a so called 'God' will help. But hey, that's my opinion and I won't make fun of anyone who does. So I hope that last comment didn't insult anyone...
In a way I'm glad I'm not alone but I feel for you and your wife... You deffinately have it worse than I do.
Date: 2010-02-08
Thanks for the comments again. I found a website on paranormal encounters in my area (some of them are in different area's) but none the less they are still interesting...
Things were quiet for a couple of days last week but that's about all the peace I have had. Just similar stuff happening to what I have already explained.
Yeah the reason for the personal things I mentioned were just to clarify anything that maybe be causing the 'Demon' in my house. I wasn't sure if any of these could be linked so in order to shed a bit of light on to this I thought I'd mention everything. And thanks for the good father comment DeviousAngel, I try my best. 😊
Surya I'm in a place called Wythenshawe - been reading up on the internet and there is a few recorded hauntings that have taken place in that area, there is also a Paranormal/UFO type of company round the corner from me, they have a website,
I will also try the White Sage as a few people have mentioned this including the family friend who is currently helping me.
Date: 2010-01-20
I'll try anything to make this go away so all your comments have deffinately been taken on board.

No changes so far; last night I woke up at 2:56am, I'm keeping track of when I wake up and writing it down. I woke up knowing something was in the room with me, it's crazy how you can just feel something is there without actually seeing it first. I was really warm and was sweating again and needed a drink badly, I remember taking one up to bed with me but when I sat up to get it off the bedside table it had gone so I got out of bed to go downstairs and get one, as I got near the door on the opposite side of the room I felt a sharp pain in my right foot and heard the crunching of glass. I reached for the light on the wall to find the glass smashed on the floor and the contents of it dripping down the wall and soaking into the carpet. Unless I threw it over there while I was asleep I have no other explaination for it? And now my foot was all cut and bleeding.
Date: 2010-01-19
Cheers for all your feedback. Wasn't expecting so much back. I read all your comments and I will speak to Millie and sit down with her so I can understand everything that's going on, not with myself but with her. I actually believe she is being protected by something or someone 'cause she has mentioned seeing things a few times and she seems to take it in her stride that she'll always have that with her. I thnk she already knows what's going on with me even though I've never told her, but I will speak to her about it as well.
I'll take your advice and ring up the guy who's number I was given and let you all know what happens with that.
I've been off the medication for around a month now and things haven't changed so unless the side affects are perminant then I doubt it's them.
My overall health since the operation is ok but not as good as it was but maybe that's just because my body is used to going to the gym and boxing? I have good days and bad days... The good days are when Millie is around. But the days when she's not around is when I feel asthough I live in a completely different world. I feel the urge to cut myself off from everyone which is not like me as I am a very outgoing guy, up for a laugh, loud and hate being on my own it drives me insane. The family friend suggested that's what this entity is after, for me to feel bad all the time so it can feed off my negataive energy, she to has told me to keep active and cheerful and just be myself so I have a chance of fighting this thing off. But hey I suppose if Millie can fight of Leukemia then I can fight off a demon?
Thanks for the email address, I'll get intouch once I've spoken to the other guy and if he can't help I'll be really pleased if you could.
I'll update you with ANYTHING else that happens this week.
I'm picking Millie up from school later on and I can feel a big relief just thinking about it.