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Ghost Hunting Experience on 2010-01-27

My boyfriend Kyle and I are very interested in the investigation of the paranormal. Although it scares me to see or hear things, I'm still somewhat drawn to pictures and stories of encounters. I live right by the Lundys Lane Cemetery located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where the battle of 1812 was lo...

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Date: 2010-02-02
And I would also like to add that the bright circle at the top right of the screen was not the moon.
Date: 2010-02-02
I had lightened the picture already and saved it accidentally over the original which is why I think I may have ruined it. The "woman" that I see, her face fits almost exactly in the red circle. It looks like her nose is whiter than the rest of her face. The other face, a "mans" face, was always a bit harder to see. As I said me and my boyfriend are huge skeptics, but when we saw this picture specifically, we did believe. We also believe that you usually don't find something if your looking for it. I've had a lot of strange photos such as very bright white almost beams of light coming out of the bottom of gravestones. I did get a lot of reflections but they are easier to recognize. I did study a lot of the pictures once I was home and lightened or contrasted them since its easier to reveal shapes and shadows that way. Which is how we found a lot of things. I will be purchasing a "ghost hunting kit" which includes EVP and other things. It does warn you to be careful with it but I'm determined and very curious as to what I can find and communicate with. If anyone has ever heard of the "Blue Ghost Tunnel" or the "Screaming Tunnel" keep checking up on the website as I will be entering anything interesting if the website will allow it. Thank you to all for any feedback, positive or negative. We all see things a different way. 😊