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My Imaginary Friend Who Hung From The Ceiling on 2015-07-14

So when I was 21 and engaged, I brought my fiance to my family dinner where I expected to be made fun of with silly childhood stories. BUT THEN... My mom asks me, "do you remember Kay Kay (or kk) who hung from the ceiling or chandelier and drank Pocher/Pocker (sp?) wine?" And I, having ZERO idea wha...

New Apartment In Sherman Oaks on 2010-01-20

I moved to Los Angeles in 2000. I had a boyfriend here who lived in a small 1 bedroom apt in Studio City that was way over priced and we decided to look for a cheaper, bigger place for the both of us. We went to a cute place over in Sherman Oaks, a 1 bed 1 bath, built in the 20's with cute built in ...

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I did go back in the daytime a few days later, once I got my courage up and saged the place and told "them" that they needed to stop messing with me&my daughter or id have them removed, if they stopped they could stay. After that nothing happened and I moved out immediately. I drove by a few months ago and it was STILL for rent. Seems like I'm not the ONLY one (or Carlos) that had a problem.
I also forgot to add that my daughter used to talk about the old lady in the closet-the bedroom closet door (one of those old heavy sliding double doors) would apparently open overnight. She would always ask me to "make sure the closet door is closed mommy" and I would, yet on many occasions, in the morning it would be slightly open. She would say that she saw the old lady in the closet, but again not believing in ghosts, I brushed it off as a childs imagination. After I posted this account, I went back and re-read my journal from back then and was reminded of so many other instances of weird stuff happening. But what I postedin my story, along with the content of this post is the good summary of our experience. -Annalee
thanks everyone for taking the time to read and leave feedback. I often wonder how I would react had I known then what I know now about the paranormal. Sometimes it seems like it couldn't have really happened, and then just last month, Sierra and I were going through a box of pictures of our time in the apartment. To my amazement/horror in 3 of the pics there is a black mist surrounding me and my daughter. I will upload the pic of the mist surrounding me later today-id love to hear what you all think. Thanks again, Annalee