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United States
I'm a 63 year old Graphic Artist by profession specializing in digital graphics: Animation, 3D and traditional Illustration. My best accomplishment was creating all the print graphics for the Disney movie Tron in 1981.

I played in rock bands in the 60's and love all music especially Russian Techno.
Love science. Although I'm an incredible cynic, unexplained experiences by people fascinate me. Especially anything to do with the dark side, Exorcisms, Demons, and evil apparitions.

Movies: Alien, The Excorcist, Amytiville Horror, Paranormal Activity.
My favorite of all time is Angel Heart based on the Book Fallen Angel.
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A Sad Ghost on 2010-05-12

In 1995, my wife my two kids and I were invited by some friends to spend a 3-day weekend one winter in Payson, Arizona in an old rustic cabin. The cabin was a few miles off the main highway and deep in a beautiful pine forest. It was a beautiful cabin. It had a Moosehead over the fireplace, a bea...

Someone Died Here 3 on 2010-04-28

I'm thinking I might have left out too many details about my Tucson experience. To slow things down a bit when we arrived in Tucson, my wife was the one that went to finalize our details for our condo while I was dropped off at my new job. It was less than two hours at my new job when my wife cal...

Someone Died Here 2 on 2010-04-21

Leave it up to my wife Christina to delve into what the hell was going on in this house. When I got home one evening, my wife told me she talked to the neighbor about the house we moved into. And she explained to the neighbor all of our issues. Etc... The neighbor told my wife that the people before...

Someone Died Here on 2010-04-13

My family and I moved to Tucson, Arizona to work for a company called "The wonderful world of Lisa Frank." I have no problem mentioning their name, because if they want to sue me, go ahead. I have more inside information to share with the world about your hypocritical fa├žade of a world for children ...

My Sister's Ghost on 2010-03-16

In 2002, my sister and her husband David moved to Ann Arbor Michigan. My brother-in-law suddenly moved back to Phoenix a year later in 2003 with his two daughters without my sister. My sister was having an affair with another man. My sister and David went back and forth between Michigan and Phoenix....

Demons 4 on 2010-03-01

After eleven years, everything suddenly stopped. When I was twelve years old, my mother married her boyfriend who became my step father. They had two beautiful little girls that became my step sisters. My mother became so busy with two jobs, us kids seldom saw her. My step father also worked ...

Demons 3 on 2010-02-18

When I came home after six months of living with the old Mexican lady Dona Maria, my nightmares stopped. Life seemed to become normal again. My sister and brother started school, but my mother thought it was better to keep me home until my health got better. I spent my days with the old Mexican lady...

Demons 2 on 2010-02-01

Thank you all that responded to my first part with so much compassion and insight. It was a long childhood journey for me. No two ways about it. I never had another visitation, but my awakening nightmares didn't stop for five years. I became very weak the first year and it made no difference what m...

Demons on 2010-01-25

In 1953, my mother moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Colorado with my sister, my brother and I into a duplex in a poor neighborhood and on the fringes of an industrial area in Phoenix. I was seven years old. Our duplex was the third house away from the rest of the neighborhood separated by a dairy, a f...

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Date: 2010-05-20
Awesome story...
Very articulate and precise. Not boring at all. I also live in a handmade house, and I love it.
Just a couple of questions?
Have things changed since you went back, and did you follow the Father's advice?

Would love to read more as you experience them. The way you write makes one want to read more.
Any Pics?
Date: 2010-05-20

My wife thinks it was a UFO.
I'm not a big believer in UFO's.
The funny thing, is neither is she.
Date: 2010-05-20

You know, in retrospect, I many times wish my kids were not so sick and my job wasn't hell. If it was today, now that my kids are grown, I would've spent months there detailing every experience I felt. And not just my experience, but also the physical crap that was happening all over the walls and place. As it was, things happened too fast.
But in my heart of hearts, I swear to this day that some entity was reaching out. But as with most ghost or ethereal world experiences, a lot of people just want to walk away. And that's what I did... Mainly for my family.
Uhhh...It was like..."Screw this crap! I'm outta here!" And those are nice words I'm using, because at the time, all I cared about was my family.

I'm happy to hear that your experience was similar to mine.

Would love to hear a more detailed experience.
Date: 2010-05-20

That sounds really interesting.
Is it on one of your post. Were you part of it?
Haven't had a chance to check it out, but I will.
Date: 2010-05-18
She was probably loopy and didn't know who you were. Your Mom or your brother.
Maybe she thought you were the table.
Sorry kec92, LOL!
But this sounds crazy.
Can you share more detail?
Date: 2010-05-18

My thoughts were how you felt the saddnes...
I personally think feelings are often stronger than a vision. I think emotions are a energy and a powerful force.
Date: 2010-05-17

Apparently "White Dove" and the white man had no children.
In fact, I wondered whether the people that owned the cabin really new the true facts.
They heard more from their two children about "White Dove" when they spent their weekends at the cabin than they themselves experienced. I don't think the owners were very intuitive.
Interesting how the children learned more about "White Dove" than their parents.
Date: 2010-05-17

Please don't think I'm weird, but I've learned being raised in the desert with black widows, scorpions, snakes and tarantulas and other desert animals.
I had a pet tarantula for six years. Cobwebs don't scare me.
I had fun when my wife I and were dating. She was from Canton, Ohio. She came over one night, and I told her the only weird thing about me was my pet tarantula. She laughed and punched me on the shoulder.
Later that night after dinner, we were watching videos when my pet tarantula crawled up the wall behind the TV, and she dropped her wine glass and wine on the floor... She didn't scream... And just said...Woooooohhhh! Woooooohhhh! Woooohhhhh! And shivered uncontrollably. She slammed open the front door and ran down the street. I laughed (the innocent Irish lass...LOL!) as I chased her down the street to her car. Still makes me laugh...LOL!

Anyway Zzsgranny,
After that night, the other couple left, and my wife and I slept in the bunks where our kids were supposed to sleep.
Date: 2010-05-16
Hi Devious,

Thought you might be interested in this:

Date: 2010-05-05

Just so you know, I'm so into other worldly energies that every time I hear Michael Bolton sing "When a Man loves a woman." I get a hernia...LOL!Just kiddiinnnggg...LOL!
Date: 2010-05-01

That's a nice compliment.
I write like I talk.

I used to sit on the porch in spring with my kids, and they would always ask me to tell them a ghost story.

Thank you for that compliment.
So why the name see27burn?
Just curious.
Date: 2010-05-01

That's ironic you say that.
Much of my art is very technical in nature.
I seem to have the ability to analyze objects, and create an artistic representaion of them.
When my friends would ask how I knew this stuff, I would say I don't know, I just start drawing.
Date: 2010-05-01

Isn't that the truth. They come in many forms. Sometimes in our physical world, and sometimes in your mind. I often wonder if children's minds are more open to the spiritual world. After all, they have not yet learned to put up walls. Sometimes I think my experience as a seven year old taught me not to put up so many walls.
Very well put jerryhend1.
Gonna read your stories...
Date: 2010-05-01

I told my wife we should call the police. But she said the man from The Environmental Agency was the guy in charge...besides, it was a gradual thing, and it took about three and half weeks for the stains to show up. The fungus we found behind the fridge on the day after Christmas when I emptied all the trash because we thought the stench came from the shrimp we cooked on Christmas Day in the kitchen. That's when I followed my nose... And it led to the back of the fridge. It was a very gradual process. In the meantime, I was working 12 hour days on my new job with very little contact with my wife. Unfortunately it was my wife and my kids that dealt with this crap. On one day, the landlord showed up with his new wife... She was 30-something, he was 50-something.
As for the action suit... We did write a letter of testimonial of our experience for the previous renters to give to the court, and we also gave them the name of the Environmental guy... Which they already knew. In fact, this guy knew about the previous complaints, but did nothing.
You have to understand something here. It was stressful, devastating, and all we wanted to do was get the hell out of there. We would deal with everything later. As it was, our house in Phoenix was on the market, and had a realtor lock on the door. I had to break in the back door to get into my house. I spent more than two years thinking of some way I could sue the company I worked for. Believe me... I did not sleep well for months thinking how I could get even. But time passes. Even after twenty years, I read every day about that company and her studio. Her company had no idea what my family went through. I'm happy to say that karma will kick in... Her life is crap now.
Date: 2010-05-01

Cats are so hypersensitive. I have 4 cats. Sometimes when they get skittish, I pay attention. I love cats... But sometimes they will get crazy over a piece of floating lint or a bug we can't see. But if you pay very close attention, you will find that they see more than lint and bugs many times. I also have an old dog...Mable...sometimes I notice when my cats get skittish and many times my dog Mable's senses pick up.

I think that's why Ghost Hunters and other ghost searchers won't use cats or dogs... They don't have time to chase lint or a skittish dog.

But I always trust my cats and dogs.
I will always feel safe with them.
Wonder why...
But I do.
Interesting post.
Gotta
Date: 2010-04-30

I was so glad to read your story.
So there you go.
You don't have to see an entity to feel one.
This is what I love about this web site... Not everyone is doing the Amytiville horror dance.
Nice post.
Date: 2010-04-30

On Saturdays when I came home early I would always find my wife watering the plants in the dead garden. She would look at me and say... Maybe the tortouse's will come back. I think tortouse's are cute.
I joked and said to her... Well maybe you should look in one of the holes... She jumped up and ran to the patio...
I looked into the holes. There were not any tortouse's in any of the holes.
Desert tortouse's by the way, are not as small as the tortouse's in your aquarium. They're pretty big. Bigger than a house cat. As big as a big mixing bowl. But very slow, and very lazy. They have no problem with over 110 degree sun in the desert.
I'll post more pics.
Thanks for your curiousity.
Date: 2010-04-30

Long before the smell or the mold slowly growing, and the stains appearing, when I was looking out at the patio with all the so-called tortouis holes from our bedroom, I just got an incredibly heavy, dark, negative feeling in my heart.
I still have more pics to post... But my wife and I...after the stains became stronger... It seemed whatever the stains were started in the bathroom, next on the hall wall across from the bathroom, then more splatters on the carpet and the wall leading to the bedroom. Of course by this time our imaginations were going wild. We assumed whoever left the stains, started in the bathroom and was struck again as he or she ran out of the bathroom, then again as he or she went towards the bedroom.
Date: 2010-04-29
I love my cats.
My dogs are second... They chase
Not to be too busy, but were you guys buzzed?
If you fly off, I will know... Were you chasing lint? Just curious.
Date: 2010-04-27

Nahhh...why would I do that?
All kidding aside, I actually abandoned my family for my new job... The day I was hired, I was told that because of my high salary that I was now part owner in the success of the company... Everyone starts at 8am... Most leave at 8pm... Or thereafter, and most work on Saturdays until noon... With some Sundays off... LOLing here... This was over Christmas... Good God! Shades of Scrooge...
Intrigued...I was not allowed any personal time or anything that would stop me from creating three perfectly rendered and complete Airbrush Renderings a week.
I didn't post my story on "Your Ghost Stories to talk about my work hassles. Nevertheless, my work hassles left my wife and family alone to deal with this tool... As you call him.
I guess I should post more detail on how I finally confronted this guy. Needless to say, once my family got back to Phoenix, we received a letter from the previous owners to join them in a class suit.

You know what?
We were just happy to be back home.