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Is This A Demon? on 2010-01-26

I've never spoken about this before but I feel courage enough to describe it. I know in my heart evil feeds off fear and I now refuse to be afraid. It can't feed off me anymore! I shall describe the creatures. If anyone knows what they are share your wisdom. I'm going backwards, here's the two I'l...

My Doctors Don't Believe Me - I Can't Be Crazy on 2010-01-25

I need help I really need help. Either I'm going insane or this is real. I'm seeing a doctor but I need second opinions regarding this field of intuition. I was going to post this in the psychic page but this isn't about ESP or whatever it pertains to the in-between, the next layer. The unknown ...

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Wardo- what youve said surprised me.
You say I surpass your abilities and that you should be learning from me...
If only I knew what it is I could teach you.

I still constantly doubt whatever this is. I refuse to define it because it is something we can never know.
My brain is no bigger than yours, or no one elses is bigger than mine. We are all equal in this plain. Perhaps all I CAN say is that every person is an island. We find our own path in our own way. We will never have all the awnsers because even though some people minds are wired differently we are all limited in our humanity.

Doubt is human and it is HUMBLE! The certitude you will find about the unknown from thouse who claim to see into the beyond or from religious leaders is what should be guarded.

Noone has all the awnsers. I don't have all the awnsers infact I feel so downright ignorant and small like I'm slipping into a deep ocean wayed down by the murky depths of unawnswered questions.

Perhaps our granted indivuduality makes us all wayfarers in the walk of life.
But I can't say for sure, the unknown is called so for a reason, because we can never really know it.
My next door neighbour and close friend in taking me to her sister this thursday to brainstorm and find some connections. Theyre the best I have to help me explore this.

DeviousAngel- your advice is sound and true. It pertains mostly to things I'm doing right now. I have some sense of control considering how I divide the contours of my mind. I see it like a car that I have the steering wheel to. Or a land of many doors only I can open and close. Its my mind and I have the keys! I can drive it! As for symbols. The pentacle has always granted me saftey aswell as the ankh.

Its just the magnatude of occurences. Its never been so tangible, I feel less fearful now (I know this is probably going to sound stupid) but after I saw "The Lovely Bones" I decided not to hide away and be afraid. Its just a little overwhealing. Like a crying kid on an airplane:P

BTW I think tv psychics are bullshiat too! If this is a part of me that I'm finally able to reel in without fear and I can help someone. I don't need tv exposure or extra cash.

But considering how long and hard I have surpressed this side of me... What if I can never gain control? What if this stuff is like learning ballet? You'll never get to julliard unless youve been training scince infancy, And I haven't exactly been training I have just been scared and wanted it to go away. All thouse years I could have perfected this craft I wasted away in cowardice.

I pulled the card of judgement up last night. Right side up...
...a new way of life?