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I'm Myles Mas born and raised in Zamboanga City and studied in Ateneo de Zamboanga University for 16 yrs now and I'm wiling to share stories about the weird things about our school.
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The Man in the Class Window on 2007-10-08

I study in a very old school in Zamboanga. Ateneo de Zamboanga University is a very old school, it was founded during American era and I'm not surprised that so many spirits dwell the campus. I remember when I spent my first overnight in our school. My classmates and I were very excited for the said...

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Ateneo stories, ill post more Ateneo stories but its from Ateneo de Zamboanga University. I got tons of stories to tell about AdZU but most of them are n0t my experiences just like "The Man in the Class Window".
sorry for the late reply guys... Thanks for the c0mments, I really appriciated it... Anyways, that building no l0nger occupy by high schools... Its quite impossible for you guys gain acces 2 d 4th flo0r late at night... I graduated in 2004 so we had that exp 4 years ago and in around this time of the yr... I'm glad were n0t d only ones who had the same experience... Atleast I know wer n0t crazy... Lol! Tc all! I'll share my other stories someday...ΓΌ
Jose Rizal studied in Ateneo de Manila University and not in Zamboanga. Our school didn't exist yet when Rizal was alive.

I heard a lot of rumors about entities in our campus and a headless robed man is one of them. I heard that he was a priest during WW2 and was beheaded by the Japanese soldiers. Maybe he's one of the Jesuits of the school.

The other entities that I'm hearing about was all of the students who committed suicide or was murdered in the school.
dear davidparker,

no I didn't saw that apparition because my 3rd eye was not still developed during my HS days. It just began in the middle years of my college life but until now its not yet fully opened.
Little people? Are those dwende?

I live in Zamboanga and our compound was a rice field before and its still now in some parts of it. There's a huge tree standing beside a river near our house and claimed to be a home of the dwendes or "A'poo" of what we call them in our dialect. There's a dog cage located beside the river in between of the huge tree and the bridge and on exactly 7:00 PM the dogs bark at the river. And my cousin who can see this kind of elements claimed that white dwendes are playing under the bridge during the night.
By the way, there are 2 types of dwende that I know, the white dwende that are friendly and playful and the dark dwende who's evil and cruel.
Date: 2007-10-10
Our neighborhood had the same experience as you but it is some quite different than your "saway-saway"(Curse of the dwende). We live in a compound in Zamboanga and huge trees or "balete" of what we call them stood everywhere in our compound. One afternoon in around 5:00 pm there was a boy who's playing around a huge tree with his sister. Hours later, the boy went missing and some of the neighbors volunteered to look for the missing boy, the search went for hours and they almost lost their hope in finding the boy. Then one of them saw the little boy was lying on the ground facing on the empty sky with his eyes widely open. The weird thing was all of them looked on that spot several times but no one saw him and the one who found him didn't use a flashlight but a candle. The elders told us that the "A'poo" or Dwende are playing with the boy. I'm not sure if the A'poo really did something with that boy but one thing for sure that A'poo live with us in our compound.
Date: 2007-10-08
I heard a story similar to this one. I heard this story that you must slap the face of that person if you see that he/she is headless or faceless. Some people believe that its the way to counter the curse. Because my friend's brother saw his teacher faceless for almost 20 seconds and the next day she was hit by a bus.