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The Lady On The Balcony on 2010-02-02

I was in 2nd class in Grimnesium when the experience I'm going to write about happened. 6 years have passed but this memory is still fresh. I shared my room with my brother who is four years older than me. One night my brother went to a sleep over at a friend's so I took my dog (Cookie) to sleep...

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Im a sleep walker my self (from what others have told me) I don't know if it has anything to do with demons possesing me but I will tell you the last two sleep walks that happened tha 1st happened 2 months ago and the 2nd 1 week ago.
(this is what people told me I did in my sleep and I can't remember a thing)
1st. I was standing next to my bed shaking my head around, my roommate woke up to go to the bathroom and asked me what was I doing in the dark and that I scared him, my respons I started blaming my mother for random things like that she ruined me then take a walk around the house and came back to bed.
2nd.I went to visit my parents and sleep there for a couple of days. Late at night my mother woke up cause she herd noises from the other rooms she went to the living room and saw me searching around the house and tossing things around, she asked me what was I looking for so late my reply, I'm looking for my 5000, she asked what 5000? Euros? And she started laughing I said my 5000 souls then I asked her to leave me alone and go back to bed. The only thing I remember was me going to bed falling asleep then waking up on a chair in the livingroom. Erigais you said you remember some of the thing you did on your sleepwalks have any ideas how come I can't remember a thing? (from what iv been told I sleep walk alot. But I never remember not even a small detail) 😕 I have never done a ouji board never even seen one, only many years ago I saw a ghost at my old house.
Date: 2010-02-17
Hey kiwispirit,
Well me and my friend went to my old house placed a camare and went to bed. When we woke up took the camera and my laptop and started watching what happend. The only thing we got was 8 hours of nothingness (Thank god 😜) But one of my mates found the bible of satan or as we call it here in greece Solomoniki. It was in my desk, iv never seen it before well at that moment I realy got scared. Who placed it? When? Why? And how? My grandma lives there and she hade no idea when we showed it to her I want to investigate ferther but I don't know what to do. Have you ever heard about that book appearing in random houses? Right now I have the book with me in my new house I wanted to burn it but a friend told me "Dont do it something bad might happen" Do you or anyone have any idea how to get away from it?
Date: 2010-02-14
Your 1st and 3rd expirinces might be cause of your gift. Your 2nd expirience I'm 100% sure it was caused from a Female Demon called Mora. I know that cause it happened to me too and I researched about my incident.
Thanks for sharing your story.
Date: 2010-02-04
Dont worry, we know what might happen if you mess around with unknown spirits.
We are just going to place a camera and go to bed. To tell you the truth I don't realy want to see anything strange 😢. But if anything happens, well it will be another new expirience... I guess.

BTW:Thanks for your advice Kiwi.
Date: 2010-02-03
No not like the evanescence song Kiwispirit, hmmm check out the Charon song colder, imagine the starting part of the song (without the music) but way slower and not clear at all.
The only clear parts I can still remember was her hair and the dress she was wearing, her face is blurry in my head.
The last few days me and some friend have been thinking, going to my old house and sleeping in my room for a couple of days and every night leaving a camera to roll cause I want to know was it just a random visit or there is realy something going on there.

We got this stupid idea from that movie Paranormal activity.