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The Old Peasant Woman 2 on 2010-02-09

This is the next part of my story with more events happening. I have told you about the feelings of being watched and the sightings of this woman in my home, but this wasn't just the end of it and more was to come. Items then went missing and it was getting absolutely ridiculous, we had some r...

The Old Peasant Women on 2010-02-08

I have been living in my home for less than 5 years now and a lot has gone on since then. I have always believed in spirits and ghosts from a very young age and was interested, but I never thought very seriously about them until now. Our house is a very old Edwardian to be exact and a church fro...

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Date: 2010-02-10
Thank you for all your comments, which all have very interesting things to say 😊. I agree with all the things you say about why it is here and why it keeps appearing in the bathrooms of my home. I deffinately agree with it being scary lol, but I'll ansure the questions. 😊 Sorry but I don't know anything about the history of the house, all I know is that it uesed to be a old farm house, ages ago. Until it was reconstructed and extended, by other owners. My friend and I have tried to look up on the history on the internet, but we found nothing. It's as if it didn't even exsist! Yes we did fix the house up on the inside, we did a lot to it! It's funny thinking over my experiences that it alway appeared more after we fixed the house up inside, mainly the bathrooms. It did appear a few time before when I think about it but it appeared more after. That could be why and the mirrors maybe too. But why did it just appear to me? Apart from my cousin...
Date: 2010-02-09
That doll sounds horrid and rude at the same time, it might of been possesd for a short while. Spirits I heard can be attracted and pass through strong energy areas sometimes. Maybe a bad spirit might of passed through and decided to enter the doll to scare you. I heard that they can gain energy from scareing people. I really don't blame you for chucking it out though. 😐 😊
Ignore the it bit at the end lol Didn't mean that "it" to be there.
That sounds scary, It sounds like a demon to me or some kind of bad or negative spirit. They say reflections and mirrors can be doors to spirit worlds. Spirits can be quite attracted to young children and attracted to people with bright energies about them. I agree with Boldy Locks though, about the feeding off the energies of fear. I believe that entities can do that. But you will never know exactly what it was, that's the thing with the supernatural. It's the unknown. Ive heard of things like this before though, we get it a lot of ghosts in England lol.
My cousin has had this before, a ghost having a thing for her❀. But it wasn't some lover from a previous life. It was some boy who hung himself in her bedroom cupboard. She was only about my age when it started to follow her about. I will type up the story soon. But I agree with 1926 about take caution. Ghosts can be quite unpredictable when they want to be, like us living. Lol