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It could be something bad. Magical whisperings and night time touchings do point to the demonic. The fact that you both heard it rules out a nightmare, also. My counsel never changes, at least initially: using Catholic Holy water, especially on the bed at night, and saying (or thinking) "Jesus and Mary help me". I hope this is enought to stop it. Good luck. Dukes2352atAOL.com

PS A Catholic parish in CA referred a couple that I'm working with long distance to a secular therapist. Things are being levitated in the house, dark shadows are appearing, whisperings are being heard at night, the bed is violently shaking, items are disappearing from where they are always left, suicidal / sinful thoughts are occuring - and whoever they spoke to does this. Nice! They'll answer one dayfor their cowerdice and lack of proper referral! Things like this make me so very disappointed and angry! Sorry, I had to vent.
Date: 2012-01-16

You're correct. All physical / psychological illnesses should first be ruled out. Good point; I concur 100%. Best.
Date: 2012-01-16
Hi Argette;

Not at all. I'm just sharing what I've seen work in almost seven years of demonology. It's hard to share the powerful positive benefits of using Catholic holy water and saying 'Jesus and Mary help me' without seeming preachy. However, the results far outweigh not doing so, in my opinion. It's up to the poster, not to me. Just adding my perspective, humbily. Best. Dukes2352atAOL.com.
Date: 2012-01-14

I understand that you don't believe in God, but He believes in you. Assuming it's not psychological in nature (consider speaking to a professional to be sure), consider sying 'Jesus and Mary help me' and using some Catrholic Holy water in your room. Let us know if it helps or engenders a reaction. Sometimes acting like you have faith, even if you don't, causes faith to be given to you. Just my input. Stay well and good luck. Best. Dukes2352atAOL.com.

It could be sleep paralysis, or a vivid dream, or it could be demonic. I've heard similar stories often, more so in the last year, I'd say, though. You may have unintentionally and / or unknowingly opened doors / offered an invitation via use of psychics. I advise saying'Jesus and Mary help me' and the liberal use of Catholic Holy water on the bed, especially at night. Watch for a reaction. Hang in there. Email me if you like. You're in my prayers. Best. Dukes2352atAOL.com.
If true, it sounds very troubling to me. I'd reflect on this; do you want a spirit lover and to the exclusion of a human one. Even if I'm wrong and it's not evil, is this healthy? It's offer of marriage, if accepted, my lead to to your total domination - or to your posession. I counsel saying 'Jesus and Mary help me' when it's near. Catholic Holy water will also help a lot. Good luck to you. Dukes2352atAOL.com.
Date: 2012-01-03

Feelings of being watched, nightly scratchings, foul smells, "magical" whisperings, intrusive thoughts, dark shadows out of the corner of your eyes, erc. All indicate the start of demonic infestation. I counsel use of Catholic Holy water and the phrase 'Jesus and Mary help me'. I feel this will engender a reaction and leave no doubt as to the source. Hang in there; you're in my prayers. Dukes2352atAOL.com.

Classic, tell tale symptoms of demonic harassment include, but are not necessairly limited to: Cold spots, whisperings (aka magical whisperings), loud steps, bangings, scratchings, - most often at night, and a feeling of being watched, a feeling of heaviness, foul smells and sudden, mostly dark / sinful intrusive thoughts. I have an ugly case in the Bronx, New York, ongoing right now, originating with a voodoo curse. It's a long story, but very similar initial symptoms.

In every such case, I respectfully recommend using Catholic Holy water, especially on the bed and at night, and the use of the phrase (or thought, if unable to speak) "Jesus and Mary help us". That is a good first salvo, but more may well be needed. God bless you; you're in my prayers. If you'd like, feel free to email me at Dukes2352atAOL.com. Hang in there, ok? Happy New Year.
Date: 2011-12-31
Hi Rook;

I maintain my diagnosis. Even if the husband initiated something, demonic can and often is involved, in addition to whatever he may have done. I still assert it's demonic. I've heard the symptoms over and over again. But, dissent is great. Your opinion, with which I dissent, is always well considered, and welcomed. Happy new year!
Date: 2011-12-30

First, you're not crazy, and second, I'm sorry this has happened to you and to your guest. Hang in there. A seizure could not account for a bite on the back of you neck - you're correct.

I do feel it's totally demonic, and I've heard similar stories many, many times before. You're praying to God, whis is great. I also strongly counsel to use (a lot of) catholic Holy water, especially on your bed and especialy at night. Also, saying 'Jesus and Mary help me' is terriffic. Keep me posted and God bless you. Dukes2352atAOL.com.
Date: 2011-12-29
It is typical demonic harassment, boardering on oppression. I respectfully recommend try saying (or just thinking if you're unable to speak - because thought has substance) 'Jesus and Mary help me'. See if this engenders a strong reaction. It will work on the demonic, if my hunch is correct. Hang in there - you're not crazy and I'll pray for you. Best. Dukes2352atAOL.com.
I don't think anyone should be forcibly touched against their will - ever. Next time this occurs, try saying (or just thinking to yourself, if you're too scared) "Jesus and Mary help me". If I'm correct, and it's demonic, you'll get a reaction. Also, Catholic Holy water on the bed helps a lot. I hop it stops and soon. You're not crazy; stay well and God bless you. Dukes2352atAol.com.

I had another thought or two on this one. I still assert - 100% demonic and in dire need of Catholic Holy water and prayers, starting with 'Jesus and Mary help me'. I feel the goal is, as usual, suicide, and, by its horrid reconing, an easy damnation.

I'd like to add, as so many other posters here do so well and so often, that, in addition to the spiritual aspect, there is a legitimate psychological element. I think everyone, well almost everyone, would concur that instilling fear & terror, and the attempts at isolation and control (with attendant punishment when she disobeys) is both damaging and very negative. Even from a human perspective, this is unhealth and dangerous. Future counseling may be quite helpful. Good luck and God bless your sister. Dukes2352atAOL.com.
That sounds scary and 100% demonic. That foul spirit is already both manifesting and attempting to exercise tremendous control over your sister. The dog angle is new to me in its specifics. Demons can and do influence animals, which are God's creatures and, therefore hated by angelic trash. Ok, well, I feel any spirit that is afraid of a Church has revealed itself already.

I counsel use of Catholic Holy water and saying 'Jesus and Mary help us'. Pray Mary's Rosary for your sister and try to get her to receive the Sacraments - often. I promise you this will help, but will also trigger a negative reaction from that thing. It will try to stop this, I assure you. Email me if you like. Good luck - you're in my prayers. Dukes2352atAOL.com.
Well, the tall black figue to me seems demonic, and I feel that, in general, spiritual raedings can make things worse; however, you seem fine so I'm glad. I see no need for Holy water, prayers, etc., at least any more so than normaly needed for everyone who practices that way, at least.
Date: 2011-11-19
Well, true; saying any prayer may and probably will anger it - true. But, this is an eternal war. Unfortunately there's no getting around this reality. It hates but also fears those names. Best.
You know what - I feel sort of guilty, like suppose she's being completely truthful and I blew it off, soooo if it's all true, the three dark figures are tell tale demonic, along with the voices and psychological warfare. My stock counsel to begin to fight back is, as always, Catholic Holy water and calling upon Jesus and Mary. Her name (Mary) is actually feared by many of them above all other names, even St. Michael the Archangel. Email me, if you feel comfortable. Best. Dukes2352atAOL.com.
Well, that sounds either totally demonic or totally made up. I can be a sucker, but this one sounds too textbookish - even for me, and that says a lot 😁
Date: 2011-11-01

LOL; Something, perhaps, I should learn to do more often - laugh. Email me; I'll relate stuff without watering it down first. You would not believe some of it. The level of hatred is beyond our human understanding, but there is a discernable pattern and m.o. To it. But email me, and I'll put my money where my mouth is; fair enough? I'll share some unedited emails from clients (with the names and emails removed, of course) Best. Dukes2352atAOL.com. PS; I liked what DV Angel had written; although dissenting, it had class to it.
Date: 2011-10-31

'The Work' has come at a great price - personally due to domestic issues and anxiety. I won't expand more right now, but I have no intention of stopping. The need is not only glaring, but is expanding. I've also been probed more than once on this site. Who trained you; how do you know this; how many on your team, etc. I'm aware of those folks, also.