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Orbs at the Gu Yi Ju Ancient caves on 2008-02-05

I am Australian, but I live in china. I go to school here. I have recently taken a trip to the Gu Yi Ju Ancient caves. These caves were the home for the banished emperor and his followers over 600 years ago. The government soon found out the hiding place and sent the royal guard to capture the emper...

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thanks a lot for replying!

i appreciate your comments and have taken these into account.

i only wanted to find out if these were real, thanks for helping! 😆
Date: 2007-10-15
Cool story, that's creey.

especially being alone, it gives me shivers.

thanks for sharing,

Help the Restless,
Date: 2007-10-15
Have you done any background study into the history of the house. Quite often non-human entitys, (in your case a cat), will stick to a certain place in which they wonce dwelled and stay there waiting for there master. Other cases have found that these 'Animal entitys' will follow an object.

My advise search your room for somthing this animal would want. If nothing comes up take Kimsouth0's advise and do a smudge ceremony.

Help the Restless,
Another great experience, damn I wish I was there

i am quite a recent addition to the paranormal scene.
as most of my life I havnt been able to come to ters with somthing so scrary as ghosts, entitys and other spirts.

but now I started, I'm hooked,

ty for posting

😆 😆 😆
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment.

The experience of seeing a ghost would have been such a scary and also extrodinary one.

thanks again,
and I hope we keep in touch

Chinaboy (ryan)
To shenny

Your story proves to many disbelivers that ghosts can come in many forms, good, bad and sometimes both, but we should all treat them with respect and kindness. To help them pass on and have their sins forgiven.

good on you shenny

thanks for sharing


what is the meaning of the cross in your great grannys hand?

ty 😁