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A Fairy In Front Of Me on 2017-03-15

This happened three years ago during the later months of 2012. During this time I decided to rent my own house somewhere within the vicinity of UP village where my work is just 20 to 30 minutes jeepney ride away. I decided so to save time and money. During my first month I was doing well, leadin...

An Evil Spirit? on 2010-06-29

One night I suddenly fell asleep. The last thing I remember I was laying on the floor with my wife and my three year old son. We have a bed but can only accommodate a kid and an adult. Two adults will require the other to lie on his side to fit in the bed. We usually chose to sleep on the floor but ...

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That could have been just the ghost of your mom embracing you both. You just got scared. And also you should pray according to what the present situation is. Prayer should not be in a repeated manner or scripted manner. Call upon his name or Jesus name and say your concerns.
Date: 2017-04-06
Let me give everyone a short glimpse of what we my family experienced here in our current home in which we are the first owner. We built our house and not already built when we bought it. Who would expect some unusual things to happen here. First, my son saw a black girl ran from my mother's room to under the stairs and gone. Second my son took a photo in the dining table where two dwarves and a black hairy like creature appeared. Something drag my blanket away from me when I was sleeping. Mimicking our voices. And many more in ten years. Three house blessings were done, a priest from catholic, a pastor of born again and an albularyo but failed. And when I performed blood offering, somehow it had subside. If you choose to show your authority over them then its a battle of spirituality. You never know when will they attack. Its better to strengthen our spiritual life for most of the stories I read, only through prayers they were able to drive those things away. Burning of insence on a regular basis is useful.
Date: 2017-04-04
Hi I read your article. I want to share this advice and I hope it will not contradic your belief.
Even so I just want to share this.
I believe all houses have unwanted occupants or unseen occupants aside from us human beings. They may have been residing in the land before it was bought and even before the house is built. So most of construction companies they perform a certain ritual called "pag aalay ng dugo" is either a blood of goat or chicken. I serves as peace offering or a claim to the land from unknown resident. Its like we paid the land with money but we paid the unknown owner of the land with blood. On the land and on the foundations the blood is spilled on it. But still it guaranties no assurance wether those elements will go or stay or rather just live their lives without bothering us in our physical world.
Some of them is acquired by the house when previous occupants died and the ghost choose to stay in it. The best thing you can do, for I don't rely on house blessing, for it was done many times in our house but seem to be a failure. You can regulary burn ensence at a certain time in a day. Like 9 in the morning and 6 in the evening. It drives them away but may soon return that's it should be done on a regular basis.
And also even if the child is only 5 years old you begin introducing her God. And teach her to say prayers through Jesus. I mayself did it to my sons, and it really is powerful.
Date: 2017-03-31
To Lady-Glow Gaga,
I have read the article. Is about someone who is fond of playing a certain mobile game. It is something that she hooks herself up every moment. For me I think her addiction to that certain mobile game had caused some psycholigical effects on her. Which is unlikely to happen to me. Most of my so called "sleep paralysis" and what ever elements might have caused them is something that came out of no where. Things that I have never thought about.
Date: 2017-03-31
To redwolf.
Thank you for sharing your experiences. I can only say that you were under a certain medical condition when you had those experiences. Maybe you were hallucinating rather than dreaming which is quite different from my experiences. A dream is a certain scene or event where there is a situation and you are the main character. In our case with darrel, we were awake, I was awake. But our body is withheld from moving. And there is no scene or event like dream or situation. Nothing but a sight of certain apparition mind and eyes are awake. And an intuition tells you there is something supernatural is with you.
Date: 2017-03-25
To Darrel...
Nice to hear that from you. If you read my very first story. I felt the same way. When I feel that I am pinned down, the part that is I think in contact with what I think is a spirit, I can feel a current at the very part which it was trying to paralyze. You know when we happen to lie on our arms for a long period where the blood flow through it is reduced due to the pressure then the next thing you know your arm and palm has a tingling sensation like current flowing throught it.
Date: 2017-03-21
My first comment is for Mr. Darrel. I forgot to address it to him.

To Lady-Glow.
Sorry for the inaccurate calculation. Thank you for noticing. I am also surprised about this. I felt like I was still in the year 2016 when I wrote this. I am losing track of time. I don't even know what date is today. And recently I been having lots of deja vu. Sorry for the miscalculation.

To my sleep paralysis issue it doesn't happen too often. But if it happens, it is something remarkable. It happens when there is a presence of some sort of spirits which I believe.

In terms of people seem to be possessed against me.
I have been observing my life pattern. The frequent occurence of remarkable events. Like at first people around you seem to be fine getting along well with you so as me to them. And then all of a sudden they will change to the extent that they will turn against you without any reason at all. Even if I haven't done anything to them. And they really do something bad to me. Without any reason at all. Like I suddenly feel the hatred on me, no matter how much I get along with them well. Thier sudden shift of bahavior towards me comes out of no where.
Date: 2017-03-20
Many thanks for having interest to read my story since you're the first to comment. Well, this is my thoughts about sleep paralysis. We all know that these creatures are just around us. They usually want thier presence to be known. As humans tend to ignore them. So paralyzing us during the time when we are asleep is the only way they can show up because they know for most of the man will fight them back if they choose to show themselves up when we are fully awake. In your case, there something you should do about it. Strengthen your spiritual life. Accept God deep in your heart. Establish a solid relationship with God. Holy spirit against evil spirit. I also have a battle of my own. Both in physical world the demons themselves. I live in a constant haunting. And everywhere I go, people seem to be possessed against me. Even my own family at times. My battle is even more difficult that you can imagine.
Get over with it man. I know you are telling the truth. What kind of person would be out that time of night. If you happen to be the only one running through that road, someone can easily get a good timing to get to the other side of the road. You shouldn't be out there driving at that time of night unless you have someone with you. It can either be elementals trying to ruin your mind or simply just vengeful spirits just randomly trying to get revenge on passing vehicles.
Date: 2016-04-27
Hey Guys, it's great to be back. I remember this post of mine in 2010. After five years I get the chance to open my account just now. Anyway, thank you guys who shared your insights about my story.
Actually after five long years I have had many stories to tell. Not to mention my ufo stories as well. You know, like being followed around by a ufo. Anyway, that story of mine regarding me walking in the desert. Am actually working now in the desert in oman. Still trying to put together a story puzzle.
Date: 2010-06-22
I've experienced that before. What I did was I showed them who's the boss around. They no longer belong to physical world. But ofcourse make sure that you're strong enough to handle any back fires that they may come up with. Try to provoke them and ask them to show up and confront you if they have any problem then ask them to speak up. When it happened to me, I confronted it and since then it stopped playing tricks on me. Show them that you're ready to fight back. But before anything else make sure to ask divine guidance from the creator of this world...God.
please stop these religion matters. If only we are gathered around the table and have guns, with all these comments here, we would have launch a world war 4 just because of your belief that your are trying to impose to someone. Who are you to do that? Look in the mirror, and ask yourself who am I to set rules or to force someone to believe what I believe. It's all about respect here ladies. Ask your momma.
We fight off demons in our lives in many different ways, they attack as so. I'm a christian. And even made a miracle through my 100 percent belief to God. I lived on a constant attack by demons. But they just can't make any direct hit against me. Sometimes if we are spiritually weak, they take advantage of it. We just have to be strong physically, mentally and most of all spiritually.
Date: 2010-06-20
Well, maybe there is portal that links ghostly world to our human world. They may reside in some areas in the house. Like comfort rooms, in garage, basement, etc. They usually hide in some dark areas in the house. If you are sensitive to those kinds of things, you're most likely tofeel their presence. If they're not doing any harm or bothersome activities, better just let them do their things and mind yours. It's very common for century old houses.