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The Little Girl In The White Gown on 2010-03-02

My family and I moved into our home in Spring of 2008. Immediatly my Husband and I started hearing things and seeing dark shadows. My older daughter who is 14 sleeps in the back bedroom. She always told us that she would see a little girl in her room. She doesn't like sleeping with any light reflect...

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What is that supposed to help?! If you're just trying to be funny... Dont comment. As a matter of fact non believers please don't comment. Dont have time for your "BS"
Ever since we started experiencing things in my home we have started calling her "Jessica". We are not really sure why that name came to our mind (Husband & I) but its seemed to fit her. I didn't quite see any other spirit in the photo but we do know that we have seen & heard more than 1. I had asked the owners about this house but all we got was that they bought it a long time ago when their kids were just babies but they never had seen or felt anything. Thanx for your comment
Thanx everyone for your feedback on my experience. My husband did have a couple of freaky incidents in that room with a dark shadow that he swears looked like a little boy. Sometimes at night we have a hard time sleeping cause we always hear things around our home. Regarding my daughers picture, I was really surprised that I was able to clear up her pic on my pc. I wanted to be able to email it to family & friends for their thoughts. I am glad that everyone is able to see it as fast as we were. I look foward to reading more comments. Thank you again 😊