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Those Nights At Boarding School on 2010-02-24

Hey all this is my first story, I am sorry if my spelling is a bit off at some points. I went to boarding school in Denmark in the year of 05 to 07, in a small town outside of Ringkøbing, the town is called Velling, and the boarding school is called Fjordvang Ungdomsskole (translated - Fjordvang you...

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it was in 2005 to 2007, after those two years in went on exchange to thailand. 😁
But besides that no one really knew anything about that room what it was used for before.
well that whole using salt on my body, is not something I really want to do, since I am already suffering from ichtyosis bullosa, and my skin is extremly dry on most of my body, and I don't really have a bathtub or something simular. So that is a hard one to do, but do you know any other ways devious?
And the pains, they have become a bit more frequent, and longer lasting, up to 5-10 minutes or so. It really creeps my girlfriend out when I have them, I haven't told her about the little girl or anything, since she easily gets scared of ghosts and similar things. And I don't want to scare her more then when I have my fits.
But my pains I think they originated from the girl, when I felt her push me out of the room.
sorry for the long story, but I just wanted to tell someone about my school. And my experiences.