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Lurking In The Shadows on 2010-02-25

I decided to share my story here, as I hope recounting it might offer me some clarity. I have been, ever since a young age, rather empathic in regard to my surroundings. I feel that all natural places have a definite energy about them, which always affects my state of mind as well. This also rela...

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Wow, Warrior_Troy, you just unload with a lot of Bible quotes even though the writer said in the story itself that they're Hindu. Do you just copypaste that stuff on everything you see?

On topic; I can see why you're creeped out, personally I hate that closet door type stuff a lot 😜
Whatever the entity is, it definitely seems aggressive. It's hard to really know what it is, but it's probably good to be wary about something that aggressive.
I'd suggest finding out info within your own religion about protection against evil/negative entities, and try to see if there's perhaps rituals or such you would feel comfortable about performing.
Often your own gut feeling is a good thing to listen to when dealing with spiritual matters.
That definitely sounds like more than just a settling house 😁
But it sounds like whatever is sharing the house hasn't done anything malicious. Messing with the baby's soother might be a little worrying, but if it's a child's spirit it's completely understandable; most kids would be curious about new babies.
I wouldn't dismiss the idea of this Edward, lot of the activities you described seem like they could fit a child.
Really nice story and I'd personally love to hear more 😉
What an uplifting story 😆
And your ghosties sound like such sweethearts. Though I have to wonder, what kind of present would fit a ghost?
Date: 2010-03-04
faerielike - I'd probably call it finnish neo-shamanism really, because I base it on a lot of old finnish myths and such, but it also involves general modern day shaman/pagan practices.
The lighter daily stuff that I'm doing atm is really just visualisations and meditation things. Most of the things I practice come from finnish online-communities, so those won't do you much good, but I'm sure there are good english ones too.

One of the things I'm trying to make a habit of is writing down my dreams every time I wake up, it really helps remember all dreams better and also works the imagination. Another quick thing I like doing every now and then is rooting yourself, imagining yourself as having tree roots that extend into the ground, that you can then use to expell negative energy and to draw more energy into yourself. I find it very calming.
Date: 2010-02-27
Thanks for the nice comments everyone 😁

DA - I know what you mean, some places just feel awful to be in at all. I usually assume that means something bad's happened there, but then that just gets my imagination running and causes me to feel even more anxious 😆