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Followed To My Room on 2018-01-17

I have so many stories and experiences to publish here that it almost becomes overwhelming when I think about it and mostly I just give up the thought of publishing more but this happened just this morning at 5am. My partner and I moved to Ashfield in Sydney's inner west NSW about 3 months ago. W...

The Two Flying Orbs on 2015-05-26

This story happened so long ago I am sorry if I am a bit vague but I will do my best to note all the details. At the time I would have been about 12 or could have been as old as 13? It happened at my old best friend's house and I was having a sleepover which we would do at each other's houses at lea...

Old Lady Under The Bird Cage on 2015-04-13

This story happened a few years after The Snake Man story. I was about 18 and I had started to work in an old retirement home as a nursing assistant down the central coast of NSW. I worked there for a few months before I saw anything paranormal. The nursing home was a huge, single story place bu...

The Snake Man on 2015-04-08

This event happened sometime after my story: The glowing fire eyes. About 1 year after I had that encounter with the glowing fire eyes my mum decided to admit herself into a drug rehabilitation program as she was using illegal intravenous drugs. I have never seen any evidence of this as she kept i...

The Glowing Fire Eyes on 2014-12-18

This is my third story and this happened when I was 14. After we had moved from the old house where I heard the breathing, we moved into another house a few years after as the house we were renting in was to be sold. The new house was smaller but I liked the look of the house as it had fresh whi...

Labored Breathing Coming From My Closet on 2014-11-24

This is the second event I can recall very clearly. My mother's biker boyfriend had thrown us out of the house & my mother, sister, brother & I were forced to live in a women's refuge for domestic abuse. I won't go into that detail but he hit me & mum. Mum searched & had found a house for...

Nightly Visits When I Was Little on 2014-11-24

I have tried to publish my stories here years ago but at the time the site said something about being inundated with story requests bla bla bla, so I just didn't worry about it. I've had an account on here for years but have never actively commented on any posts. Mostly I just enjoy reading the stor...

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Date: 2018-02-05
I have no theories as to what it was, only that I heard what sounded like claws hitting the floor boards.

I've seen a shadow dart across the wall in front of our door when I have been sitting at the table. Those I've seen at the door were human shaped and tall, not low to the ground and small like the other one I saw in the hall.

My resolve is that it is perfectly fine in the hall but if it ever comes into our room then I will have a problem.
I've seen these things so many times I can not count. I don't believe that they are ghosts but maybe spirits. Ghosts seem to be from a person who was at some point in time alive but the shadow people seem different.

The few ghosts I've seen don't seem to pay much attention to me or look at me startled, perhaps not expecting that I can see them but the shadow people always look to be observing me intently.

The ghosts I've seen look like a real person and a few I've seen have been translucent and glowing but most look like I were looking at a real person. I can even see what clothes they are wearing and what colour or textures. I get a shock when I saw them but didn't have any other feelings apart from that.

The shadow people on the other hand all I get from them is dread and fear. They are mostly solid but I have seen a few translucent ones. The difference is they look more like a silhouette of a person but are so much darker than a shadow.
Date: 2018-01-19
I listened to the recording and the sound is so low I had to download the sound file and merge it with a copy of it's self to hear the howl. Even after that I can make out a faint howl and has previously been stated may also have been a bird?

When I used to work as an aged care nurse we used to go outside on night shifts out the front of the building to smoke on our break and one time I had been the first to come out and I could hear this horrible breathing noise and it sent shivers down my spine. I still sucked away on my smoke but walked briskly to the front door with the lights.

I would hear this breathing which sounded like someone trying to breathe through fluid on the lungs.

I was out another night with a co-worker on our break and we both heard it and I freaked out. She laughed at me and told me that it was a mating call of a tawny frogmouth which is a bird that is native to Australia. It is mostly nocturnal and has one of the creepiest calls I've ever heard!

Great story by the way, just thought I'd give an example of a different possible answer for the howl.

Thank you for sharing 😊
Date: 2018-01-17
Wow so freaky! I hope you get rid of this thing and find peace again. Thank you for sharing your story 😊
OMG I would have soaked my panties if I were in that situation as a child. I used to see shadow people when I was little but only ever heard them when I was about 12 and that scares the poop out of me. Not literally though thank god lol. Thank you for sharing your story 😊
Date: 2018-01-17
Wow freaky story, thank you for sharing. If I were in your situation I would get an axe and chop the closet up into little pieces. Your story gave me chills and was entertaining 😊
Date: 2017-12-30
When I lived in Bowral NSW Australia I lived by myself. I was working as an aged care nurse and did mostly night shifts. I came home one day and when I opened the front door and turned on the light the whole room was misty/smokey. It was white and looked like smoke or mist. It covered my lounge room and kitchen as they were combined into one room and it slowly floated up to the ceiling then disappeared. I had no windows open only the front door I was standing at. Also I only had one door because it was an apartment. The smoke did not rush past me just rose up then disappeared. I didn't smell anything like burning or hear anything unusual.
Date: 2017-12-30
I've seen something similar a few years ago. When I lived with my ex of 7 years I used to see a shadow dash past my bedroom door along the wall of the hallway. I mostly saw it out the corner of my eye as I would be sitting at the computer which was left of my bedroom door. It moved very fast and seemed to be gliding like on roller skates or a skateboard. I've also seen a silhouette of a shadow at the foot of my bed in complete darkness. The shadow was darker than the dark of my room as I had metal shutters which I had lowered all the way down to block all light from the street lights outside my window. I always felt scared when I would see things like that in my house and would feel violated that they just let themselves into MY home.
Thank you for replying guys and your kind and knowledgeable words.

The year is 2017 and I have seen real looking ghosts, translucent ghosts, shadow spirits and orbs but at that time and place I only ever saw them as being real. Like non-translucent and looking like you could reach out and touch them. The lady I saw looked so real I did not question her presence and perceived her as a resident in the nursing home. Even the person I chased down the hall looked so real.

I have come to terms with these things and have accepted the fact that we are not alone and someone somewhere is always watching us. It used to unsettle me but I have learnt to accept that fact.
Date: 2017-12-16
Sorry for my late reply Tweed. I can not remember what I was doing that night but I guess I was feeling depressed and having dark thoughts.

I was a very troubled teen and I agree with your statement that I attracted it.

Sorry I am so vague but it was so long ago that the details are hazy.
Date: 2017-12-16
I am glad that you and your partner stayed strong and that you had each other. I don't know what these kinds of things are but they only seem to pray on us when we are defenceless like being asleep or getting to that stage. I've seen black shadowy masses with glowing eyes but never a face.

Thank you for sharing your story with us 😊
Date: 2017-11-17
I've seen something similar. The first I saw when I was about 14 was a snake man that had arms and legs that was moving like a snake does when it gets its head chopped off and the other I saw when I was about 16 and it was a black foggy mass with glowing red eyes. They didn't look like eyes but more like fire burning but it was bright red. Creepy stuff oh and by the way I loved your story. Thank you for sharing 😊
Date: 2015-09-04
That was such a beautiful story. I was close to my great grandmother and when she passed I was not able to be by her side, so I can appreciate what you did for your aunt.
Date: 2015-07-28
I've seen something similar I think. It's in a story I have written about fire eyes... Glowing red, almost like they were made of fire. I think when this was going on you were half asleep and trying to make sense of it all.
Date: 2015-06-19
Thank you Tweed. Its comforting to know that you enjoy my stories and that I am not alone in these types of experiences. I'm not sure if these orbs are human or non human and I don't suppose I'll ever know? I was scared of them because at the time I was christian and anything supernatural would frighten me.
I've seen something similar when I was a teenager with a friend and they saw it to. They flew around my friends lounge room when we were sleeping on the foldout bed. I won't go into detail about it as I am thinking of writing it into a story on here.
Date: 2015-04-13
I am very sorry as it is very hard for me to describe this thing. It was so dark outside all I could see in the distance was house lights. I thought it was eight feet tall as the eyes were very high from our back fence which was about five and a half feet tall. It may have been floating I don't know? I couldn't see any body just eyes that glowed like they were on fire.

The caravan window I was looking out was very big, not sure on the exact size and the caravan was raised.
Date: 2015-04-13
Thank you everyone for your comments. I haven't said anything about the snake thing to anyone but I did mention I see spirits in the house sometimes and it was laughed off.

My family is religious to a point but they don't go to church or read the Bible or anything like that.

And I never noticed any eyes but it was facing away from me. Also if it had stood up or tried to communicate with me I think I would have died from a heart attack!

I'm not sure what it was but I categorise it in the shadow people category as I've seen small dark blobs that dart across the floor to full-sized humanoid shapes to the shape of a cat or four legged creature. I understand that they can shape-shift as well but that is only stuff I have been reading off the Web.

Thanks again everyone and I have loads more stories to share with you.
That was the most rubbish I've read in all my years on this earth. How the hell is this a ghost story?

I love the part where you say depression and anxiety are demons... That made me laugh but it's still kind of sad there are small minded people who still believe and live like this...

Many a time have I seen bigots become born again, then criticise and judge everyone.

It's people like you who used to stone women for being raped because she invited them to do the deed as she was dressed provocatively.
Date: 2015-02-21
When you fear these things or show any negative emotion you are empowering them & perhaps feeding them. Even mentioning them gives them power.