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The Two Flying Orbs on 2015-05-26

This story happened so long ago I am sorry if I am a bit vague but I will do my best to note all the details. At the time I would have been about 12 or could have been as old as 13? It happened at my old best friend's house and I was having a sleepover which we would do at each other's houses at lea...

Old Lady Under The Bird Cage on 2015-04-13

This story happened a few years after The Snake Man story. I was about 18 and I had started to work in an old retirement home as a nursing assistant down the central coast of NSW. I worked there for a few months before I saw anything paranormal. The nursing home was a huge, single story place bu...

The Snake Man on 2015-04-08

This event happened sometime after my story: The glowing fire eyes. About 1 year after I had that encounter with the glowing fire eyes my mum decided to admit herself into a drug rehabilitation program as she was using illegal intravenous drugs. I have never seen any evidence of this as she kept i...

The Glowing Fire Eyes on 2014-12-18

This is my third story and this happened when I was 14. After we had moved from the old house where I heard the breathing, we moved into another house a few years after as the house we were renting in was to be sold. The new house was smaller but I liked the look of the house as it had fresh whi...

Labored Breathing Coming From My Closet on 2014-11-24

This is the second event I can recall very clearly. My mother's biker boyfriend had thrown us out of the house & my mother, sister, brother & I were forced to live in a women's refuge for domestic abuse. I won't go into that detail but he hit me & mum. Mum searched & had found a house for...

Nightly Visits When I Was Little on 2014-11-24

I have tried to publish my stories here years ago but at the time the site said something about being inundated with story requests bla bla bla, so I just didn't worry about it. I've had an account on here for years but have never actively commented on any posts. Mostly I just enjoy reading the stor...

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Date: 2017-11-17
I've seen something similar. The first I saw when I was about 14 was a snake man that had arms and legs that was moving like a snake does when it gets its head chopped off and the other I saw when I was about 16 and it was a black foggy mass with glowing red eyes. They didn't look like eyes but more like fire burning but it was bright red. Creepy stuff oh and by the way I loved your story. Thank you for sharing 😊
Date: 2015-09-04
That was such a beautiful story. I was close to my great grandmother and when she passed I was not able to be by her side, so I can appreciate what you did for your aunt.
Date: 2015-07-28
I've seen something similar I think. It's in a story I have written about fire eyes... Glowing red, almost like they were made of fire. I think when this was going on you were half asleep and trying to make sense of it all.
Date: 2015-06-19
Thank you Tweed. Its comforting to know that you enjoy my stories and that I am not alone in these types of experiences. I'm not sure if these orbs are human or non human and I don't suppose I'll ever know? I was scared of them because at the time I was christian and anything supernatural would frighten me.
I've seen something similar when I was a teenager with a friend and they saw it to. They flew around my friends lounge room when we were sleeping on the foldout bed. I won't go into detail about it as I am thinking of writing it into a story on here.
Date: 2015-04-13
I am very sorry as it is very hard for me to describe this thing. It was so dark outside all I could see in the distance was house lights. I thought it was eight feet tall as the eyes were very high from our back fence which was about five and a half feet tall. It may have been floating I don't know? I couldn't see any body just eyes that glowed like they were on fire.

The caravan window I was looking out was very big, not sure on the exact size and the caravan was raised.
Date: 2015-04-13
Thank you everyone for your comments. I haven't said anything about the snake thing to anyone but I did mention I see spirits in the house sometimes and it was laughed off.

My family is religious to a point but they don't go to church or read the Bible or anything like that.

And I never noticed any eyes but it was facing away from me. Also if it had stood up or tried to communicate with me I think I would have died from a heart attack!

I'm not sure what it was but I categorise it in the shadow people category as I've seen small dark blobs that dart across the floor to full-sized humanoid shapes to the shape of a cat or four legged creature. I understand that they can shape-shift as well but that is only stuff I have been reading off the Web.

Thanks again everyone and I have loads more stories to share with you.
That was the most rubbish I've read in all my years on this earth. How the hell is this a ghost story?

I love the part where you say depression and anxiety are demons... That made me laugh but it's still kind of sad there are small minded people who still believe and live like this...

Many a time have I seen bigots become born again, then criticise and judge everyone.

It's people like you who used to stone women for being raped because she invited them to do the deed as she was dressed provocatively.
Date: 2015-02-21
When you fear these things or show any negative emotion you are empowering them & perhaps feeding them. Even mentioning them gives them power.
Date: 2015-01-23
I see spirits like that and they just seem to be watching you or if you look at them they quickly dart away. I've heard whispers once I'm my room when I was half asleep and then heard my name as clear as a bell be whispered in my ear. I can't remember if it was a male or female but I could feel the breath on my ear.
Date: 2015-01-22
That made me laugh when you said it passed gas. I never thought ghosts could do that. Maybe you have a spirit who is non threatening but likes to play practical jokes? Thank you for your story was a good read.
Date: 2015-01-06
I also have weird stuff happen to me but nothing to the extent of your story.

I think these things are evil spirits that want to scare you and feed off that energy.

Also another explanation I've been considering is they might be beings from a higher dimension than ours and are merely toying with us like on a video game.
Awesome story, you write very well & I enjoyed your story. If I were with you guys at that house I would flat out refuse to go back into the house after seeing that lady.
Date: 2014-12-21
Thank you all for reading my stories & I appreciate & am taking all suggestions into account. It brings me some peace of mind that I am able to tell my stories.

As for the description of the thing I saw all I could see was glowing eyes or orbs that were on fire. They burnt bright red. That night was particularly dark not sure if it was cloud cover or a new moon but I could not see anything else on the thing.

As I saw it from the distance & as it appeared closer & closer the eyes seemed to be very high off the ground. Could have been tall or I was thinking maybe floating?

I am very sorry I can not describe much else but the feeling of dread was so intense I've never felt anything else like it (apart from my later experiences I have yet to publish)

As for my mental state of mind I still suffer from depression & have bad anxiety but I try and look at the bright side of life & try to live my life with love in my heart.

Thank you again all & I wish you all a merry Christmas.
It sounds like a shadow person or people. All I know is they are said to feed off negative emotions. They don't like light or positive things. I've heard a smudging with white sage works, although I've not tried this personally.
Date: 2014-12-05
Your not crazy. Those things are real. I used to see them but lately don't.

All I believe is if it gives you chills & fills you with dread it's bad & if not then not.

Maybe try house smudging & keep salt near your bedside table
Date: 2014-11-30
I had the same thing two big red glowing eyes outside my window to. I have yet to publish that story but those glowing red eyes filled me with so much fear.

The eyes I saw were glowing red like on fire & from what I can remember were completely round like a marble. I didn't see them move or blink.
I think they are goblins or gnomes by your description. They are in old legends & fairytales as mythical creatures. I can't remember the correct term for them but they are said to be neither evil or good, just mischievous in the way they like to move things or play tricks on people. Some are also said to do chores & mend things for people but it is said they don't like complements. They also are said to be angered if you burst into a room or leave the house & go back in quickly your supposed to knock & make it known you are entering before you do.
I was very much awake as before the lightening I was sitting on top of the bed covers with my legs crossed laying on my back, with my arms behind my head. I did have my eyes closed because my eyes were feeling a bit tired. But after the flash & the thunder I sat up with my back against the wall. I am not sure how long I sat in shock for but after I lay down to sleep I started to hear the breathing.
Yeah I suppose. But from what I can remember it used to happen a lot.

& the speed it shook it's head was faster than any person could have. It also seemed to have mid length hair now that I think about it almost like in dreadlocks or tight curls as when it shook it's head it's hair ballooned out with each flick.