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She Hugs Me on 2015-03-25

My mom passed away June 1, 2011. She died in a house fire; the newspapers deemed me a survivor of the fire because I lived there, but was not at home at the time of the fire. Many traumatic things have happened since then. Babies have been born, cousins have died. I've been sick throughout my li...

The Haunted House She Lived In on 2010-12-06

When we were 9 years old my cousin lived in a haunted house. She is the same age as I am. We were told that several years before she lived there a man killed his wife and kids in the house. I'm not sure how true that story is. I was told that one of the kids was killed in the upstairs bathroom. ...

She Watches Him on 2010-12-01

AA few weeks ago my boyfriend mentioned something to me. He said that there was a little old lady that watches him sometimes. She peeks around the corner and darts back. I laughed and told him that doesn't surprise me at all. I asked him if he would know her if he saw a picture of her. He said y...

What Emma Saw In The Closet on 2010-03-03

My cousin Emma asked me to tell this story for her for two reasons. First she doesn't know how to type. Secondly she is only 7 years old. This is what Emma saw in her closet. She was lying in bed one night when she saw a white glowing person standing in her closet. She asked him what his name wa...

Sally Got Me In Trouble All The Time on 2010-03-03

As a child I had an invisible friend, who I have come to believe was a poltergeist. I was abused as a child so there was a lot of negative energy. I was also very sick. I think sally was a culmination of that energy. One day in particular stands out for me though. Even as a pre-teen Sally was ar...

My Great Grandpa's Spirit Visted Me While He Was Still Alive on 2010-03-02

I was at a family get together in Boise Idaho at my great grandma's house. I say my great grandma's house because my great grandparents have been divorced since before I was born. This all took place in her living room. I was 3 years old at the time. My grandparents, mom, aunt's uncles and cousins w...

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Date: 2015-04-03
[at] WiniPu4
He did, the only thing that was found was degenerative disc disease and after a nerve conduction test, a slight defect was found in the calf muscle of my left leg. My mom started getting better when I was 13, but the worst of the trauma had happened and things between us were strained at best, but I made sure she knew I loved her. Her last words to me were "I love you"... And I'm grateful for that.
yeah she did. In fact a lot of it happened to her. She was taking a bath in that same bathroom and something held her under water for less than 10 seconds. She would see faces in the tile, but then when she blinked the would be gone.
It is in a town called Hermiston. I don't know if any one knows where this town is, but I can assure you that in a 50 mile radius there are many haunted places. I am going through all my books that I have written in to find my most interesting experiences to tell all of you.
Date: 2010-12-02
Her fave Christmas song was Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. That is the first and last Christmas song I listen to. I even sing it to Emma and her little sister. ❤ ❤ ❤
Date: 2010-12-02
She had dementia and so that might be the reason why she hasn't crossed over. All though there are theories that suggest that when a person dies they can come visit the living anytime they want. So that might be the reason too. Emmali was almost 2 years old when my great grandma passed away.

Emma has been seeing more family that have passed on. They ask her to pass on messages. And she does (if she remembers). ❤ ❤ ❤
I made a back story for Sally when I was younger. I unfortunately don't know if she was a real person at one time. She might have been. I cannot say for sure, because there was a time that I was plagued by many evil things.
Thanks for all the comments. I have been having more experiences lately. I have been blessed and cursed with the ability to see spirits. I have considered starting a group that researches paranormal activity. I know that if I had been able to contact a group when I was seeing Sally, I would have asked for their help. Sally was a manifestation of my loneliness, and jealousy that my younger sister was born. In turn there was a lot of negative things happening in my life so I turned to sally for solace. That is probably how Sally gained a life force of her own. I cannot say for sure.
Date: 2010-05-05
i have narcolepsy and when the symptoms appear full force I have hallucinations. I didn't develop narcolepsy until last year. It can develop at anytime but usually when you are around 15-25. I'm not saying it is or isn't paranormal. But if you are concerned about it go to the doctor and ask them to check you for a sleep disorder.
Date: 2010-04-30
😭 😭 😭 That is sooo sad... I think that lady you saw was asking if it was alright for her to take the kitten to heaven, at least that is what I would like to think about things like that.
well, princesslotus, I had massive ear infections until I was 12 years old. Around that time I also became interested in boys. Lol so you could say I was moving on in my life. We also were in the process of moving away. So I'm sure she was a bit mad that I wouldn't be around. My mother is better now that she is on medication. She has some mental health issues that she needed to deal with. I moved out of her house when I was 16. My sister was her favorite so she wasn't abused. I haven't seen sally in 13 years now. If she comes back I know exactly what to do.
I am glad I was able to spend time with him too. He has 3 great great grandkids that he hasn't met on this side yet... But my cousin emmali has a story that needs to be told about him.

I will tell it for her because she asked me to. ❤
Well, DeviousAngel I also remember the family reunion that took place 2 months after this happened. We were at my great grandpa's hunting camp and I went fishing with my cousin D. I also remember the little grass snake I was playing with. The one thing that really stands out in my mind though about that trip is that I was bitten on my big toe by a bug, and then stung by a bee, My great grandpa is allergic to bee's and since I was the only great grandchild that was there, I was paid more attention by him. So he fixed up my toe and my arm and told me to use a walking stick when I'm walking around and to put my shoes back on. ❤ But then again, some people are able to remember things a bit better than other people. He was not the last spirit I would come to see as I got older. I am half native american and I am from a long line of great medicine women on my fathers side. My mom is not native american... So I got some abilities from her side too.