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Moving Objects on 2010-03-03

my name is rob, I have had many paranormal things happen to me as a child I'm now 30 and nothing go's on anymore but back when I was around 9 things started. I must add my mum was very into spiritual stuff, mediums and things. The first things to start were little things like tapping on doors an...

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Date: 2010-03-25
i think maybe they were trying to confuse me or just mess with my head. Who knows, I don't think I will ever know for sure.
Date: 2010-03-09
hi dan, I think your right, I believe it was all conected to my mums intrest in the paranormal, sometimes I would read her ghost books she left lieing around she has had many ghost things happern to her to.
Date: 2010-03-08
the voices were very clear, but you could be right I was quite stresed as child
thats scary, I thought I had a scary childhood. They seem to like negative energy, I allways wonder why good ghosts or angels don't get rid of the bad ones, they must be there to
Date: 2010-03-05
thanks that's an intresting comment because it stoped around the same time I started ignoring it, when I gave up trying to work out what it was doing these things. I'm not sure wether they were good or bad, or why they were doing these things. I'm sure demons can copy peoples voices and image.