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Hi, my name's Alice-Katherine & first and foremost, I'm not expert on this stuff. I know bits and pieces, but not much else.
I've always been able to see glimpses of people pretty much everywhere I go, and I have a keen sense of good and evil vibes in places.

I'm due to be married sometime next year & I'm very much a religious person.

Ermm, if there's anything else you'd like to know, then just let me know!

Thank you & God Bless

- Alice
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Glimpses Of People From The Corners Of My Eyes on 2010-11-09

I'll start from the beginning. All my life I have seen glimpses of people from the corners of my eyes, or felt someone/thing there in the room with me. It's usually friendly, and I'm not averse to telling the entity to leave if I feel threatened apart from recently. For about four months, I have ...

My Friend George on 2010-03-10

When I was 12, my mother met a new man and soon married. We moved from the run down terraced house we lived in, and moved into a better area, a little cul-de-sac that was larger than we had lived in before. From the first time I stepped in that house, I never felt lonely. Even though when I was youn...

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Date: 2010-12-21
Ouija boards should never be thrown away.
They just come back, and it aggravates what emerges from them.

Yes, you will have negative entities coming from the Ouija board, if you're not careful, but there ARE positive entities that can come through. They're not a portal to hell, they're just a tool, like a knife or a pick axe.

Use them wisely, and you'll be fine.
Use them foolishly, and you'll more than likely get hurt.

That being said, Inviting activity into your home will more than likely be negative. Negative spirits are pushy, so they'll tell you ANYTHING to get in your home.

Don't wish for activity, and certainly don't go on the board and ask them to show you some action.
It's disrespectful, and it's tempting the negative entities to behave in the way they're accustomed.

Best you just leave it alone.
Date: 2010-11-26
Hi, Succubussessuck,

That's really good that you're not drinking so much. I've also drunk to blot out what was happening in my home, but I realised how much damage it was doing.

I've found the sage to be a bit tetchy.
I have a 'something' which the others here believe to be an Incubus in my home and the Sage did next to nothing.

Maybe try Cold Iron?

I wouldn't suggest just telling it to leave though, as Succubus and Incubus alike are deemed to be demons and won't take lightly to being told what to do.

I've got personal experience in this.

I'll ask around in my group of friends and see if there is anything else I can suggest, that won't have a backlash.

All the best
- Alice
Date: 2010-11-25
I'm not going to tell you that drinking and smoking is making you imagine what's happening.
I believe you, completely.

BUT, and there is always a but, being intoxicated with anything can make you more vulnerable to attacks, even if they seem less severe because your drunk/high mind can't process what's happening.

Which is why it's so dangerous to smoke weed, or drink alcohol to blot it out.

Maybe try seeing a religious or spiritual leader, to help you?

Also, sage is said to have purifying properties if you burn it, but it's not a sure fire thing.

Email me if you need to talk

All the best

- Alice
Date: 2010-11-24
There have been documented cases of entities that have taken form.
It's not something just out of supernatural.

If you want to be picky about something, be picky about the 'Succubus' who warns the kid against driving into a specific road.
That's the part that strikes me as the most odd.


If she's warning you, and comforting you, maybe she's not a Succubus. Historically, they suck the energy out of a man through sex, and that's that.

I've never come across a succubus, so that's just an opinion. I have no other knowledge of them.

Maybe she's a ghost who's taken a liking to you, and is trying to make you happier through your hormones, because at 15 most boys are highly sexually charged.
Maybe she see's that as a way to be close to you. Or it's the only way she can show you she cares.

I'm not sure.

I do know though, that if you're courting a ghost, then no, you cannot 'keep' her.
She's not a dog you picked up off the street.

She's an entity that needs to be let go.

All the best

- Alice
That's horrible!

A dislike, or fear, of clowns is often due to the way our minds are made up.
It's to do with the fact that, through the make up, we can't see their real expressions. Something that in our primal days, we would've shied away from.

You must've been petrified, and I'm so sorry for that.

All the best

- Alice
It wasn't bullying to tell your cousin how foolish he was to try and summon something that he couldn't control.
What did he think he could do? Shove it on a leash and muzzle it?
If nightmares are all he's left with, then he's an extremely lucky boy.
Maybe next time he'll think twice before doing it again.

The others were justified in their comments against your cousin, because he did something that put him, and others, at risk.
Luckily, that hasn't happened.

Arguing over who and who isn't bullying other people on this site is completely redundant.
He asked for advice and opinions, and he got them. Just because they weren't to his liking, doesn't mean they aren't valid.

If he finds that the occurances are still happening, he should either use cold iron (i.e. A horseshoe) to hang in his room as it apparently dispels negative spirits, or sage.

All the best

- Alice
If you're going to hold a seance, or are considering it, please be careful.
Perhaps find a medium who's done it before, to lead you all?
I've never been to a seance, but I've heard that they can be dangerous as hell.

- Alice
Cemeteries don't automatically link up with hauntings.
An old best friend of mine used to live directly behind a cemetery and it was the least active house, ever.
What you heard could've been the house shifting in the night, people visiting the cemetery.
Also, a seance is no indication of devil worship.

As for the shadow, well your friend knows what she's seen, right?
Everything else can be explained away.

Best Wishes

- Alice
Thanks Brit, haha
I think if you have enough time, you can get used to anything.

- Alice
Haha, thank you, Brit.
It's not really terrifying, more confusing.
It was scary at first, but I guess I've adapted to the situation...
I think I might even miss it when I get it to leave, too:c
But it has to go.
It can't just start being horrible to my Fianc
You all like arguing, huh?
Every story I go on, there's an argument.


I'm on my own in my home about 90% of the time, as my Fianc
Haha, ArchAngelAmaris, I am religious to some degree. I was raised Catholic, so I still have the remnants of that faith in me. I'm not 'practising' though, if you get my meaning.
I never go to mass, or pray, or anything really. Terrible, and I always mean to change my ways and regain what I had, but I always either forget or something comes up.

I believe, personally, that using tools from other faiths, such as Wicca which I imagine the sage, amber and wild flowers come from, isn't all that blasphemous.
It's like sweeping AND using a vacuum cleaner. You're just being thorough.

I think I will go and see a priest at the same time as using the Sage and Amber, though.
If only to get all this off my chest.

You're very, very sweet Amaris:) Thank you for all your kind words. I'll let you know what the Priest says, and how it all goes.

- Alice
[at] Akuma I honestly don't feel that being stern would work. I lost my temper the other day after it pulled my hair, and yes it did stop for a while, a whole day in fact, but the poking in the sides and pressure has been coming more and more lately.

[at] ArchAngelAmaris You really think it could be an incubus? I never thought I'd be unlucky enough to come across one.

I haven't bought the sage and amber yet, as I'm having a hard time financially, but my fianc
[at] Succubussed: I didn't 'file' this story under anything. It was done by the site. Also, I feel it is correctly 'filed' as the entity/spirit has touched me in a sexual way, but I refused to elaborate.

Thank you to everyone for your help, and I'm going to definitely use the sage and amber, and also the wild roses.
Not the salt though, as it'll prove too hard to vacuum out of my carpets!
I was in two minds of whether to dispel the entity yesterday as I felt sorry for it, but I can quite frankly say that today has been a horrible day for mine and it's 'relationship'.
It has got to go.

Thank you so much for all the information, I really appreciate it.

Puppeteer, I might email you on a few other things about it if that's okay.

Take care!

-Alice xox
Okay, thank you.
Sage and salt I understand, but Wild Roses?
That seems very specific.
I feel slightly upset to banish it though. I want to help it if I can, but I NEED to know what it is.
Like I said, it doesn't feel evil. Just intimidating. So, I'm guessing it's not a Demon.
The touching is a no-go for me though.
I can handle it being around, and maybe sometimes touching my hand to get my attention, but the pressure and explicitness? It's not something I want.

Do you think I really have to get rid of it, or would it do just to placate it?

Thanks for your help!

-Alice xox
Pregnancy is forty weeks, Vulcan.

I'm so sorry, by the way, Jon94 for your loss and your wife's loss.
I'm pregnant myself, so this story made tears come to my eyes.
It's lovely you've had signs from him though.

All the best.

-Alice xox
Date: 2010-11-12
If they were 10 when they'd first started playing with the ouija board, then they wouldn't have known any better.
There's no need to be brash, snowhite.

Although, I do agree that you should've exercised more caution, but who thinks of consequences when we're young?

Your father probably shouldn't have shouted at it. Spirits and Entity's don't like being yelled at.

All the best

-Alice xox
I would like to just say, that since I submitted this story I lost my temper with whatever it is that's in my home after I felt it tugging on my hair.
It hasn't gone, but it has stopped prodding me.

-Alice xox
You say your nanny used voodoo on you when you were an infant.
Well, while everyone knows of the negative aspect of voodoo, it's mostly used to ask for protection.
She probably sensed that you were likely to draw spirits to you and was using your hair to link the prayer physically to you.

Take care
-Alice xox
Branden, I've been experiencing something similar myself, and know how horrid it can be.
I don't like to be in my home on my own.
However, I haven't been in contact with a Ouija board ever, so I can't relate to that.
If you need anything, or just a chat, email me:)
My email is in my profile

All the best

-Alice xox