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The Ghost Gnome on 2010-03-15

My mother and grandmother swear this story is true. I found it a bit strange but interesting. It's the summer of 1969, and my mom is 19 years old. Before I go any further, I know what you might be thinking. My mother doesn't do any drugs. Trust me. So, anyway, the summer of '69 and my mom is sle...

Ghost In The Basement on 2010-03-15

If you read my short story 'Ghost in the Cellar', this is nothing like it. This ghost experience happened to me personally. I dated this girl in Portage, Indiana, and one night, while watching a little late night TV, we fell asleep on the couch. At around 3am we both woke up and went to the bedro...

Ghosts In The Cellar on 2010-03-15

My grandmother wasn't much for telling us about her personal life. About how hard her life was living in Germany during World War Two. She was strict to a point and wouldn't think twice about whacking you upside your head if you screwed up. Her accent was rough, but growing up with her we were able ...