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A Happy Music Box Experience on 2012-11-27

I had commented previously on another story about my music box collection after reading another poster's story about music boxes. This story is not a scary story but a wonderful sign that I believe I received. My mother and father are both passed. My mother passed before my father and my father ...

Baby Brings Ghost on 2011-08-24

When we brought my daughter home from the hospital, my son was four years old. The labor and delivery was much less stressful than my first. My daughter also slept very well through the night, for the most part, and I remember thinking that I deserved this after the hundreds of sleepless nights I sp...

The Ghost In The Closet on 2010-05-26

This is my second story submission and as with the other one, it is completely true. I have many more to share as my entire life I have had paranormal experiences. I also believe myself to be "insightful" and it does run in my family. Here goes; The house I lived in when I was young had more than...

My Uncle Bids Farewell on 2010-03-16

This is one of the first experiences that I had with the paranormal and of course, it's true. I was 13 years old and was very close to my Uncle Melvin. He went through some rough times in his life, been through a divorce and had alcohol problem. My mother was his sister and he stayed with us quite a...

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Date: 2013-07-15
First off, deepest sympathy for your friend. Suicide is such a horrible tragedy, not only for the victim but the victim's family members. But I hope your friend has sought counseling and has a good support system... You sound as if you are one of the supports he has.

I do believe your friend saw his father, without a doubt. The father wanted to show himself to his son to let him know that he is around and I am sure he regrets his actions. However, your friend can live a full and wonderful life with some good friends, family and counseling. Let him know that it is okay to speak to his father when he feels like it, he probably is listening.

Okay...just one question... No cell phones on anyone? In my day and age we had to walk all over looking for a parent pick-up, now days one just calls their parent on the cell phone..."where are you?"

Date: 2013-06-21
Yes, I agree. This was a very special sighting and sounds like it was beautiful. We all have different beliefs and theories of what happens to us when we die. I believe that some will "cross over", if you will, and others kind of hang around for awhile. If for some reason I get "stuck here", I hope it can be in a place so beautiful!

What a frightening experience. This entity was certainly threatening and not a very nice ghostie. I think the turning point was when you "threatened" the entity. Sometimes when an entity feels our fear they can prey on that and kind of "live" on that fear. You being able to stand up, so to speak, to this entity must have scared it off. You state that you still feel her around. I would continue to talk to her very boldly such as... Stay away from me and my family, we do not fear you. Be as threatening as you can.

Good luck to you, zet. A
Interesting story. I found your last paragraph to be rather intriguing. You state that you are not a fan of ghosts or the paranormal however you have had many experiences of such. Also, I have never been to The Queen Mary but I have heard many stories of it. However; if I ever have the chance, I will go and hope to see the little girl or anything of the paranormal.

Just thought of something that has nothing to do with your story but I always get a kick out of some of the ghosthunter shows out there. I mean, their sole intent is to find evidence of the paranormal and the first chance they see something or feel something they run away like scared chickens. I think, well then why...okay, enough of that.

Back to your experience... Sounds really creepy and I hope you don't go back on that tour.

Date: 2013-06-17
elfstone: never thought that you were contradicting me but rather stating your experience with that as a child that of which I totally appreciate. The only way we learn different ideas and concepts is by reading someone elses experiences; part of the reason I come to this site. I was also curious as a child but I was more drawn to being frightened and would rather not discuss it particularly at the mere age of six. Thank you for your response and different opinion about this. PS... Never have I been considered "normal" either. 😉
Date: 2013-06-17
elfstone...interesting concept. I speak only from my own experiences and I know that although I experienced paranormal at a young age, I did not want to think about or discuss death. It was very frightening to me and to most kids that I have known to be six-years-old. With that being said, I do appreciate your views and experience.

Date: 2013-06-17
Hi Talon:
I thought this was very endearing how you "covered" all bases. For example, you really thought this out as far as no one getting in due to bars on the windows, the doors, etc. Sounds as if you already have your answer. I agree with another poster that may be residual however; if you continue to see this ghostly woman and you notice different things such as her making contact with you; then you may wish to consider something else. You may be living with a spirit that is not there to cause harm but just wishes to cohabitate.

Great experience and nice way of writing it. Zeta.
Date: 2013-06-17
I think your younger brother may have been influenced by the conversation that took place. You state that your family was discussing whether or not death was just it or if we carried on. Now to adults that may be an appropriate conversation but to a six-year-old he may have really been influenced by that and tried to tell a story to make himself feel better. Just an idea. I mean who at six wants to believe death is it... In fact, who at any age wants to believe that. As far as the dreams go... Could be something paranormal could be a coincidence. Were you all discussing anything that had to do with drowning? But I do believe you had something paranormal going on with the coldness and strange vibes that were coming from the house and even the grandma noticed. Sometimes we don't always have to "see" paranormal but merely the feeling alone is enough.

Good luck,zeta.
The girl appeared to you "cut up" skin throughout her body. Apparently the girl had died a horrible death in some way or another. She seemed to be sad. Maybe noticing that you were going through some rough times and sad made her want to connect with you. I don't know if the little girl is "attached" to you, but I guess I would see how many more times you experience her spirit. Keep a journal by you and write down the dates, times, way you were feeling when you see her or feel her. She may just be passing through trying to find someone or to connect with someone that is going through the same feelings as she is. As Angel stated... Maybe try to speak to her the next time, if there is a next time. Ask her what she wants...what's her name... What happened to her. She doesn't seem harmful.

Good luck, zeta.
Date: 2013-06-17
Not really sure. If this is the only thing that happened it could have been someone playing a trick on you... Someone of the living kind. Maybe even your aunt. But I am sure that was scary no matter who was behind it.

Date: 2013-06-17
I think your Carly may have been a spirit who for some reason had not crossed over and found a friend or a younger sister in you. Did she ever speak to you or try to communicate in anyway other than just playing with you? She may have moved on to another human or crossed over.

Do you have a good counselor that you are seeing for your PTSD? One whom you trust and can feel at ease confiding in? I hope you do. You have been through a lot and you have all of our support as you must be able to tell through the posts. I believe also that this is all PTSD related. You are still in fear and that is giving you these horrible thoughts and visions. And as another poster explained... This is not your fault at all. You were an innocent victim. You sound as if you are a bright, intelligent young teen and I wish the best for you. But do confide in someone about these things, whether it be a physician or mother, good friend, etc.

Good luck to you, zeta.
rosehart: I used to have very similar experiences with yours regarding the sounds and feeling of someone coming around. I have realized now that it was my guardian... And that might be what is happening here. Sometimes we can have more than one guardian. Of course, that is just my opinion.

Off the beaten track so to speak, I do get real tired when posters come on to a site and start spewing their religious beliefs. Now if this poster does not believe in ghosts because he/she is muslim... With all due respect of course... Look at the title of this site..."Your Ghost Stories"...think one poster may have gotten "off the beaten track". Just saying. And this is nothing against your religion. As a couple other posters had mentioned, everyone has their own religious beliefs and for the most part, we are all very respectful to other's beliefs.

I think that there are a couple of different things going on here. With the tapping on your head after you had been thinking about your mom and mourning the loss of your parents, I believe it was either your mom or dad. Our loved ones can come back every once in awhile to help us. Sometimes it may seem like the weirdest times or circumstances but it's not as if we can dial direct. I think your parents knew you had been grieving and want to let you know that they are okay and together. As far as the cookie jar... No possibility that the washer and drier being used had sort of shook it against the fridge? Just wondering. I guess I would wait to see if anything else happens. As far as your husband being pulled up by the back of his hair... Could be your mom or dad again.

Now with all of that being said... You certainly have some ingredients for hauntings such as a new home, renovations, a piece of furniture that can have things attached to them. So keep heads up with this and keep us posted.

Thanks, zeta.
Date: 2013-05-27
Hi soul shine: First off, even though the story was a bit long, by your accounts... You really have a nice way of writing and putting things in sequence so it was very easy to understand. Thank you for that. Thank you also for sharing so many wonderful affirmations that we all know mean that our lives just don't end when we pass. I have had many experiences with my deceased loved ones as well and it is comforting. From what I gather from your family, you are all very close and I believe many of you are probably sensitive to paranormal. I also would like to add that many times the easiest way for our loved ones to come back to us is in dreams. It is just as real as anything else. I for one believe in all of your experiences and you come across as a very kind and compassionate person. I am sorry for all your loss but you must feel better knowing your "people" are still checking on you from time to time.

I also might add... If you had no prior experience with the paranormal, as you are not sure if dreams or not... You probably wouldn't be on this website. Albeit there are people who are curious, mostly what I have found is people on this site have either had numerous paranormal experiences or have known someone who has. That is what brings us all here. So I too believe that you more than likely experienced something paranormal and that is what brought you here.

Date: 2013-05-20
Love the story because it seems to be very sincere and you do have a nice way with words. I like how you state at the end "this encounter launched in action..." It seems like it is very seldom that a person only has one encounter. I will be looking for future stories from you.

Date: 2013-05-13
Oh no... I hope when I become part of the spirit world... If I do, I won't have to still do laundry! 😜 Anyway, this is quite a story and an experience. I am glad that your grandma let you kids sleep with her.

Date: 2013-05-13
It could very well have been that your dad was sleepwalking. You say he looked transparent but maybe that was just your eyes adjusting after playing video games for so long. Just saying...