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He Tried To Get My Daughter on 2012-02-06

Before I even start my story, I feel there are so many people which leave really sarcastic comments which I feel are very unnecessary as they don't really even know me or what's happening in my home - for each one of us that have a story to share, it is very real to us. Any way back to my story. ...

Looks Like Things Are Starting Again on 2011-12-14

It's not surprising to me that once again I have a story to tell. We are currently still staying in our new place and now my husband knows that there is something in our house after my son has showed him where this "thing" is and he has seen it for himself. After the comments that I received ...

Getting So Sick Of This Game Now on 2011-09-12

Once again I am back with another story to post. So since my last story, we have now moved into our own place but nothing has changed at all. We have been staying in our new townhouse now for a little less than a month and just to let you know it is relatively new complex's that have been built....

Why Is This Happening To Me? on 2011-06-22

This is the fourth time I am posting a story now and it probably won't be the last by the looks of things. As most of you know from reading my other 3 stories, I am a sensitive to spirits; I see, hear and feel them. I also have a son who is 2 and 2 months and my daughter is 10 months. Just to mak...

It Won't Leave Me Alone, Am I Being Paranoid Or Is It Real? 3 on 2010-10-19

So after all I said in my last two stories, I am back with the third. So after a while it left me alone, never seemed to bother me at all. Now I had a baby girl (2 months old) and he is back scaring my daughter. I wish this thing would go bother someone else now. While I was in hospital when I...

It Won't Leave Me Alone, Am I Being Paranoid Or Is It Real? 2 on 2010-04-19

If you read my last story you would understand that I am deeply concerned and worried with what is happening in my home. Well since I last posted my story, this "thing" or whatever you want to call "him" carried on for a few more days after I posted my story, he really quitened down although I kn...

It Won't Leave Me Alone, Am I Being Paranoid Or Is It Real? on 2010-03-23

I am now 24 and since I can remember I have been having these weird experiences. I am blessed with being able to hear, feel and see spirits. In our family I know I am not the only one but it seems that I am the only one that is affected by it or that it only seems to be happening to me. I normally s...

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to all who commented on my story, thanks so much. As for those that have experienced the same thing, I am sure that you will agree that this becomes annoying after a while, like It does with me. With regards to the mirror, I bought It as part of my bedroom suite out of a furniture shop, I have only had it for the last 5 years. We have decided to buy a new set, so I am going to be rid of it soon, I have Before on many occasions told this thing to leave in an angry tone but that only works for a little while, it then comes back and things are more worse.
When I ask my son about it, he does not really say much (he is Only 2) but I am sure that he sees this thing as a threat to him, I mean we are his parents not anyone else's. What makes it hard for Me is that this is a new home and we want to live in peace not be scared all the time, this is my home for me and my family not unwated guests.

[at] rookdygin - I will definately try your idea, it sounds good. Will try it out soon as I am going to be at home now for a few days will give Me time to be with my son alone and see if anything helps.

Once again thanks to all for your advice. 😁 😊
[at] deviousngel - I know that its not a real movie, I was just using it as an example to make you understand how scared I am 😊
Thank you to all for your comments on my situation, first of all to those of you who don't believe in the paranormal, well then you haven't actually gone through something like this so why are you then even on this site in the first place, just to get the facts straight here, ghosts, demons, etc can harm you believe me. Ok but besides all of that, I have done all I can do, I don't want to talk to this demon because I am scared it might get worse and physically attack me or My kids but maybe I should give it a try and see what happens. My son was in the bath last night and I left him alone for 5 minutes to dress my daughter when he started screaming hysterically in the bath and pointing at the roof saying there is a man, so I know for a fact that there is something in my home, I have gone through a lot of rough patches In my life especailly over the last 7 years with my fiance, so saying that my inner demons are the cause, makes a lot of sense to. I will see what happens after tonight once I have told it to leave but if it does not I will have to get someone in to see if there is a portal in my house and then take it from there. As I tell it to leave tonight I will do the salt thing once again and see what happens.
Please understand I am scared but I am fearing more for my kids life more than anything else, I don't want to go through a possession or something like that or something actually attacking them - for those of you that are not sure what I am talking about, watch the movie "paranormal activity" and then you will see what I mean. My mom has suggested that someone has bewitched me (left something in my room or that) but I don't see who would do that. Anyway I will do what I said and take it from there.
Dear Zik

I share your fear with you, if you read my 3 stories you will know that I feel exactly the same as you, I am waiting to post my new sory as there is a problem with the website, I have also done all to get rid of my demon but nothing has helped so I feel your pain. All I can suggest is pray and try to make your belief in the lord stronger as this might help you, I will be posting my new story next week so keep a look out for It and then maybe you could see how we share the same things and fears
My many thanks to all of you above for the advice, wisdom, comments and that.

My son is 1 year old so he does not quiet understand yet and I try and comfort him as best I can.
Even though I pray to God every night, this demon stays and torments me. I was told by a professional that it is a demon.

We have blessed our house with holy water and oil.

I know I should not be scared because God is with me and my family but yet seeing this thing terrifies me to death.
I am very afraid to confront it as I am scared that it is going to harm me and my son that is why I rather not talk to it and leave it be, but if you all recommend I tell it to go, I will try that method.

Will let you know how it goes.

So once again thank you all for your input.