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Something Is Pleasing Me In Bed on 2010-03-24

My name is Joe; I'm a 19 year old guy and live in the Netherlands. Like every guy does, I do masturbate once in a while. Last week when I did it, I felt a strange presence in my room. I kind of ignored it and just continued masturbating. But suddenly, I don't know how to explain it really. I fel...

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[at] Pjod: quite a ride!? Haha, I hope that won't happen!
Anyway, I'm with my girlfriend at this moment, and it seems to leave me alone.
Rather glad about that!

The Netherlands is small, and it's pretty much a smaller version of the states.
Atleast, that's what it reminds me of ghehe!
Thanks for the comments all, first of all.
I don't have a relationship with this thing...
I don't want it near me, and I'm trying to ignore it.

I was raised without a believe, like most dutch people.
I do believe in a god, but I don't pray to him.
I think god doesn't want me to pray to him everyday.

I noticed, when I think about this thing, stuff start to happen.
But when I'm in my room, my mind just slips towards that thought.
And I try to focus on other stuff all the time.
Especially when my eyes are tired, it looks like it can control me a lot easier that way.

Someone emailed me, and told me those attacks are going to get worse, and it will be forced to you if you don't do something about it.

It's been a week now, and every night has been a slight attack.
Getting worse each night to be honest.
But I try to ignore it and I try to not think about it.
Calling out the name jesus or mary or even St micheal archangel, it doesn't work at all.
Been told it can react violently if it hears those names.

The real question that spooks true my head is.
Is this my mind playing tricks on me!?
Can a sudden change in your life, cause stuff like this!?

I'll just stay positive about this, and I will not let it control me.
I'll be reading some more comments this week.
I will share more info about my experiences when I'm sure I need the advice.
Date: 2010-03-27
The more stories I read on here, the more I think there's one with me all the time in my room.
Even as I type I feel a presence around me, sliding down on my back.
This might sound weird, but when I leave my closet doors open, the sexual attacks seems to get worse, a lot more touches on my body.

I'm 19 male, and I never ever expierenced this, it feels good, but I also feel controlled...

I also like a girl, but what will happen when she stays the night with me?
Are those sexual demons going to leave me or her alone!?

If possible, can someone contact me on joedutchcoast [at]
I would appreciate a conversation with someone who experienced the same things.