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Background in Anthropology, Behavioral Science & Education. Hobbies are occult and genealogical research.
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The Genealogical Spiritboard on 2014-09-03

Spirit boards are notorious for having a bad rap. I used one a few times under the direction of my boyfriend\'s mother who blessed us with white light oil before we even got near it. A girlfriend of mine who was very much into green witchcraft got me hooked into mystical capers with her. Our experim...

The Electric Connection on 2014-09-03

As a teenager I requested my own room and was given the largest area in the finished basement. It was almost like a dank little apartment closed off from the utility area which housed a half bath. At the time I had a television the far left corner and my computer desk to the far right with a she...

Hidden And Haunted Heirlooms on 2014-04-29

In the summer of 2010, my partner and I found ourselves in a financial pickle. We decided to rent a apartment unit connected to the home of a married couple we knew. The wife shared my interest in fantasy, science fiction and also occult. I began to notice that the doorway to the basement room which...

Mr. Intense on 2010-03-30

I am still so angry to this day that I have no explanation for the repeated incursions that have happened in my life. When I was a little girl I used to see an un-descriptive man enter my room every night. He was much thinner than my father who in fact I could see asleep on his bed with my mothe...

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I never realized there were so many questions left about this story but in case anyone is still curious I will answer them. Firstly, the words I used that are seeming to confuse people the definitions are [caper: an activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous.] When this story occurred I was 13 years old and my friends and I were under the training/supervision of their mother a Stregheria tradition witch. Anything we did that she told us not to, or we knew was not necessarily safe would have been a caper.

Were we reckless or perhaps not serious about what we were doing? Reckless certainly since we did not often do any further research before jumping into practice however, we had a real deference for mysticism as well as a genuine drive to learn more.

What type of spirit board and do I mean Ouija? Yes, but Ouija is a specific design that is not what we used. Because we were being trained by a Stregheria we adopted the belief that any material can be used especially organic materials. The layout was fairly simple, the alphabet and simple answers on wood.

As for the question about me 'divining' the spirits name I did not phrase that part very well when I dictated this. The spirit was very quick to give me his initials but he seemed to become confused spelling the whole name. Rather he spelled one and then a second one as if he was deciding between a legal name and a nickname.

Finally the outcome overall, which seems so long ago, it was quite quickly after this that my friends and I were separated by random chance. While I did end up studying these things much more seriously my trio of three teenagers never came back together to work on anything like this. We hold very differing viewpoints today which probably has to do with how our experiences continued apart. One returned to Christianity and the other is a rarely-practicing eclectic Wiccan. I discovered that I had a family culture I didn't know about and needed to relearn which has explained more to me than one school of thought could.
I had something similar lime this happen to me and I can tell you sensing it is not as bad as seeing it. Its much worse when you open your eyes and a full body apparition is staring at you. Ick!
Date: 2014-09-03
The event sounds a bit more residual to me than active. Its as if the ghost is just living through the days they did as if they were still alive. Another factor could be the cha nge of the season settling the house and what was assumed to be a shut door suddenly sinks into its frame as the wood expands/contracts. I have a front door that opens similarly when its stormy... Just opens on its own.
I thought perhaps I might have caught my friends sleepwalking or just being inappropriate. It was actually scarier that nothing was there. After I found the sword and it was moved off the residence the ghost went with it. For the most part I believe it just wanted to be acknowledged. Spirits like me because they know I can sense them.
Date: 2010-04-01
Yes, I've had other experiences too. Mostly Dark figures walking around. Most recently I was bolted awake by feeling a hand layed on me from next to me bed. I really wouldn't mind this stuff if I knew what the purpose was.