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The White Eyes And Growling on 2010-04-21

This is not necessarily an interesting story but I do not know what I am dealing with, and to be honest it is scaring me. I have had experiences recently with what I might call intense poltergeist activity I am unsure however to what is exactly causing problems. But it is has got me sitting on pins ...

Noisy Shadow on 2010-03-31

At the end of 2008 my grandparents came from New South Wales to visit us in Brisbane and stay at our 1920s Queenslander (this is what everyone calls an old house in Queensland) for two nights. After a busy day every one, growing tired went to bed. After saying goodnight to my grandparents I went int...

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Date: 2010-06-08
Thankyou everyone for commenting.
JimD: I have followed your advice from the previous story and everything seems to be better. I have occasionally seen very large and dark shadows that seem to drift around the house at night (they always seem to go into the bathroom for some reason). I agree with you that it is probably has played "head games" with me because I often feel "up and down". I swear I often feel immediately better (somehow reassured) after praying to Michael the Archangel. Perhaps this is just a placebo effect. There have been no noises to date except for whatever reason I think it must have come back for a day. It started in the kitchen as a very loud cracking noise (It sounded a lot like a small explosive going of i.e.: dynamite) I assumed something in the kitchen such as the microwave must of somehow been on and it must of exploded or something. But nothing was out of place and nothing had been turned on. This was the first and last time it had happened. And occurred about five weeks ago. I had also heard banging again that particular night but these events only happened on that one particular day and have not happened since. I still however see shadows at least once a week regardless of how much holy water I fling around the house and how much praying I do. I would assume this is a spirit. Thankyou everyone for your help.😊
Date: 2010-06-01
I think these events are unrelated. Your dreams of your grandmother turning into a dove probably signifies her peace in the spirit world. A dream of a butterfly for example signifies a fundamental positive change in that persons soul. The night attack situation (sleep parylisis) however is the polar opposite, such a situation could really only be caused by a demon. (Yes I realise how crazy this sounds) this situation could also be caused by a medical disorder in which in layman terms is caused when the brain wakes up before the body and causes mental distress and hallucinations while the body is left parylised. However since you have not mentioned this and the condition is prevalent from a young age and is usually "grown out" After puberty. This would probably be something that you need to investigate. As I myself have had a similiar experiance which turned out to be demonic. I would recommend that you contact a demonologist. Untill then fling holy water around the house and pray to michael the Archangel for help.
Thank you to ZiShu,zzsgranny,JimD,DARKNESS,Trudy44,Pjod and everyone else for posting your advice and comments. I am beginning to think that the events from my first story may have been the entity itself rather than my deceased Great Grandmother but there is still evidence that it may have been her. (To be honest I would really like to think it was her). Everything has been okay and there is no sign the entity has returned. I had my first decent night of sleep for ages last night.😊

JimD and ZiShu thank you very much for your advice, I will follow it closely. I will probably have to go to mass just to keep getting holy water. (Sounds like a good idea). ZiShu I am interested in what you said. Why would God allow a demon to stay somewhere? What purpose would it serve?
Okay last night was the first "trial night" with white sage and holy water and it seems to have worked. I had smoked white sage incense around the house earlier in the day and at 9pm I started with the holy water. I simply flung it everywhere and crossed my fingers that it would work and it looks like it has. I have also recited the name of St Michael while covering the walls and doors of the house in holy water. Interestingly a heard a "scraping" noise in the ceiling when I had finished. And as I have not seen any more dark shadows it looks like the thing is out of the house (yay!) I find it unbelievable that something that started off as a few "bumps in the night" turned into something so extraordinary. I think the entity must have been following us for a long time as I remember going outside to get washing of the line because I had forgotten to bring it inside the house earlier, about a few years ago. And when I was done putting the clothes in the basket I looked towards my bedroom window and saw the solid figure of someone walking past the windows in my room. I immediately went into my room to see who was in there but no one was! I asked if anyone had been in my room but everyone said no. I only remembered this the other day. Also yesterday night when I went to bed. I was lying down and I was finding it hard to go to sleep when at about 2:30 a hand grasped my side again. I just layed there ignoring it as usual, when I heard someone snoring. As I was wondering who was snoring, I noticed the noise was right in front of my face and realised that it was not snoring, It was growling! I could not see it but I was scared out of my mind to say the least. But for some reason I remember going to sleep immediately after. And as usual I had a nightmare. I was on my bed when it felt like I had just woken up. But I could not move. I remember trying to move my hands but I couldn't do anything other than just lay there. For some reason I knew that this was the entity (I don't know why) I just remember fighting it and not being able to do anything. Now whenever I have nightmares I wake up straight away. But this time I woke up at 8am which was many hours after it would have happened. And also the night before that my sister was asking me what I was doing at 5 in the morning because she heard "stomping" in my room. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and when she had said that I came to the realisation that it (the entity) was in my room doing whatever it was doing with me completely unaware as I was asleep!
I would like to thank everyone for their help and time. To Shlain, JimD, and Trudy44 thank you very much for your advice and time. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Also thank you to Moongrim, Robertar, Bueaty, and everyone else for suggestions and for commenting. Thank you.
Shlain, the word demon did not cross my mind (I don't know which is worse). I thought demons were the things that possessed people. Clearly I need to learn more about this stuff. Nothing much happened last night I did however see black flashes again which has not happened for a few weeks. And at exactly 2:10 in the morning I saw a large shadow of what looked like a man suddenly form next to a mantel clock I had in my room. (This is how I knew the time). He was just dark not pitch black but dark. He was looking towards the wall in my room away from me I could not distinguish him in any way because he was so dark. The only thing I noticed from the outline of his head it looked like he had no hair. Anyway I wanted to say thank you for your help and time I appreciate it enormously. Thank you.
JIMD, Thank you for your help, I think I have been experiencing all the symptoms you described. The greasy stuff coming down the walls has not happened for about two months but when it does happen it comes out of EVERYWHERE! I had not mentioned this but I also hear "crunching" noises right next to my ear sometimes. What is the best way I could get holy water? I don't go to church so I am unfamiliar with this. Could I ask a question why would a Demon be interested in me? (I am pretty boring really and not evil) Could it have been in the house before we moved there? And also a photo taken in our house at the end of last year had two bright red figures in it that looked like red mounds as tall as a person. It could just be a fault with the camera but I am unsure. Could this be something such as a demon caught on a photo? Anyway thank you for your help and time. Thank you.
Trudy44, Thank you for your advice I will read up on what you have suggested. And investigate the best thing to "smoke out" the entity. Thank you very much for your help and time it was much appreciated. Thank you.
Thank you Shlain, I have considered your comments and agreed with what you have said.
I think I will use the white sage incense as I am slightly familiar with this. Anyway you are right about the entity I am going to a medium in about two weeks to find out anyway. I did not hear anything scary last night but I did hear a clicking noise from the kitchen until I went to bed. My sister said it sounded like someone kept flicking the kettle on. And when I got up this morning to have a cup of coffee the kettle was bone dry. (I always leave about a liter of water in there and seeing I was the first one awake this looks like another event). Umm also you seem to be a big expert on this stuff, in the past we have had an oily substance drip down the walls of our house that was a kind of yellowish - red colour. It also forms on the top of door frames. I think this has happened ever since we moved in. Because it is an old house I thought it may have been a leak in the roof whereby dirty water would pool in the ceiling and later drip down the walls leaving a reddish - yellow streak behind. When I went to clean it up with a sponge I noticed the substance was greasy and required a lot of detergent to remove. It was also dripping from rooms in other parts of the house where the roof is different as it is a later addition to the house. And as a solar water heater was leaking there in the past before it was removed it has also been proven as leak proof. Which means that the streaks left there cannot be from a leaking roof. Could I ask can poltergeists do that sort of thing? And also about two months ago. I woke up in the morning and went to get out of bed when I saw a black flash in front of me. I sat on the bed for a few seconds wondering "did I just see what I think I saw" and then a stack of documents (assignments forms etc) that I had neatly stacked on my desk (my desk is next to my bed) just flew of and went everywhere. I noticed when I saw those "eyes" about a week ago that they looked like they belonged to something short. Now I am a short person and whatever that thing was it was shorter than me. If this was a poltergeist apparition does the entity always appear at the height it was in life or can it change its physical appearance? Thank you for your time.😊
OMG what a scary story! It put a chill up my spine just reading it, thank you for posting it. I have heard a similar story where a coal miner went down a mine in England and after noticing a miner in old style clothes he followed him. After chasing and calling out to the other miner he eventually turned around to reveal a void face which the miner recounted as a ball of skin. The miner apparently went into a fit of screaming and was found by fellow workers in a "complete mess". Unsurprisingly he never worked in a coal mine after that again.
What a great heartwarming story, I agree with the idea your daughter's father was there. (This is definitely something my father would have done). It is heartwarming that he was there for the birth of your granddaughter and that he told you how pleased he was in your dreams. Not long after my great grandmother passed away my parents bought a new car (because the old one was a piece of s**t). Anyway my Dad had to take a friend of his home. And when they got in the car his friend tried to light a cigarette (how rude it still had that new car smell!) when he dropped his lighter. He picked up the lighter when he dropped it again. He looked over to my father and said "something smacking the lighter out of my hand" He tried again to prove his point and the lighter flew towards the floor of the car. My Great Grandmother disapproved of smoking and I remember if she did not want you to pick something up she would smack it out your hand. Thank you for sharing your story it was heartwarming and interesting. 😊
OMG I am having the same problems at the moment! The shadows I am seeing are much the same as on your footage. And I am hearing thumping and scratching noises at night. From your story it sounds like something "bad" has happened at your house in the past. Since your brothers friend saw a young man that is probably what it is. I would assume he has probably committed suicide and as it takes spirits quite a long time to move on from suicide he is probably still hanging around. (I highly doubt these events are from a miscarriage by the way). You should probably refrain from contacting the spirit as this would encourage it to make contact with you, which is the issue I am having at the moment. Thank you for sharing your experience it gives much insight into the spirit world. 😊
To robertar, Moongrim, Shlain, and Trudy44 thank you for commenting and thank you for your help. The events became more Intense since last night. And it also feels like something is "biting" me or pinching me really hard. (I think it is pinching me) I have read stories like this before where people say they can see bite marks but I can't see anything, all I can say is that it really hurts. I have also noticed that I hear more scratching at night. Before I heard it every five days or so and now I hear it all night. (It only happens after 10pm)
Robertar: I have dealt with hauntings in the past and I am not really that scared of spirits as long as they leave me alone I will leave them alone. I had a family member die recently and I am quite happy if he hangs around. I don't really want to clear all spirits from the house such as family members who may be there which I am afraid may happen with something like an exorcism. Thank you for your help.
Moongrim: Thank you for your advice, I have always wondered why people particularly older generations have an iron horseshoe on the front door. (I think I may try this myself) Thank you for your help.
Shlain: To answer your question yes me and my sisters are both teenagers (she is a few years younger than I am) and the stuff that has happened to her has become more frequent since yesterday, She was talking about hearing scratching near her (which has also happened to me) and when we were both sitting in the lounge room on different lounges at right angles to each other. I then heard very loud scratching from right behind her on the wall. Unsurprisingly she completely freaked out and I paid the entity attention it was probably trying to evoke from us. Since then the events have become more intense. Thank you for your help.
Trudy44: Thank you for your advice it is much appreciated. Will this advice only remove the bad entity from the house? Do you know if burning something like white sage incense helps in warding evil spirits from the house?, Do I need to get a particular type of olive oil? (I have got cooking olive oil) (Sorry this is a stupid question) Thank you for your help.
Date: 2010-04-10
Hello again, to answer your question my premonitions are somewhat sporadic they seem to happen anywhere from two days before an event to about three months beforehand. Some of the events are hardly worth telling (they come to me about two or three days beforehand) and the more serious stuff is told to me months before the event actually happens. Also I have taken your advice in relation to my story. I will be seeing a medium in a few weeks to try to contact my Great Grandmother to see if she needs to tell me something. Thank you for your help it was much appreciated. 😁 😊.
Date: 2010-04-10
Thankyou zzsgranny, I had not thought of her actions in this way and that would have been exactly what she would have done to prove her point (she probably thought it was quite funny, I was not amused however). My mum is seeing a medium soon and I intend to go with her because recently there has been some scary stuff going on in our house lately. And maybe the medium will pick it up. As nanna as we called her who was my great grandmother was apparently following my Dad around before he died. I think it may be wise to get into contact with her and see if she wants to tell us anything or to get something of her chest. Thank you for commenting. 😊
Date: 2010-04-08
What a sad yet uplifting and inspirational story. Thank you for sharing it. It shows the positives of the spirit world and how it affects us in our lives. My father also died from a negligent driver who clipped him as he was walking near the road. After my Mum consulted a psychic she (the psychic) said he had been taken from us because he had to be taken away. (He had gone insane after going on a type of chemotherapy because he had a brain tumour. This chemotherapy did the same thing as cocaine and anabolic steroids mixed together and unsurprisingly he lost his mind. I never recognised him again). When the psychic said this about Dad's death I felt reassured and it also took some of the sting out of death. About half a year before this happened my father's Grandmother died a few days before stuff in my room simply started coming to life and moving (I had NEVER been so scared in all of my life!) I now believe she (his grandmother) was probably trying to get my attention to tell me what awaited in the future and to be honest she was probably throwing a tantrum about what she may have seen (she still threw tantrums into her late 80's).Now could I ask a question? How long before these events did you get these premonitions? I used to get premonitions in dreams about good things that would happen when I was a child and now that I am nineteen my premonitions in dreams are few and far between and the events that occur from them happen months after the dreams happen. (They used to only be days before an event would happen). Since Dads death last year I often get all sorts of dreams where he is telling me something important, but this happens months before the actual "event" occurs. If spirits can actually see this far into the future it may explain why my Great-grandmother spirit caused such as fuss. Thank you for your time. 😊
Your whole experience "screams" poltergeist to me but I think we both know this probably not the case (depends if you can call family poltergeists anyway). Perhaps your aunty has some unfinished business with you (or someone else) and wants to clear it up. I have in fact heard of a story where a woman's friend who died of an aneurism, haunted her (the woman) because her friend had a plastic container that she wanted to return to her and haunted her until a psychic medium passed on this information (because a plastic container is SO IMPORTANT!) so perhaps you should consult a psychic medium in case an Important message needs to be passed on. Or perhaps your aunt needs to get an afterlife and learn to leave this world even if it does have Oprah (I Love Oprah!, we have her on Australian TV too). Or she may just want to check in on you which could also keep her in your house. But as you said in your story a picture of your aunt was knocked over which means she is trying to get your attention which means she probably wants to contact you with something she feels is important. Also I know you are an intelligent woman but just to be on the safe side do not use any Ouija boards to resolve this issue otherwise you may invite something bad into the house in which case you will be noticing more than music from a musical potty. If you need any information on how to do a house cleansing to rid your house of spirits tell me (But as this is aunt and as such you probably do not want to rudely cast her out of your house you will probably not need this information) Anyway it sounds like the best thing to do may be to consult a psychic medium who should be able to assess the situation for what it is and come up with the best solution. Thank you for sharing your story it was very interesting. 😊
Date: 2010-04-07
Thankyou kate101, I find your story interesting, I wonder how this spirit was able to move things while manifesting itself as an apparition. It is simply incredible, it must have been quite a powerful spirit. Thank you for sharing that with me. 😊
Date: 2010-04-07
Thank you to DARKNESS and kate101 for commenting on my story.

Kate101: Who was looking at you exactly? And was he looking at you at the exact time stuff was moving? Thank you for your time.

Darkness: Unfortunately my Grandfather is a non believer (Atheist in fact). So asking him is pointless. His Mother (My great-grandmother) had a lot of mental illness in her life before she died (she had full blown Schizophrenia in the last 50 years of her life. She refused to take medication or therapies for it). And I don't know if she was upset as she reflected upon her life (as she saw her stuff in my room) or something else. In many spirit stories I have watched on TV (psychic detectives, sensing murder, etc) spirits seem to have the ability to see a limited period into the future. Whether this is because they "organise" events or see them in the future is debateable however. Seeing as her Grandson (my Father) died 7 months after this happened. This happened after he (my father) went into an enormous psychosis for several months after going on a hormonal chemotherapy medication. He then died while going for a walk one night. This would have disturbed my Great Grandmother's spirit (if she did in fact see for into the future that is). And this would account for her throwing a tantrum as well as her possibly trying to get my attention in my room. I do not know what the red eye was. And yes there was only one eye. As spirits very rarely have apparitions which involve coloured eyes (or eye in this case) this could be something entirely different to my great-grandmothers spirit. And thus would be interesting to know. Many bad things had happened at my other great-grandmothers house in NSW so the entity could have been a malevolent spirit. Or something else, even a demon perhaps (I think this is very unlikely however) I only mentioned them together because a story by "JPing" mentioned a shadow that also had a single red eye and I thought they both may be the same type of thing (that is to say they may both be a spirit) but I suppose this may not be the case. Thank you for your time. 😊
Date: 2010-04-04
WOW it certainly sounds like you have had a rough time here. But I definitely think it is time to fight back against this "Redman". You need to find a psychic medium or "Spiritual Medium" (that is genuine) that will be able to assess the situation for what is and come up with a proper solution. These entities can have a big impact on our lives. So if you are actually experiencing what you claim this needs to be done sooner rather than later. (By the way no one should to be trying to contact the entity directly as this will probably not help and will only encourage "it" to stick around.)

Firstly, this is stating the obvious, but you have got to get your house CLEANSED. This is usually done by a spiritual medium who in fact uses her sprit guides (to my understanding these are the spirits that assist the medium in talking to the dead etc) to kick benign spirits to the curb. She or he will perform some ceremony usually involving a smudge stick (white sage incense) and salt and water that they will sprinkle around. And will then let their "pack" of spirit guides lose to drag the (usually) benign spirit out of the house. This being said however most spirit mediums do not claim a 100% success rate at cleansing (of course!) so another ritual may need to be performed (especially if the entity has returned. Don't be fooled they do not always go towards the bright light). Also it is very important that this is done preferably by a psychic medium that offers this service. Not by a gypsy woman that puts chicken blood everywhere or someone who believes putting holy water in the fridge will help. (These idiots will also be happy to charge you for another ineffective service). Also it is important that you take other measures to ward this jerk of a spirit away. Such as:
* placing a solution of salt and white vinegar in a vessel next to your bed (on your bed side table perhaps) to ward evil ones away. I have never tried this but I imagine it won't smell nice.
*Try burning a "cleansing" Incense (white sage perhaps) that will ward off benign spirits and negative energies.
* Also if you live alone boost up your social life by inviting friends over and also air out your house out and give it a good spring clean. Also it may be a nice idea to place colourful fresh cut flowers in the house (this is just a suggestion). These sort of benign spirits attach themselves to negative energies. (Even those of a dreary house). I believe this entity has probably attached itself to you perhaps because of your heightened perception or something else. Or It may have been in the house before you moved there (if it died there etc). In which case getting rid of it may take a while. (In which case it may be a bit stubborn). By brightening your house and life up you are making an environment in which the entity will not want to live.

I personally believe that many of these spirits float around trying to find someone to screw with (I liken them to internet viruses) and once they have found someone they will stick around. (Reminds me of tinea). But please consider this! What I have said is no substitute for the advice of a genuine psychic medium. Contact one as soon as possible so you can find out what is going on and how to deal with it. Until then don't fear. Many of us are unfortunate enough to experience what you have. Remember you are not the first and you will not be the last. And it is simply another part of life.

PS: the best strategy to find a good a psychic medium, I have learned is keeping an ear out to hear if anyone such as friends, relatives etc has had a remarkable experience with a psychic medium and how accurate they (the psychic medium) is etc. (this of course indicates this person has consulted a real psychic rather than someone in a back alley). Also you can search for psychic mediums over the internet, but obviously you will need to check them out otherwise you will end up with someone completely ineffective at doing what they claim. Until then hold tight, I am in your age group and yes I am experiencing night terrors at the moment. I do not know who and what is screwing around with me but they are having a fun time jerking me around (they or "it" thought it would be nice if "it" pushed my paper work from my desk onto floor this morning. This happened before my very eyes as a woke up. The fan was off and the windows and door were shut. I could not help but roll my eyes at the entity. I wish you the best of luck.😊
Loved the story. (And yes I realised the picture was for illustration purposes only) I have had two experiences similar too what you described. One was of a shadow that was making a fuss in my room (it did not have any eyes). And the other more interestingly had one red eye like as you described when I was in a remote area of south west NSW as a child. As I stayed at my great grandmothers 1850's house. This occurred as I looked outside during the night. It did not seem to have a body (no one would see a pitch black body against the pitch black background of the country night though.
And was wondering due to remote locations of our stories if it was an aboriginal spirit (not the same one) coming to inspect its clans land. (I know this sounds stupid but many aboriginal ghost stories involve red light) that being said however my great grandmother's family had lived in that old house for generations and a few people had actually died at the property. Who knows? I am going to post my story anyway.