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Myrtles Plantation Tour 2 on 2007-10-29

This is my second story about my stay at The Myrtles Plantation. The first one included pictures of what I thought was a face. The first few comments on my page agreed they see a face but think it might be nothing more then wanting to see something there. I have to agree that is probably the case, b...

Myrtles Plantation Tour on 2007-10-19

I have always been interested in ghosts. I don't think I have ever seen one but it was not from a lack of trying. That's probably a good thing because I get spooked easily, but for some reason I insist on doing things to try to scare myself. Growing up I heard lots of stories about a Plantation i...

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Date: 2010-05-03
Lilsistagurl, I believe it!
I can't wait to go back.
Maybe I will get some better pictuers
Date: 2009-06-08
When I sent my pictues in I think I sent them in with my story. I guess try to resubmit the story with the picture?
Date: 2009-06-04
If you still have my email address can you send them to me to see. I can't wait to go back. Its crazy bc I only live about an hour away and still can't find the time to go back. One day I will get something good on film. I have taken pictuers there several times, but I don't have anything really good yet.
Date: 2009-05-19
My cell phone has done that twice. Its an Iphone and will light up if touched. I was sitting in my living room and it just light up. No one else was around. Dont know if its a ghost thing or a cell phone thing, but it make me stop and think why it would do that.
Date: 2008-10-31
I live in Louisiana and have been to the Myrtles. I agree the house does look spooky and they could change some of that up. The grounds are beautiful but the house itself is just OK.

Remember ghost don't always jump out at you and say BOO, you could of seen somthing.

I have only stayed in the house once, but have stopped by several times. One trip I was on the front courner of the house and the wind picked up and I thougth I heard children laughing. Walking around the house I did not see any children there that day. It could of just been my imagination getting carried away, but who knows.
I am from Louisiana and I would love to hear more stories from here. I've lived in North and South La.
Date: 2008-08-18
I think I saw a story this weekend about Clear Creek and how it was a mining town for a while. I watch a lot of History and Discovery channel. Its funny, I had never heard of it before and now I hear of it twice in less then 3 days. I would love to hear more stories and see some pictures.
Date: 2008-07-25

Yes, the third picture is the second one blown up. The face is on the left side of the second picture, I just thought it would be esaier for others to see if I croped it.

I still can't wait to go back.
Date: 2008-06-24

I hope your Ok after a fall like that. I don't know what I would do if I was touched while there. I still have not been back and its been over a year, but I will one day. I hope your next experiance is a better one. Please post a story about your stay and add your picture to it. I would love to see it.
Date: 2008-05-20
What is the story about the boogie man?
Are is that a story you will tell later.

It was taken from my friends camera the same night. Sorry about that.

If you look at the picture on the left side in the back ground there are two blurry lines. Its not moss and nothing stood out at me when I took the picture. It was just woods.
Date: 2008-05-06

No, I don't know where I could take them to have them looked at.
Sorry Linda but the Cat was real.
It lives at the house. I would of loved to gotten an animal that was not there in a picture.
Date: 2007-12-17

I would not even know where to go to have someone look at it. Any suggestions?

No there is not proff of the Indaian burial ground. I believe they assume that because of the siting of a young Indian girl, but no I do not know of any proff that it was there.
As far as that goes I have also read that there is no proff of its most famous slave, Cloe. Although I have read that stories there can not be proven one thing is certain, there are some strange things that go on at that house.

I still can not wait to go back. Just knowing the history of the house (the things that we know did happen) make it a great place to visit.

Thanks for you comment.
I was glad to see another story about the Myrtles. I posted mine from this summer but not too much happen to us. I don't know when I am going back but I hope its soon. Even without the ghost its a beautiful place to be. I can't wait to see what happens to you on your next trip. I will be looking for your next story.
Date: 2007-11-19
Hi, I would love to see a picture. I am going to send you an email to get it.
Thanks for sharing your story and the picture.


Thanks for the comment and I just wanted to say that I agree with what you said.

Date: 2007-11-04

Yes they do have cell service there.
They do have phones just not in the rooms.
There are also outlets in the rooms so I guess you could bring a radio but you could not play it loud because everyone in the house could here it. They have a ghost tour Friday and Saturday nights so if you are intreasted you could go on a tour without haveing to stay the night.