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Hey Everyone, my names Jacob, I live in QLD, Australia and have lived here my whole life. I currently live in a house which I think is haunted. My family and I have had dozens and dozens of 'ghost' encounters and paranormal experiences. I will be posting some storys in a few days:D:D
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Amazing Paranormal Experiences And Footage Also on 2010-04-21

Where do I begin. I have lived my home in QLD, Australia now for about 2 years now. I live in a basic 5 bedroom 2 bathroom home. I first started noticing paranormal experiences ever since we moved here but I never thought much of them. Myself & my family (Mother, Father, Sister & Brother) have all s...

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Hey SwedenGirl, I Actually Do Live In South-East Queensland!:) :)
Date: 2010-04-19
Thanks for sharing this story! I wonder who the glass girl was? I have never heard of a ghost cry blood before!
That would be great and exciting to have a ghost friend. I have used a Ouija board a friend printed off. I thought I wouldn't work but it actually did. We spoke to someone names Ghreo or something like that. They were very nice.
Date: 2010-04-03
Wow, sounds pretty scary seeing the figure twice. I think its the man who hung himself you know.

Thanks for posting this story, very weird.

Jacob 😁 😁