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Growling In The Night on 2012-03-12

I have not submitted a story for a long time as my episodes of Sleep Paralysis/spooky real life experiences seemed to have disappeared for a long time. Well maybe I had a few OBEs but nothing major. But recently I have experienced some scary experiences both at night time and during the day. The ...

Bold Return Of Unwanted Company on 2011-03-01

I am going to share with you all yet another one of my Sleep Paralysis experiences. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about Possible Poltergeist Activity when I returned to an unexplained messed up bedroom. I still haven't figured out what has caused this and I thank anyone who commented on this story. I...

Possible Poltergeist Activity on 2011-02-14

This story is very different to my previous submissions which have involved Sleep Paralysis episodes and Out of Body Experiences. Although there are some strange things that do occasionally happen in my house - flickering lights, the kettle coming on for no reason and phantom footsteps at night/fir...

Unwanted Company Becomes Vocal on 2010-11-16

This is the third story I am hoping to get published relating to my sleep paralysis experience. I haven't experienced such an intense experience in quite a while and even thought that I was cured from my sleep paralysis, having taken the advice from the comments - not sleeping on my back and keeping...

Unwanted Company Again on 2010-05-26

If you have read my first story, you will know that it is related to a sleep paralysis experience. I have had another few episodes over the past week but maybe not as scary as in my first story. Last week I got the typical "old hag syndrome" of SP. I woke from my sleep in a panic to feel that someth...

Unwanted Company At Night on 2010-04-14

I know sleep paralysis is supposed to be medical/natural phenomena that happens to millions of people. I have experienced these weird experiences 3 times now and every time it nearly scared me to death. I am 31 and sleep on my own. The last time it happened was 2 weeks ago. I had been to a yoga ...

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Date: 2011-03-05
HI Helena! Well, I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland which is quite small. No other spottings of this look-a-like have occured in any other place. It started about 10 years ago when I was at university. I always thought it would be great to meet this person but never did. It would be like looking in the mirror. I had a similar situation to yours when a friend accused me of being nasty to them one night and I swore it wasn't me as I had been in the house all night. My ex boyfriend split up with me as he said his friend saw me kissing someone else - not me! But of course he didn't believe me. Also another time my cousin told my Dad she saw me in a nightclub and I ignored her. Even my Dad said this is impossible as Emma was sitting in the house studying all night - freaky! No other such incidents have occured in the past few years though so maybe my double has moved away or something but still it freaked me out, like yourself. They do say that death in dreams can sometimes mean a new beginning in real life, so hopefully that will bring you some relief. Take care, Helena ❤
Date: 2011-03-04
Hi Helena! I absolutely love this story. I can't wait for the third! The Doppleganger theory is interesting. I can completely relate to your frustration at being mistaken for someone else. This has happened to me on several different occasions - spotted on nights out acting out of character by friends and family and afterwards they treat me differently, thinking I'm denying it's me they are seeing. Once a man I had never met before shouted at me for not turning up for a date. I joked that maybe I had an evil twin out there somewhere. Your story has really got me thinking... How old are you now? And do the dreams put you off travelling by car if your dreams suggest you are going to die in a car accident aged 17?
Hi Thanks for your comments

Pjod - I see where you're coming from with this theory. I have been to see a doctor about my SP as I was getting so fed up with it. He told me about the hypnagogic hallucinations - both audial and visual that can occur. He agreed with me that they can seem very realistic and frightening. But what I would love to know is why I have this impending sense of fear before this happens. It really felt like something was in the room with me. The sound of footsteps started from the outside of my room and I wasn't really asleep at this stage. Maybe it was just coincidental.
Scrapmetalkitten - That's such a good idea. I would love to research the history of this house. I know there were houses built before on the land but they had to be knocked down as the land was too marshy and they were sinking into the ground. The previous occupants of the house are still alive. In fact the woman is my friend's doctor. Apparently her sister committed suicide but not in this house. Mum also suffers from SP and for some reason thinks it's this woman's sister who is haunting our house. She always mentions this whenever I talk about my experiences. But I personally think it has no connection. Looking back I think the voice I heard the other night was that of an old woman. It was quite shaky but very clear to me. Also one night I thought I heard a similar voice call my name before I dozed off.
Hi Javelina

Well, this was actually the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the damage in my room. I checked every possibility of a break-in. As I said in my story, the windows in my room and every other house were closed due to the cold weather. There were no other signs of a forged entry upstairs or downstairs- broken doors, tampered locks. No other rooms in the house were damaged and none of our belongings were missing. My parents have completely ruled out a break in. My Dad thinks I accidentally knocked the curtain which caused the objects to fall. But we had been out all day and this was the first time I had entered my room since our return. There are a few other objects sitting on my window sill and I can't understand why it was this vase and glass bowl (they weren't expensive items). I remember the vase had a sun and moon printed on it and the glass bowl looked like a crystal ball when turned upside down. These were not big objects but were completely smashed to bits. I am still finding fragments of debris in odd places not even near to where they fell from. Whatever caused these objects to fall had a great force. I even think if they had just fallen, they might have been just cracked or chipped. My window sill is not all that high. I am still puzzled myself about this event.
Hi Guys! Thanks for your comments. I am still reeling from Tonto's story - Two Marines vs The Grim Reaper. My experiences have never been as extreme as his - getting electric shocks etc. Anyway I will answer you each in turn.
Jenheartsu - I didn't hear any of this activity. I had been out all day and it happened while we were absent from the house. If I had heard the smashing, I would have been too terrified to enter the room to see who/what was doing it.
SmokeyKnight - I live in Ireland where earthquakes don't happen. Any slightest tremble would make headline news here so I am ruling this out.
Darkness & Cosmogal926 - I was kind of thinking along these lines - that some sort of entity is trying to grab my attention. It certainly was successful on this occasion. My uncle died some years ago and he used to live with my Nanny. Just after his death, her kettle would come on without any one touching it and other members of the family thought it was his spirit living on in her house. We had to get rid of Nanny's house after her death. I was even thinking it could be him. Funny enough, just tonight some apples that were sitting on top of our fridge fell on top of my head and nearly knocked me out. They just came out of nowhere and I was shocked. My head still hurts - lol! I hope this wasn't the same thing that caused the wreckage in my room but then again that could have just been coincidence. I read from one of posts of my other stories that there could be negative vibes in the house. My Mum suffers from sleep paralysis like me but my Dad thinks we're both crazy. My Mum also thinks our house could be haunted. My Dad is the biggest sceptic and has yet to experience anything paranormal in our house. Apparently the woman who lived here before us had a relative commit suicide but it didn't happen in this house. My Mum thinks this could be the cause of it all. I will keep you all posted about what happens.
Thanks again for your comments. I have taken your advice on board, esp looking at SP from a psychological point of view.
Just to keep you all updated on the SP. Last night I had yet another episode, but not as bad. I was in the middle of having a dream and I woke from it - my mind awake and my body asleep. I felt paralysed but as I felt the attack begin to happen, I jolted my whole body (with great difficulty). It also felt like something was sitting on top of my bed even though I was lying on my side - the typical "Old Had Syndrome" of SP. I didn't get any OBEs this time around because I would not let it happen in my mind. Hope this helps anyone else who suffers from SP.
Hi guys! Thanks very much for your response. I went to the doctor and explained my situation. He was quite open-minded about even asked me if I was a spiritual person. I told him I wasn't. He told me the hallucinations are known as "hypnagogic hallucinations" which can be pretty terrifying. He also asked me whether I suffered from Sleep Apnea when you fall asleep suddenly (which I don't). I know this is not a medical related website but I am still in 2 minds though if it is something more... I am aware of the 3am phenomenon as I have read it in other stories here. I do remember panicking when I looked at the time that night. It is strange to think if all that was a trick of the mind, how did I feel such a strong presence? And I know it wasn't a nightmare as I was awake with my eyes closed and very aware of what was happening. I told a friend of mine last week about this story and she asked me if my house was haunted. Something struck me and the thought had crossed my mind due to the unexplained blasts of cold air and recently our lights have started to flicker for a while (usually about midnight) and then go back to normal. So you never know...
HI Scuba03. Your experience sounds terrible. It's hard for me to say whether it's demonic or not. I myself have experienced Sleep Paralysis mixed with OBEs - a very unpleasant and scary experience. I don 't mean to frighten you but the first time I experienced an OBE, I thought it had been a near-death experience after I came out of it. I also experience the "tremors" that you mentioned. I'm not sure whether these are caused by the fear or what is happening. Apparently the body produces natural adrenaline when frightened. My Sleep Paralysis has alleviated although I do experience the occasional tremors before I fall asleep and expect an OBE to happen. I keep moving any part of my body to keep it awake, hoping to prevent the OBEs occuring. If you are worried that this is a medical matter, maybe you should see a doctor (I didn't get round to it). Although I am not religious, my Mum suggested I put the Bible beside my bed to prevent the SP and it has helped to give me some sort of comfort and the SP has not returned in a good few months (although I am not going to speak too soon). Anyway, I hope things work out well for you and all the best for the future! 😁
Hi Yellowbelle

I Know exactly what you are going through with the sleep paralysis. I have exactly the same symptoms as you with a strange presence and OBEs when sleeping. I am just as confused as you. But if you read my stories, you will see what I mean. Some of the comments are v useful. You may find them helpful with your SP. I honestly don't think there is any cure or explanation for it. I am not religious so I am taking it as a medical prob although I am beginning to think otherwise as I know I am awake during these occurances and actual dreams are so much different. I usually laugh nightmares off but with SP I can't stop thinking about it with fear. Anyway, good luck and I hope your SP eventually alleviates. Emma M
HI DangerSilent

This is a brilliant story. I reckon you could make a scary movie about this place. It would make a good episode for the Supernatural but this is reality.
From the sounds of it this weird Mummy Mountain place sounds like some strage science lab where maybe there are experimenting on humans or something... I hope to check out your visual/audio soon.
Date: 2010-07-14
Hi Guys

Thanks again for your comments. As I said before I am not an overly religious person but I will take on every bit of advice whether it be religious or medical.
The SP episodes haven't been as bad but I have been experiencing a few more OBE episodes which I can't really control by prayer/other. I just feel it happening but with no presence in the room this time.
In response to Jitow - I would like to know what is causing the presence but in a way I think I am scared of knowing the truth - if spiritual - why did it choose me to haunt and what does it want?
Also there is the medical side of things - I read that SP and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome could be linked. If you read my first story, you will see that I had a healthy young friend who died suddenly in his sleep of SADS. No one to this day knows the cause. That was my first thought when I began to get SP.
AussieDaz - thanks for your advice about OBEs. Sorry to hear about your Mum. My family too have been affected by Cancer which is a real demon. It does make SP laughable in comparison to this horrible disease. I agree that the secret is not to be scared of SP or the apparition but it is difficult. But since I am more aware of SP and taking on some of the advice, I have learned to deal with it better.
Thanks again everyone for your comments - keep them coming. ❤
Date: 2010-06-23
Hi Dvang

I also get that noise to warn me that it's coming. I can only describe it as a loud zooming/humming/buzzing noise. Even though I try to move, it sometimes doesn't go away.
Just the other night I experienced another SP episode which I'm actually thinking of writing another story about. I heard that familiar noise and then I felt sheer panic. I know I was awake because I felt an actual fear of falling asleep in case something bad was about to happen. I moved and still heard the buzzing. I then felt the presence again and moved but still felt it was there. I must have gone back to sleep as I dreamt I got up and told Mum what had happened. I then felt very frustrated with myself that I was still in bed, scared. I even dreamt that as I got up I saw a figure and tried to fight it, telling it to go away and leave me alone.
This is all very hard for me to understand. But when I find out the cause -whether it be medical, spiritual or other, I will put every piece of advice to use. I will keep you all posted.
Date: 2010-06-22
Hi Aya

I suppose it depends what way you look at SP. I was trying to keep to the medical side of it but now I am beginning to think that there is sometjhing more to it - why the creepy feeling of a presence in the room and a menacing feeling like I am in some sort of danger. The OBEs are hard for me to explain as I am really not a spiritual person. I don't lnow - maybe I will get to the bottom of this someday.
PS I also love Supernatural (not that I am letting the show go to my head - I haven't seen it in a few years) and Dean is my fav brother - where are the Winchesters when you need them? - lol!
Date: 2010-06-21
Hi Guys

Thanks for your advice. I am not really a religious person and at first I thought these SP/Outer Body Experience episodes were health-related which worried me a bit. I have considered the spiritual possibilities however.
I like the idea of being able to do anything with the OBE though. It has brought that the scary aspect of Astral Projection into a positive light. However, on a negative note, I read from someone else's comments on OBEs that if you feel a presence with you when you are spiritually absent from your body, it leaves you wide open to another entity taking over - eek!
Date: 2010-06-11

Thanks very much for your comment on my story "Unwanted Company at night". I will certainly take your advice on board and let you know what happens.
I am very sorry to hear of your brother's tragic death. With my sleep paralysis experience, I have also considered the possiblilty that my "possible haunting" is caused by a relative/relatives who have passed away under tragic circumstances. They do say that the energy of someone's life after death has to go somewhere. I do remember just after my uncle's death (he was 54 and died of cancer) that the kettle would come on by itself in my Nanny's house where he used to live. Then shortly after my Nanny's death, we had to get rid of her house and it is after all these tragic events that my weird experiences have been happening in our house now. I also remember one of my SP episodes happening on the anniversary of my grandfather's death. Maybe it is just coincidence. It could be that your brother is trying to help you and your mother come to terms with your loss by trying to communicate with you from the other side. It is scary, though with all these unexplainable situations. Anyway, I hope everything goes well for you and good luck for the future!
Also, I remember at my cousin's wedding I had had a bit to drink. But I was also driniking plenty of water and eating loads. All I can remember is talking to people and eating my dinner. I also went out for a few smokes (cigarettes). For about an hour and a half of the wedding I remember nothing. According to my parents I was acting like a wild thing - shouting and screaming. The only thing I remember is crying all the way home and not knowing why. I even went to bed sober and didn't wake with a hang-over. From what my Mum told me, the way I was acting was completely out-of character and I felt so ashamed and depressed I could behave this way. Even to this day, I can't remember what happened and still believe I was possessed. I wasn't drunk as I didn't have that much and can normally handle licour even on an empty stomach. Again I think thisd "thing" took advantage of me but I have no idea how.

Yes, I even think taking any kind of substance can change personality and make you wide open from attacks from the Spiritual world. I mean just think if you were out and about in every day life and let your defenses slip, you are more at risk from a human attack - being mugged etc. I never believed in ghosts before I had a few "Sleep Paralysis" experiences (you can read my story Unwanted company at Night". I have also read articles that even too much caffeine can cause you to see "visions". Although people say Sleep Paralysis is a purely medical phenomena, I now beg to differ. The feeling of fear I get is v real. I have noticed the sleep paralysis always happens after a week end of drinking. It could be a warning sign from the spirit world that I am harming my health even though I am quite a health-conscious person and I haven't taken any mind-altering drugs. I am also open-minded but didn't believe in Hocus-Pocus. But considering some bad luck I have had, I am beginning to wonder...
Hi Everyone

Well, so far so good. I haven't had the same experience since.

Following my reading into this subject, I came across an article that links drinking too much coffee to experiencing paranormal activity. I must admit I do drink several cups of coffee a day but not before bed. I wonder if sleep paralysis is something to do more with "system over-load" like what can cause nightmares? I am planning to go to a Psychic/Medium
Though to see what they have to say as it is weird that my Mum experienced the same thing in our house that time and she is not a big coffee-drinker.
PS Here is the article link if you want to check it out:
HI guys

Thanks for your advice. I actually still live with my parents. I have lived in that house for about 26 years. Although I am not a religious person, my Mum made me put the Holy Bible beside my bed and so far I have had no sleep paralysis episodes since, but I won't speak too soon! I think if it happens again I will try not to let it worry me as there is no point in being scared of going to bed/sleep. I haven't been sleeping well recently due to this and I really need a good night's sleep. I will let you all know how things progress and if my "friend" comes back to visit.