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Not Paranoid... It's Real on 2010-04-26

So all of you have read and commented on my last story and thank you. A lot of you said that I might have been imagining things... Well wait until you hear what's happened since then. Now my feelings have not changed, I feel positive and just plain fantastic all together. Well I have confirmed th...

Am I Just Paranoid... Or Is This Real? on 2010-04-19

We just moved into our new apartment, I absolutely loved it because it was downstairs and my daughter could ride her bike and play with friends and many other things. I'm not uneasy in this place; in fact it gives us a more positive energy. We were in a tight and horrible spot but when we got here i...

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I wanted to comment back...

Im 22 years old so I don't think its menopause. The only thing I really stress about is this spirit, finances, and some of the things in my realtionship... Typical things. I refuse to do a seance or use the ouji board, I know that if I were to use one it would open a portal, and the spirits I may contact could be demonic so I do not believe in using one. Zishu thank you for the advise, I will make sure to pray for protection instead of asking it to go to the light. Thank you all so much and I will soon have those EVP's for you.
i have EVP now but I'm waiting because the site won't let me do it yet
I was going to add one more thing lol... I do think its amazing tho that you did put footage on here, very awsome 😁
it was difficult to hear anything or see anything. I could hear the thing say "here" and what sounded like a little at the end. Sorry hun but I can't tell if there's anything
Date: 2010-04-25
I would move, and before actually moving in have a priest come bless the house and maybe while your moving quietly the demon won't follow... If so then I would look for a deeper source than a priest and phycic
Date: 2010-04-23
just sounds like tony is visiting. Nothing you need to worry about. As far as your child writing on the blinds she is just leaving hints and messages that tony obviously wants you to see. Don't worry about it, just showing he cares =)
I would have to agree. The bible usually makes the demon mad. I honestly would try a few things such as maybe sit in the core of the house and try soothing yourself and then ask god for help, that you need him to give you peace, and this demon in my home needs to leave and I can not do it without you. Or you could get a physcic and ask her to talk to it. And the last thing I can think of is just telling it yourself that you are not afraid, that you own this home, you are in spirit form which means that you are no longer welcome in this relm, please go where you belong, this is not fun for me or you... Eventually your going to get bored. Best of luck to you, and I hope this demon leaves 😳