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An Eerie First Visit To Alcatraz Island on 2010-04-19

While I have never seen anything unusual that I would connect to being supernatural, I have sensed something that I think was supernatural two times in my life - a sensation where the hair on my neck and arms stood up and an intense sense of dread came over me. The first time I felt this sensation I...

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This was in 1988, and I am not sure if they still let people wander it unsupervised as we had done back then. You could take a guided tour or move at your own pace (for less money).

The only reason I didn't take a picture of the room was because it really was such an empty room and I was more interested in tangible objects and I hadn't thought about the "what if" factor of taking a picture of the empty room. Also, I don't think I really clued into the sensation I had as possibly being paranormal; I felt so uneasy and thought it was just me, I guess.