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Noises From Vents on 2012-06-04

As I've said in a few of my stories on here already, my family has had a few experiences in our house. A couple weeks ago I started hearing things around the house. I should note that I've heard things in my house before but never really had any evidence as to what caused it. It had to be around 2...

Hotel Hallway on 2012-05-07

A month or so ago I went out of town with my mom because she had a work conference. We were gone for the weekend and on the first night there I had a strange experience. We decided to leave late at night as opposed to early in the morning, mainly because my moms conference was in the morning and ...

While Doing Laundry on 2012-04-30

It's been awhile since I've posted an experience on here, mainly because I haven't really had anything major happen, just a few things here and there until about two months ago I had a strange thing happen. I'm usually not home during the day and on this particular day decided to stop home and p...

Ghost Cat on 2011-01-17

I said in a few of my other stories on this site about my housing possibly being "haunted" or having a "presence" in it. Well basically I'm starting to think that there could really be something living here with my family. This isn't really one "story" but rather several experiences my family has ha...

On The Way on 2010-11-29

About three months ago (mid-August) my mom and I were driving to California. I'm in the process of planning on moving to Los Angeles in July. I have been wanting to move there since I was young and have been spending the past two years saving up and getting ready for college. (I'm 19 but I took 2 ye...

My Auntie Hears Music on 2010-11-29

First off this didn't happen to me but I thought it was good to share it with the readers on here. This happened to my auntie (not the auntie in my other stories on here) about a week or two ago. I was at my grandparents' house when she came over for a visit. She probably wasn't even there for a...

Things That Happened At Home on 2010-11-29

I just had this questionable experience happen to me this morning (November 29, 2010). My younger brother stayed home from school today because he had the flu. I was well aware that he was home because my mom told me this morning. At about 8 am I went downstairs (my room is on the second floor) ...

Quick Image In The Mirror on 2010-11-16

Over the past weekend I was in Florida for my aunts wedding and we stayed at a resort in southwestern Florida. On our first night there we were all going to bed. By we I mean my grandparents, my mom, cousin and two brothers. So there was seven people in the room altogether. To give people an idea th...

While Driving Her Home on 2010-11-09

It was about two year ago that this happened, well these two things happened. My auntie lives in Ohio now and has pretty much lived between Ohio and Indiana for the pass 10 or so years. However about three years ago she moved back to Wisconsin, she quickly found a boyfriend and moved into his ho...

During My Trip on 2010-11-09

In the summer of 2008 I went with a student Ambassador program to China. I had just turned 17 and was with about fifty other kids from Wisconsin and Ohio, it was really my first time being away from home and without any other relatives. The trip lasted two and a half weeks and the group toured Beiji...

Judy And Signs on 2010-11-08

My grandma told me this when I was younger and she still from time to time tells me this story. I asked for her permission to submit this so here it goes. This happened to my grandma sometime in the 80's. My grandma she said that she was lying in bed sleeping one night when she suddenly woke up,...

Chocolate Man on 2010-11-01

This didn't happen to me but my younger cousin. She is about ten years old now but at the time of this experience she was younger than two years old. My aunt has told this story to my family several times, especially when it had just happened. She said how my cousin was seeing some sort of imaginary...

Woman Standing By Car on 2010-11-01

This happened to my aunt and I when I was about seven years old, I'm not sure what the exact date was but I know it was the mid to late ninety's (I'm 19 now). My aunt and I were driving back from the mall, which was located 30 minutes from the town where we lived. There is a four lane highway no...

What The Children See on 2010-04-28

It is often believed that children and pets have communication with the unknown at least that is something that I was always told. I only have a select few things that I have knowledge of that fall into this category of children and pets communicating with spirits. The first one that I have to tell ...

Woken Up By A Crash on 2010-04-28

This happened to me roughly five to seven years ago. I believe I was thirteen at the time. I am often woken up in the middle of the night by voices in my ear, usually saying my name or mumbling things. I have done enough research to find it is believed to be the voice of some woman who whispers peop...

Movement Downstairs on 2010-04-28

This happened to me about three years ago. I was about sixteen years old at the time. I don't remember the exact day or date that this took place on but I just know that it was in the evening. My grandma was dropping me off at my house, where I was home alone that night. I think my mom was out of...

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Date: 2012-06-11
I don't think my dog could of heard the barking because he was in the hallway (and i'm aware that dogs have a much stronger sense of sound than humans) which might explain why he didn't react to the sound, and it's also not really in his character to bark at any noise and he's around dogs a lot too. I don't really know how to explain it so that the readers will understand but the way the sound was it didn't sound like it was from outside or like it was maybe an echo of something from outside. There's dogs in the neighborhood but none in the houses around mine. If that makes sense? I don't know if it's anything paranormal, but there has been other unexplainable things happen in the house. I guess everyone has their own opinions but all I can say is that the noises weren't from outside.
Date: 2012-06-10
the vent where the barking was coming from leads directly to the basement, so I don't think it's anything outside the house. Also the way the sounds are don't really sound like they would be coming from outside either, if that makes sense.
Another thing is that, and i'm thinking of writing a story on here about it, the other I had an odd experience and a somewhat strange dream. So I don't know if there's any connection there with the noises (even though there doesn't seem like there is).
Date: 2012-05-31
A very well written and amazing story. I think the mirror incident was maybe someone or something's way of telling you to focus maybe? I know if I had to take care of two people I would have my days where I might get annoyed or impatient.
Date: 2012-05-31
This is really strange because I've had similar experiences in the house my family currently lives in. Especially the footsteps, we hear them all the time and there's no way it's creaking from floorboards, it's like something is walking on the top level and also walks down the stairs. I would suggest looking into the history of the house, but otherwise it sounds harmless. I'd say wait and see if the things continue and if they do look into it.
Date: 2012-05-31
Like the other comments, I think there might be something attached to the lamp. Do you know where the lamp is originally from? Or is there history behind it? Otherwise there could be something with your house? Anyways it was a good story to read.
Nice story. The dream seems like his way of saying that he'll always be with you even f you can't feel or see him anymore. I know of people who had similar experiences.
Date: 2012-05-31
Good story. FYI everyone making a big deal out of the ghost being 8 foot tall, take it easy. The writer said "around" 8 feet.
Date: 2012-05-14
Like the other comments stated it sounds like sleep paralysis.
No offense to you or anybody who has ever used a quijia board, but I never understood why people get surprised when something actually happens when they use one.
Date: 2012-05-10
I kind of agree with rook on this one, it seems like the things you experienced could have a logical explanation to them. It was an interesting story to read regardless though.
Date: 2012-05-09
I enjoyed reading your story.
The doors being slightly opened could have been your dog...? From experience my dog will come into my room while I'm sleeping and the door will stay ajar. Could be a possibly, jut thought I'd state.
But other than that maybe the house was built on something.
Date: 2012-05-09
Good story, Miracles51031's comment was a little uncalled for. If the pictures/video were deleted oh well things happen and sometimes more than once. Regardless I thought it was a good story to read and thanks for sharing it. I would maybe do some research on the house to see if anything happened there.
If I were you I'd try to gather information on your house to see if anything happened there or if it was built on something. Also in my opinion I don't think it was the tv that you heard like someone commented (I don't mean this offensively to the person who wrote the comment), I just think you would have made it clear if you thought it was the tv. Just avoid the basement for a bit because people have the tendency to have strange occurrences there (I've had plenty in mine)
Date: 2012-05-09
Thanks everyone for reading and placing comments. I would have tried to gather more information on the hotel while I was there but I just didn't have the time. I really wish that I did now because like I said in my story I can't find any information on the hotel, at least any that state anything paranormal. I'm thinking of having friends that live in the city where this happened see what they can find for me, because other than that all I can come up with is that like someone commented that it's a spirit replaying their stay at the hotel.
Date: 2012-05-03
Thanks for all the comments. I don't know if it's just Wisconsin but pretty much every house I've lived in has had a basement and most houses around here have them, unless they're newer from what I've seen. We rent the house so we really have no choice but to do the laundry in the basement lol. I also really try to not go down there unless somebody is home or if it's still light out lol. There's something about them though that give off an eerie feeling.
Date: 2011-01-23
[at] Serenity1 hmm I don't think I even mentioned anything about consulting ghost hunters in the story. AND actually ghost hunters do investigate ghost animals it just depends on how severe the case is (I know a few paranormal research organizations and have a few ghost hunter friends/acquaintances). Thanks anyways.
Date: 2010-12-10
nice story, took a lot of courage to write on here I bet. Thanks for sharing.
I just wanted to point out to vulcan10 on his comment about your daughter not being your wives birth daughter, first off I think you're asking a lot of questions that are none of your business and it is possible for people to have kids together prior to them being married, so please don't assume that because they were only married for 2 months that his daughter also wasn't his wives. And even if his daughter wasn't his wives birth daughter she still is allowed to call her mom.
Date: 2010-12-03
Thanks for the comment.

I highly doubt it was a break in or anything like that, I'm sure she would have seen a person or something or noticed stuff moved if it was a break in. Her house is small so that's pretty much why I'd immediately knock down the break in theory. Thanks for the comment anyways 😊
Date: 2010-11-16
thanks for reading everyone.

Supernaturallover- no that isn't the road, I don't think anyone would be familiar with this road unless they lived in the town I'm from.

I know what a lot of you say about working late shifts. I used to work at a restaurant a few months ago and I would have to drive another road that was heavily wooded about 15 minutes from where I live, and usually I worked weddings so there was a lot of nights I would be driving home at 11pm or later and I would AWAYS flip my rearview mirror
Date: 2010-11-16
We weren't really left alone that much during the trip. If we were at a hotel we could have our free time but if we left somewhere we had to be in a group. Most of the time at the hotels I would sit in my room because after spending days with 50 some other people I barely knew I liked to get my alone time. I never set myself up for these situations, I just went along with my trip and tried not to let it freak me out to the point where I always had to be by someone.