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Incubus & Dog Attacking Me on 2010-05-03

I have always had sex in my dream from Childhood, I never took it serious. I have also gotten pregnant severally in my dreams. I always also had that paralyzing thing that happens to you in your sleep, when you can see your surroundings but can't move, as I grew older, I felt it could possibly be ex...

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Date: 2010-05-06
Ouija boards are demonic. I don't go near them anymore. I tried using some online though but it never worked. They are doorways by which demons enter us.
Why I think I have an incubus is because I hear that if you have sex in your dream, then you have an incubus or spiritual husband coming to sleep with you in the dream. I also have dreamt of being pregnant, so they say its spiritual children.

I have a prob with marriage. Once its time for marriage my fiances suddenly get 'confused' for reasons they can't explain and they run off. Which is why I strongly believe its d spiritual husband xausing it.

As for the sleep paralysis what exactly happens during sleep paralysis? Demons come in? I notice I usually have sleep paralysis after masturbation or fornicationn