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Mysterious Screaming Girl And Laughing Man on 2010-05-24

My fiance and I were living in Burnsville when we thought we found a deal of a lifetime for the cutest little house in the downtown area of Prior Lake. Built in the year 1919, it was all newly remodeled with new everything! I fell in love when I first stepped foot in the door but my fiance on the ot...

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if you have a facebook the pictures are on there under my wall photos. There's the original and the edited one where I squared the faces so you know where to look. They both have white faces. The girl is located on the bottom and the man on top. Put my email in search to find me lookatthatlady [at]
I sent the request to put my pictures on so you can all see them. I'm going to check out the county library to see what I can find. If I find anything interesting I will post it. Thanks for your comments guys! All greatly appreciated!