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United Kingdom
My name is Stephanie I am 20 years old and I live in a small village in Scotland that used to be a mining vilage. I am a very strong believer in the paranormal. I love animals and anime =)
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Is My Dog Still With Me? on 2014-02-25

I haven't written anything in a very long time as nothing unusual has really happened. I have three wonderful dogs and I love them so much. But sadly on 25th June 2013 I had to put my beautiful Collie cross Labrador, Cassie, to sleep due to old age and she couldn't walk and she just got really ill t...

First Ghostly Experience on 2011-05-23

I've been reading people's own personal experiences of ghostly encounters for a little while now and I've decided it's time to share my own. This happened eleven years ago when I was only six years old. My parents had just bought me bunk beds and I was excited to sleep on the top one. I took a b...

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Date: 2011-07-23
taz890, What I an remember of it was it looked human I could make out a head shape but the legs where blurry. Part of it looked like a kind of blob is that makes any sense? I'm really sorry about the late reply I do hope you reply back. It's really good to talk about things like the paranormal with people who believe me thanks for reading my story:)
Date: 2011-07-23
geetha50 so sorry about the late reply. We talk about it a lot about when is started when I was six. I will sometimes bring it up randomly then ask her if she has heard anything lately. She'll say just creaks in the house. Our house is about 30 years old or so. Recently I have been hearing footsteps on the first few steps on my stairs then it's all silence. Also a few nights ago I went down stairs to get a drink while listening to my ipod but when I was going up them I felt like being watched and I thought I heard someone follow me up the stairs. I don't think that if I do have a spirit in my house is bad. I like to think that it is my Gran making sure things are ok.

Alos in my kitchen I have three dogs who all share the same bed and my springer spaniel likes to sleep on the floor when it's too hot. You can hear when one of the dogs is up because of their nails clicking on the tiles. I hear that, go into check and they are in their bed. My dog Duke died in our house from a heart attack and my other dog Ben had to be put to sleep when I was six but that was after I saw... Well whatever it was.

My dad says he wants to put a recorder on the stairs since most of the activity happens there but I'm not too sure. I saw an episode of Paranormal State, not sure if you have seen it but it's really good, and a lady constantly recorded evp's which opened a door way. My dad is kind of in the middle. Part of him wants to believe but the other part isn't so sure.

Sorry for the long reply but I do hope you reply back:)
Wow that's freaky. I've got three dogs and they all sleep in the kitchen. Sometimes when I go in they are staring at the window. The curtins are shut too. I do think that aniamls have a 6th sence or something like that they could be extra sensitive too.
Date: 2010-06-03
This happened to my dad years ago in his old house. There was this dark corner in his room he would stare at for hours. He told me that he would also hear rustling paper in the corner and other strange noises. He eventually saw the spirit one morning and that was before they moved house. It does make you wonder why they want to haunt us.
Hi Mark, It is a possibility that the spirits may be restless with the work that you have been doing around the house that can provoke spirits in certain ways. It is a good idea to get the house blessed before something serious happens to you or people from your family. Take care.