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The Ghostly Footsteps on 2011-02-21

We were on holiday in Bangladesh... I and my cousin were in the room chatting about our lives. Suddenly I forgot that I left my medicine downstairs, so I told my cousin about it and she said let's go downstairs and get it. We were on our way downstairs and there was a big window in front of us, my ...

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Date: 2011-07-03
hi soul,
Your not the only one who believes in jinns and I have heard a lot of stories about them and I also have a book and dvd on how to get rid of them!...its good that your chanted them 3 words and your right about them posessing cat especially black one.
My mum always tells me to stay away from cats at night because they can be posessed!CREEPY/SCARY! 😨
well the entity with your might be emotionally attatched to you or someone related to you in some way or its a demon trying to get your attention! I'm no christian but I am a muslim and my mum always says not to put pictures of your loved ones around your so the first thing your see is them because the next thing you will know is that it starts attacking them!...may god bless you and I hope that one day it will just go away with no harm on you or your loved ones! 😁
If it gets worse you will have to call a professional in and deal with it!
Thatnks for your story 😆
i know how you feel because I had an entity with me when I was little!
I was only 4 that time and I didn't know what to do I used to wake up crying and my mum said that you used to point at the dark corner of the room and say "what are you doing".
I also used to talk to the entity and sometimes I used to get attacked by it, my mumcouldnt take it so she called in someone to pray around the house and get rid of it and it worked. (if you want to know what religion I am, I'm muslim) try any prayer to get rid of the entity but if you can't get rid of it make sure you get your pictures of you, your family or friend and put it somewhere safe and get any pictures off your wall if you have any then you can start your prayers! 😁
Date: 2011-07-03
hi bacchaegrl,
Im not sure you know what I went through after that day but afetr I had that experience my belief in paranormal activity has not changed! I always hope one day that I will find out what happened that day but ever since that happened I haven't been back to bangladesh.
I just want to tell you if anyone says this story aint true in my heart I will know that this really happened to me and it will stay with me until I have proof!
Date: 2011-07-03
hi ambu,
I love the story you wrote and I once had an experience with one to so I know how you must have felt that day, some peopledont believe in ferotni's but because I have seen it with my own eyes no one can change my belief in them! 😁