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i recently got interested in ghost stories. And I myself have eksperienced a few... 2 or 3 tyms... I nvr wana eksperience it agen
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It Was Not Meant To Be 2 on 2010-07-13

If you read my previous story, you will have all the idea you need for this one. So the past few days, I have been encountering visual contact with the thing. Even during the day, the place where I live is surrounded by buildings from two sides (I live in an apartment district) and my room happens ...

It Was Not Meant To Be on 2010-07-05

Before I tell you about my experience, I need to note that I am a teenager, but that does not mean this experience will be a fraud. I request people to take my story into account because I need help. My name is Taufiq and I am a 16 year old Muslim. I am also a science student and I prefer logical e...

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Date: 2010-07-24
I have Qur'an in my room, that is all I need right? 😊 And as long as I believe in Allah and ask for his protection, I am safe
Date: 2010-07-24
Okay firstly MadChap: dude do I know you? 😁 are your rap gear? 😜

I don't know what they are but they stopped 😊 I still sometimes dream about the girl that's all. Well I guess this might be the last time you guys are hearing from me. Thanks for all the help you guys gave me.
Date: 2010-07-11
MMAHMED611: I thank you a hundred times for the link. I have been praying and playing these recitations and so far no poltergeists. Well only during the day. Lets see what happens at night.

Autumnredowens: As I said before, the graveyard was an abandoned one. It is really old and nobody really noticed when the coconut tree was cut down. Well in Islam, no object can save you, or give you good luck. To begin with its always Allah Who looks after you, and assures your safety. I believe it was and still is Him who has been protecting me all these years.

Nephele: Well it is because it could have been anyone else. But it happened to me, and I believe I haven't done anything wrong in my life to deserve this.

And by the way guys... Ders sum new activity going on these past few days and nights. I will right it in my next publishment. Allah Hafez
it definitely has to do something with the buildings history. Did a tragedy take place which you are not aware of? Would you care to investigate? Keep us updated, and stay safe 😊
Date: 2010-07-10
MMAHMED611: Walaikum Assalam... I really thank you for such an advice. Yes I pray regularly but do not read the Qur'an for quite a while now. And I also know how to recite most of the Surahs you mentioned. I will surely give them a try ASAP. Once again thank you.

JazzRaym: Yes I am completely aware of jinns, just like every other Muslim. But I never knew that a jinn would go this far to possess a human. Jinns are made of fire and they are in fact what we realy call "ghosts". Yes I agree I have not been reading the Qur'an lately, but I do try my best to remember Allah. I pray 5 times a day and fast in the month of Ramadan. And I never committed crimes in my life. And about my village house. It was made by grandfather with his own hands, and he used trees in the vicinity as the pillars of support. But rather than that it was always occupied by my relatives and I never heard any stories like that. So I am pretty sure its been only happening to me.

And thank you all for the help. I will definitely see to it. By the way, a few people here persisted on giving me christian advices. I hope you did not notice that I am a Muslim or this will be quite insulting. I am a teenager but still I am trying to be as formal as possible here. This is NOT the way I speak. Once again thank you all, Allah Hafez...
All I have realized these passed years is that, the more you believe and are aware of these entities, the more they come into being in front of you. Whenever I thought of all the sensible things of the world, such as the Physics of nature. All these supernatural situations just disappears. I won't tell you anything about religion as I am from a different culture. Take care of yourself. Allah Hafez.
cline1986: richt himself said its kind of like a confession. Well it is, and what he experienced is definitely not imaginary. No matter what the religion, lust is one of the seven sins. And it is also a persistent one, which a person find hard to abandon. This is the case for richt. That is exactly why he summoned back the entity, he missed the pleasure he used to get. And I agree with Rashidah, it is really mean to tell someone to see a psychiatrist. It is indirectly calling him a mad person.
Date: 2010-07-05
even our experiences here are better than paranormal activity... LOL!

Anyways, to simply put it, its not harming you... And that's all there is to it... Live it up! 😜 😜
Date: 2010-06-14
lol Hope. Ironically I'm a science student so I am going to share something with you guys. The "orbs" in every of the pictures are nothing more than dust particles in the vicinity of the camera lense. Particles reflected by the surrounded light and focused on the camera. The particles are close to the camera, which gives them a zoomed effect and makes them look like huge rather "ghostly" orbs. Believe it or not. Its a logical fact.
thorn dear you didn't get me. I am a year younger than you 😊 but that's not the point:P actually I was talking about the future. Ok for now think that the entity is good. But since its attached to you so much. I don't think it will like it at all when you get that special someone in your life. Think what might happen in the future when you get married and the entities still there? You shouldnt worry much about yourself. But worry about your husband. Bad things might happen to him. 😢
i mean help kashmir (forgot your name sorry 😜)

Whitebuffalo: I have a question. I noticed that some people are giving suggestions related to their religion. Such sprinkling holy water, etc. But I do not have that in my religion. So can please you suggest something?
Rashidah: twinki is a Muslim. I myself am a Muslim and there is no teaching like that which causes us to provoke a religion. And I don't think other religions have it either. Anyways I hope that will be all about religious talk. Let's get back with stuff 😉 and help the person with these paranormal experiences.
don't you think ghosts make apparitions for a reason? I think the ghost wanted you to realize something. Something that might have happened to him in the past. How he ended up in that way. Well even though I am saying these. I will never have the guts to investigate these things. Probably the biggest scaredy cat you have seen in your life 😆
narcissa: thank you for agreeing.

Whitebuffalo: I am sorry ad it will not happen again. I was just upset by a fellow brother Muslim. Twinki please never make such statements again. Thank you. Allahshukur (God bless)
Date: 2010-06-11
i am pretty curious about the couch. Can you please verify? If you are interested to get in the bottom of all this Violet_Sidhe
ummm. Thorn. Did you see the movie "paranormal activity"? Its off topic but are you married? I am not telling you to get rid of the entity as hes your friend now 😉 but I think you should figure out a way to convince your new friend to get along with your to be husband. Or maybe, MAYBE things might get ugly as days pass.
Now don't be scared. I am just pointing a future possibility 😊
Date: 2010-06-10
maybe something tragic happened in the house while you guys were away. Something no one knows of. I am only talking about the girl. Maybe something happened to her. Can you tell the person who saw her identify her? Who she is? And perhaps link her to a possible recent police case.

And about the man. Perhaps its related to the sofa. Where did you purchase it from? If it is from an antique shop things make a lot of sense 😉
Date: 2010-06-10
freaky haha. Are you sure you didn't look into any reflection of Kevin from his bedroom? 😕 if its not harming you in anyway then surely it wants you to do something. Perhaps something that it failed to overcome because of death
Luke you story makes no sense... You said it happened for 3 days and here just described what happened in the one of the days. Can you please be more specific?

Surya I'm pretty sure he named himself after the entity that he saw 😜
spiritual twinki. I am a muslim myself. But I would never abuse another religion. Prophet Muhammad (S) sent the Messages of Allah to us. He once said, "Preach what I preach you, as Allah said the same to me." and " people the right path, but bring no harm to what they used to believe." Arabic cannot be translated fully in english so this can be the closest you translate into. And as I m a muslim and also a science student. Paranormal things such as these are not that convincing to me. But that is why I took science:) I want to blend science with these paranormal activities to get a convincing explanation.

Kashmir this is a great story. I hope your baby will grow up to be a healthy person. Because in such unpleasant environment. Children end up growing up to be affected by childhood trauma.

Narcissa: please I beg of you. I know you didn't mean it but don't generalize Muslims as terrorists. And muslims who are terrorists are not true followers of Allah. They are simply making an act of evil and vengeance. Just like terrorists of other religions! The only difference is that the muslim terrorists are giving a abusive statement related to what us REAL muslims believe... I hope you understand.