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I am a christian I came to this site because I believe in the paranormal and I have experienced it and I want some answers.
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We Made Contact on 2011-02-01

Everyone who read my previous story then you know about the little boy that I sense every time I go into my mom's room. Well people commented and told me maybe I should try and see what he wants maybe he wanted to communicate? Well I took your advice and did that and this is what happened. I sat...

There's Other People In My House on 2011-01-10

So if you read my first story then you have read about my experience with the supernatural after my grandfather had passed away. If you read my previous story then you would understand my theory on way I think my grandfather's death opened a spiritual doorway for these ghosts that are here now. ...

That Feeling on 2010-11-15

To begin I live in a family that has experienced a lot of deaths and heartaches. And like 5 years ago my grandfather died while my family was staying with him and my grandmother, I loved him so much and he treated me like I was his own son. Well when he died I went into a deep depression that I coul...

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Date: 2011-02-14
oh and that "try again maybe next time" mess was the really uncalled for part. My experiences arent fake, for all I know hers could be just as fake but I don't go around shooting peoples experiences down because I wasn't there so I couldn't judge and say if it was real or not. That comment she made had me really for the simple fact of she doesn't know me and she was very disrespectful in that manor.
Date: 2011-02-14
[at] WhiteBuffalo that's all good and fine I'm cool with the advice and which she did give her own "opinion" but all the extra stuff she said was totally uncalled for! And I hope she understands that she should have a open mind that people come from different walks and just because she as a mother is one way doesn't mean that everyone else is like her.
Date: 2011-02-07
Thnx Redphx iactually called someone myself and they are suppose to come out real soon! Like ever since then before isleep ihave to say a prayer because it makes me feel safe!

I just wanted to say what you probably have already heard 1000x's before! God is everything. I'm sorry but your girlfriend has stumbled into some very dark stuff that should have never been met in the first place. I do commend you on praying and after you prayed once you pray again. Pray until you start to really have faith that God is going to make it work. Once you stop worrying then I know God will no doubt intervene in her life.

But and I do use " but" as loose as I can. If nothing seems to change then like Hoochler said yur going to have make that choice to either leave her or stay with her. I can tell you this just hearing the voices is the start of what is worse to come. And I pray that you don't have to see the worse because... Let's just say I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Man imma pray for you and your girlfriend hate to see two beautiful creations of God choose to go to a horrible like hell.

Take care and have faith,
Date: 2011-02-01
Frost... Dude I believe you. Who are we to doubt what you really have been going through. We don't live your life so we can't say if its real or fake... We just cant.

Now people you all say you believe in God but yet ya'll doubt what is even real or not? Dont you know nothing is too impossible when it comes to the whole God and Satan.
Ive read a lot of stories and I believe them all because if I can go through weird and unexplainable stuff than I know these people have too.

Now back to frost... Mane my personal opinion leave him alone. Yea he protected you but having horns and a halo jus screams BAD SIGN! I really would like to talk to you one on one just shoot me a message
Suni- I'm sorry if my grammar was up to yur standards but (and I'm not tryin to be rude) I need advice not a english lesson.
Everyone else- I know my mom had had some experiences but she jus prays them away and doesn't really pay them no mind
Date: 2010-12-29
my bad I meant the last part for loveghost! Sorri darkness 😁 lol
Date: 2010-12-29
Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for the advice on my family health! I asked around and comes to find out we have a history of heart attacks and diabetes!

Darkness - I wouldn't b surprise if it was a demon tryin to possess me! I believe heavily in spririts.