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My Dog Was Attacked By A Ghost And I Fear For Her Safety on 2010-06-29

This morning my dog was attacked by a ghost. I want to share my story hoping that someone out there can help me make sense of this. This morning after spending the night out I walked into my apt with my t-cup Chihuahua. My dog immediately starts barking at my bedroom and hallway area like she alwa...

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thank you for you advice ParaTam. I totally agree with you, and I do sympathise with him. I'm a vet myself and my husband is an officer in the army.
I've had several conversations with him hoping we can come to some kind of understanding.
I've yet to see any changes in his demeanor.
Well in the past days since I last posted this story my experiences have continued. I spoke to the management office and explain to them the situation. I asked to please move me to a different apt, and told them that I was willing to pay a higher rent. Unfortunately, they were only able to offer me a two bedroom apt with a 9 month lease. I will only be in the area temporarily so I can't commit to that amount of time.
I turned my 1 bedroom apt into a studio. I moved all my things out of the bedroom and completely assolated that part of the house. I also never leave my dog unattended.
Just yesterday, I was in the bathroom and heard what sounded like a man clearing his throat. Also, last night while laying in bed I heard one of the drawers in the bathroom slide in and out.
I've come to the conclusion that this thing is not going anywhere, so I'm just getting by day by day.
I spoke to some of the tenants and they all tell me the same story. That this guy was an alcocholic who was always arguing with anyone that passed by. He would sit in the balcony area at 6am with a drink in his hand. He was found dead while still kneeling on his bed in the bedroom.
Hello narcissa, In Cuba we practice santeria of West Africa and Carribean origin. Is a system of beliefs that merge the Yoruba religion (brought to the New World by slaves to work the sugar plantations) with Roman Catholic and Native American traditions.