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Sex With A Spirit on 2010-06-28

First of all, I've had this experience on and off for the past few months. Recently, I have been under a lot of stress with everything that's going on at work and my financial troubles. My boyfriend works 2 full time jobs just trying to get by and trying to get debt paid off. I hardly get to spend t...

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Date: 2011-03-17
LOL! Wow! I come back months later & I didn't realize all these comments have added up? Well... Just so that everybody is aware here. I've never been harmed by n-e spirits I've encountered. Even the sexual ones. I can't tell if it's usually the same spirits that come to me or if it's all different. I only know the presence of a spirit when I feel em. I can feel energies & they usually don't feel threatening. I haven't had sex 4 a long time with a spirit, it still does happen but very very rarely. As the boyfriend I have mentioned, I have broken up with him last Halloween of 2010. Thing's weren't working out the way I wanted to & I felt that there was no need to keep going with the relationship. My ex-boyfriend didn't know nothing about it, didn't think he needed to.

My current fiance I'm awaiting to marry as of right now is residing in prison. It'll be at least another 2 years before I could have sex, but sex ain't the most important thing to me. It only sucks wen you want it so bad from the person you love & you got things in your way that keeps you from wanting to do so. Such as health concerns 😢. I don't hardly log on this website much n-e-more, but if n-e-body wants to chat, you knoq my email people.
Date: 2010-07-02
To princessLotus If you want somebody to talk about your experiences or issues. I'm here if you want to email me. My email is bl6ckr0s3 [at] [with a zero not an o].

I don't have many friends anyway. I got nothing else better to do but to play games and work out lol! 😆
Date: 2010-07-02
I've appreciated all the opinions I have received here. I noticed a lot of people here think I'm being unfaithful to my boyfriend. If it was a live person, yes, if it was with a spirit?'s like saying the succubus/incubus that has sex with a virgin took the virginity away. Many people think that they lost their virginity to a demon/spirit when they really haven't. And no it's not considered losing your virginity. So if I'm cheating on my boyfriend, then you can lose your virginity to a ghost? It's like saying that. I'm very happy with my boyfriend. If I wasn't I would've cheated with a person that's alive or left him already. I admit I have cheated in my past relationships. I'm not a religious person, but I believed that God had me made these mistakes to find who my one true love is who happens to be the person I'm with now. I know all in time things will change and the current spirit with me is not evil. I have felt no negative vibes from him. I know I can't fall in love with a spirit and I know they mean well to keep me company. I wouldn't especially leave somebody for a spirit. That's just not me at all. There's just a lot you don't know about me and I'm more than happy to explain and talk if you're interested in emailing each other.

And to some others that think I'm DREAMING these feelings, we'll you're wrong, they are real and I was wide awake. Like I mentioned before, I have had paranormal experiences in the past. The events were involved with my ex-boyfriend & only with him. I also know others who have experiences to this day.

The only person here who seems to truly understand me is Succubussed. I totally agree that unexperience people will have a less understanding of what's going on. I know there are people out there who don't even believe in spirits. I was one of those people. My mind, eyes, and heart have opened to a whole new world of what's really out there.

Oh yeah, I have already seen paranormal activity like 4 times. I know nobody wants to end up like what happened in the movie. I'm well aware of the dangers out there and I know you can't go around playing with fire. There will always be the good and the bad things out there. 😐
😁 I know true guardian angels who were sent from god to watch you from birth would never hurt you from anyway. I would want to assume that it's a regular spirit considering she seems to care for you a lot. The reason why she may have hurt you in the past, I can't really explain, unless you were dating at the time and she was jealous or something?