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So In Love With This Wonderful Spirit on 2010-06-28

n 2008 I met a wonderful person. I have fallen in love instantly even though she was a 20 year older woman paralyzed by an incurable disease (multiple sclerosis). She was so smart and had such a personality and so powerful feelings. I simply sit near her holding her hand and feel complete and happy....

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Sure I have a Bible, and go to church. Her eyes did not scared me, the situation was wierd, but her eyes do not look eavel at all... They wer cler blue like a peacefull lake. I liked them. Really do not have any bad feeling about this. The reason that I could not move was because I am not alowd to touch. She knew that I wand to touch her and not let me to, and I think she's right, Love manifest diferently in spiritual way, and I just have to learn that. I will ask her about Jesus, but as long as I remember she already mantion God in ower conversation. She told me that God is the supreme low or something like that.
The diference between ower world and the spiritual world is huge and that is actualy frightening me, not her. I trust her verry deep and I think she is taken me as far as she knows I can handel it. Thenx for explaining it to me, I realize what it's happening and that feels so much better. 😊
Thenx 4 coments! Yes ower relation is much much more then physical. When she was alive and simple talke to me and sit next to me, all other people feel something that is going on between us. One day her mother have seen us holding ower hands and she become verry gelous... But after all she accept it and gave me all her dresses after she passed away. And about the astro flight... I have this strange sensation of somehow fly but not me... It was like something is suckyng me up in the sky. I felt like a helium baloon going up up up. I hade no boddy, I was like a gas or something. When I reach a limit, I staid there a second and then wake up imediatly with no breath and all my lounghs full with air and stuck. I scared a little... Because I think she is going to take me away... And I can possible die, but I think she can't do that... She just showed me where she is, and she is so excited about her new existance.
Please explain to me. Is it a bad spirit? I am impressed by her powers... But sometimes I have this feeling that I have to forget about her, but I don't know how, she is the most closer "person" that I ever have, hope not to involve in dangerous situations...