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The Crying Indian Women on 2011-07-06

I have already stated in pervious posts that there is a spirit in the house where I work. I am an in-home caregiver for an 85 year old widow her husband died in 08 IN the house and it is believed his spirit is still there). Anyways, I was told by an old co-worker (who did night shifts, but she no lo...

Caring For An Older Women And A Ghost? on 2011-04-12

I am a caregiver for an older women and I work 12 hour shifts in her home. There is always someone with her 24/7. There are a total of 4 caregivers working with her. Her husband passed away in 2008 and she has no children. So she is pretty lonely. Well when I first started working there in Feb of 20...

The Vineyard House Pest Control on 2011-04-12

This story is actually one of my family member's stories. He told me I could go ahead and post it for him. He owns a pest control service in Placerville CA (Also known as Hang town because of the many public hangings there where). He did the pest control for a historic house called The Vineyard Hous...

Voices In ICU on 2010-10-26

My mom recently had a very serious stroke and she is in the I.C.U (intensive care unit) department. The hospital is old but has been remodeled recently. It's cool because there are these super long hallways and to the right is all windows looking outside (from the 3rd floor) and to the left is all r...

Little Girl Spirit Loves My Dogie on 2010-06-30

First off I would like to say that I have had MANY ghostly experiences and I am a very open minded person. I am also a Christian and believe in heaven and hell. I have also had many demonic experiences too. I live around the area people call "Gold Country" because it's where people first discove...

Demons Appearing And How I Got Rid Of Them on 2010-06-30

First off, I would like to say I have always been tuned in to these things. When I walk into a house or some other place I can feel if some kind of spirit or demon is present. I have had many experiences with the paranormal. I would also like to say I believe in God and heaven and hell... So it's al...

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Date: 2011-07-18
Oh sorry lol. I am a bad speller and bad with grammar. I always find myself saying or spelling something wrong lol. It's a curse! 😳
Date: 2011-07-15
Something interesting happened today at work that I wanted to share... The women I care for and I where watching the Tyra Show and they where talking about people who have issues sleeping. She looked at me and said "you know sometimes I can feel Richard's (her husband that passed) spirit come into the room and that is when I am able to sleep the best." I said "What do you mean?" and she said "Well honey sometimes I can feel his presents with me and its like he is right there with me so I am able to get a good rest." I was speachless! So I am now wondering if she actually does know his spirit is still in the house...
Date: 2011-07-12
After her husband who died in 08 contacted me (the women I care for still has no idea I have had contact with her husband) I asked about what she believes when it comes to the spiritual world and she flat out told me she does not believe in spirits other than angels.
And there may be a connection between the artifacts in the garden and the spirit... And no I have not heard anything sinse. If I hear her again I may try to communicate with it if I feel led to...
Date: 2011-05-12
I do not get a good feeling when I read this. I don't think this spirit is friendly at all. If you do not want him there, next time you are alone, I would take the recorder again and tell it to leave. Tell him it is your house now and he is no longer welcome. Tell him to find somewhere else to live. Do not show you are afraid! If it sees you are afraid, it can continue messing with you and make you more and more feerful of him. Then see what comes up on the recording. If it is a stuburn spirit/demon and refuses to leave, I would contact a pastor and have your house prayed over telling all spirits to leave the house. Well good luck! I hope things work out.
If I where you I would contact your local presit or pastor and have them pray over your home. This spirit should not be going around scaring your kids!
Date: 2011-05-11
Wow what a great story! Thank's for sharing! Sounds like your Aunt Tanny just wanted to spend some time with you. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks guys for all your comments! This year (2011) my doggie got sick and passed away 😭.
I recently saw the ghost of my dog! I didn't even know animals can be ghosts! I am going to post another story about that very soon!
Thank you for all your comments!
Date: 2011-05-11
I have heard that when you see a bight light it is a good spirit, like a loved one or angel. Maybe it is your grandmother... Or an angel.
Also, for like a week I would try unpluging everything in your room and the master bathroom that make any sort of a light and see what happens... That way there is no question if it is a device in the room (s) or not.
Thank you guys for reading my story and the comments! I want to explore that place so badly! I really wish it was open to the public still!
Thank you guys!
Thank you all so much for reading my story and giving me such wonderful advice! I still have not seen his ghost, but the noises have continued. I have not communicated with him or told him to leave yet. If he attempts to hurt his wife, me, or any of the other caregivers I have decided I will confront him and give him a little warning. If he is just hanging out with us, I don't see the need to tell him to leave. He isn't hurting anyone. She still has no idea what is going on. A few of you asked me to talk to the women I care for about her husband still being in the house, but I know it would scare the crap out of her and she would not understand at all. I really don't want to scare her. She already has a lot of issues and I don't want to add to it if it is not needed. If she ever brings it up I will probably tell her a little bit about what is going on though.
Thank you guys so much! It helps!
Date: 2011-04-12
If you want it to leave, command it to go away. Then bless your house. Maybe get a pastor to help you.
Thanks for sharing!
When I read this I felt really nasty feelings/vibes. This is a bad spirit (s). The Virgin Mary seemed to be just fine, but when I continued reading about the shaddow person (s) and the man with the gun I got this really nasty feeling! I would not want to communicate with that! He is bad news! If you ever come across him/them again, tell it to go away and leave you alone! It would also do you guys some good to bless the house (if you still live there) and pray over it. Let it know who is boss and who really owns the house!
Thanks for sharing! =)
Date: 2011-04-12
Wow what a story! My 1st paranormal expirience was when I was 6- I had a spirit talk to me every now and then. But nothing harmful or mean. Then I saw my 1st spirit when I was hardly a teenager. Kinda scary when your young and do not know a lot about the paranormal. No I don't think its weird at all that you kind of miss him. But I would not go around searching for it or other spirits.
Take care!
Date: 2011-04-12
Wow. I am so sorry for your loss! I hope if you see any more visions of your son, they are happy ones =)
Date: 2010-10-30
I think its cute how she wants to say hi to you. She obviously misses her family and wanted to stop by. Next time something happens like this (if there is a next time), I would say something like "Grandma is that you?" right after, just so she knows you are aware its her and maybe she will leave you alone... ❤
Yes it did stop after I took a stand and told it to go away. I have seen and heard things outside of my home in different locations, but not in my home again and not nearly as scary. Now I have a pretty good understanding of the difference between spirits and demons. But you never know for sure...
Thanks for all your comments guys!
Date: 2010-06-30
Sorry about your brother. It's so hard loosing a loved one!
That must have scared the poop out of your husband!
Wow what a scary experience for a 6 year old! I believe demons can take different forms... They will do whatever they can to get to you... I'm sorry that happened to you.
Date: 2010-06-30
Sounds like you where visited by an angel. Wow, that's an awesome story. Thanks for sharing. 😁
Date: 2010-06-30
Your story is amazing! It's a happy one! Thanks for posting! 😁