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Incubus Or Just A Wet Dream on 2010-07-12

This happened to me a couple months ago I don't really think about too much but now that I read all the stories about Incubus and stuff I feel the necessity of putting my story here. I'm 19 years old. You see I was tired of the university and since one of my teachers missed that day I decide to go...

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Well that was the last time I can remember so vividly. Even though my house it's like a hotel or something for them it's not the first time. When I move up to this house there was a shadow of a women and later there was a old man and lately we have this spirit that keep turning on the TV of my aunt's room. But thanks' god the last doesn't seem really aggressive like the women, the old man or the one who touch me. We call the one we had right now "lucky" my friend named it that way when he throw her bag one time hehe