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Need Answers, Was I Violated By Incubi? on 2010-07-13

My very first "demon attack" occurred when I was a 22 year old college student. Until today, I have no idea what really happened on that day, and I would really appreciate feedback. To start with, I am not someone who is religious or spiritual. I do not practice religion much, and therefore, it onl...

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Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback.

Succubussed: I do experience SP every now and then. This happens when I sleep on my back, and usually when I am too tired. I think sleeping on my back reduces my ability to breathe or causes poor blood circulation, so much that my body sends various signals to my brain to wake me up.

These signals come in the form of scary nightmares. My nightmares are usually about scary ghosts, geckos (I have this weird fear of geckos), and elephants-things that I am naturally afraid of.

Like this one time, I had a nightmare that the ceiling above me was covered with life geckos, I tried to move but was paralysed-and then I suddenly managed to break free-to find myself asleep on my back. I adjusted my position and fell asleep again with no problem.

But this particular experience occurred when I was asleep on my side. And the thing that scared me the most was the growling sound that I heard... I wonder if there anyone else hears noises while experiencing SP. 😳

BadJuuJuu-I can't deny that my exhaustion could have contributed to the whole episode.

Anita1-I hope the attacks are gone for good.

Trudy82- I am glad that you find that particularly interesting. Women from the Asian region do tend to hear old wives tales about spirits and demons attacking women particularly when they are menstruating. Something about the smell of blood that will supposedly attract dark entities.

Pregnant women will also be advised by elders to carry rusty nails with them to ward of evil spirits who will try to steal the foetus that they carry.

And women who are in confinement after child birth are not allowed to leave the house for 40 days. Once again because of the blood thirsty spirits/demons.

Many people also do not carry meat (cooked or raw) after dark (even in cars), and if they do, they carry the meat alongside some charcoal or nails to ward off evil spirits. Besides that, newborns will only be placed in a crib that has a broom underneath it. Are these merely old wives tales? I can't quite say 🤔