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Psychologist by profession, philosopher by conviction.

Love a good tequila, a good book and music that makes you dream.

Since little, I have had many encounters with "the other reality". As a psychologist, I have tried to explain them rationally. Not always have I succeeded.
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Dealing With Death on 2010-08-09

This happened in Reynosa, Mexico, two years ago (summer, 2008). As a background, my family and I have always experienced ghost sightings, among other things. Sometimes they want to communicate or are in need of help. Sometimes... Sometimes they just want to have fun. I am my family's defense or barr...

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Date: 2010-08-17
I have had some very realistic dreams, so like Cosmogal said, this could have been the case. It just that it has stuck in my mind for so long I felt I should write it and share it. It actually does not end there.
I have more stories to tell, these ones wide awake, haha, so keep posted.