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I have been raised in a Christian family but with time seem to have become an atheist.

I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts etc., but I do believe that we (people) are able to percieve only a fraction of the whole of the reality that surrounds us.

My login contains the "the_empath" bit. That is because I have always felt like an emotional "sponge" around people. I often seem to unwillingly share the others' emotions, or just know how they feel without any evident symptoms.

I have never had any paranormal encounters. I did, hoewvwer, have a premonition dream, about which I have written the "The night my grandfather died" story.

Although I have no knowledge or skills regarding the paranormal, I do hope that I will be able to help some people here, even if only with simple words of comfort.
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The Night My Grandfather Died on 2010-08-09

This story is a description of what I experienced in 2000. I was 15 back then (I'm 25 at the moment). I was spending the Easter holidays with my family in my hometown in Poland. During that time my grandfather was in hospital, recovering after a surgery. We were told that it went ok and that he'd so...

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Date: 2010-08-30
One thing I can tell you for sure: the thing with the battery is pretty normal. It happened to me quite often whenever I left my cell close to an electric appliance, until I read that it's advised not to do so. Since I changed my habits the battery is ok.
As for the rest of your story, I noticed that you never wrote about any harm done except for being scared. Thus, I think that who/whatever it is, they mean you no harm. They either want your attention for something, or simply coexist alongside you.
But be causcious: it may be your grandparents, but it might be something different.
So I repeat after BJJ: keep on praying (by the way: were your grandparents religious? It may be a connection), and talk to a priest about blessing your house and family.
Keep us posted!
❤ Eva
Date: 2010-08-30
Pardon my being blunt, but to me it looks like a vivid dream about an alien abduction/experiment. They can often feel very real.
But, being no expert, I can still be wrong.
I would like to thank everyone for your sympathy.
I would also like to add that I never had a "special" bond with grandpa. We loved eachother unconditionally, but I've always thought my causin was his favourite grandchild, since they were inseparable. That's why I was surprised that he came to me exclusively (noone from my family "heard from" him after his death).
Anyway, I strongly believe that our loved ones watch after us in the afterlife. We should do what they want us to, that is: despite the pain and loss we should think about their happiness, the fact that they don't suffer from any pain or illness, are finally at peace and want us to find peace of our own.
Date: 2010-08-12
Is it true by any chance that a type of Voodo is partially connected to christian beliefs and animal sacrifice?
I also believe that animals pass onto the other side. Although my dog didn't appear after his death, I remember the incredible pain and loss. They are our family after all...
I've heard that strong believers are even more prone to posessions, etc. It is as if their faith and strong will made them more attractive for the Evil to feed upon. Especially if they make the posessed do evil things, hence not normal agressive behaviour towards loved ones (which I hope is not the case with you). I don't, however, think you're posessed. It may as well be that Evil is trying your faith. As guys have written, you should check the history of the house, bless it, pray there a lot and aloud. I also always recommend seeing a priest.
Date: 2010-08-10
I'm sorry to say it but to me it definately looks like a demon.
Date: 2010-08-10
Perhaps it would be good to bring the wife to your next session. Since he cannot go to her, maybe she should come and "talk" to him as you have. Do you know if she tried to communicate with him? Anyway, it's just a suggestion.
I'd love to hear some more.
Eva ❤
Date: 2010-08-05
Hello! I believe that looking up the history of the house could bring some answers. Moreover, you should contact a priest. Of any religion you find suitable. It does not matter whether you are a believer or not. Demons, if that's what's bothering you are prone to strong faith and many relligions have their exorcists. If these are ghosts, then probably you're safe. But to know that you need to contact someone with the knowledge and experience in identifying and expelling such unwanted "guests".
❤ Eva
Hello Thorn!
I have to confess that I have just created an account to write this post.

I don't have any knowledge on the paranormal, but one thing occured to me while reading your story and maybe it will provide you with a different point of view. Namely, you seem to describe your relationship with the entity as if it was a human-human relationship with a living, flesh-and-blood person, almost a boyfriend. What is the most unnerving is that he may also percieve himself in this way.
My question is: have you ever thought what will happen when you'll want to have a real boyfriend/husband/family in your life? Because in the present state I doubt he'd let you have them. You've let him feel he's the most important. As I said, I know nothing about exorcisms, but I know you need to do something.
First of all I'd recommend talking to him and making him aware he cannot treat you like that, and that he is, and later will not be, the most important I'm your life.
Secondly, I think you should talk to a priest you trust, even if only for some advice.

Hope to read how your story continues,
❤ Eva