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My Two Incubi on 2010-07-26

I am an 18 year old female currently living in Texas. I have had many paranormal experiences in the past fifteen years, since my family moved here from San Diego, but this account is by far the most terrifying and threatening. I will apologize now for how long this story is, but I feel that all the ...

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Date: 2010-08-10

After reading your comments and advice I decided to put some of them into action. I did try burning sage, but unfortunately that didn't work for me. The entities still came back to me. I finally told my roommate Edith that entities were visiting me at night and she freaked out and has been sleeping with me in my room. That seemed to work for a couple of nights, but then they started coming back after she had fallen asleep. They seemed not to care if there was a witness there, which seems very unusual to me because the experience is so intimate and personal.

I have been praying more lately--though I've always been religious--but things are still happening and my friend told me that demons are more likely to harass spiritual people becuase they want to 'corrupt' them.

So I put Succubussed's advice into action. I have been ignoring them. Though I'm still terrified of them, whenever they have come into my room at night I have not paid them any attention, just roll over and ignore them. At first it didn't seem to faze them, but lately it feels like they are becoming more frustrated. Last night they didn't even come at all.

Maybe this is hope springing eternal, but it really seems like my combination of fervent praying and avoidance might be working.

Thank you to everyone that gave me advice and took the time to comment.
Date: 2010-07-29
You are absolutely right Infinity, everything that is happening is extremely bizarre--I didn't believe it until my roommate pointed out the sex smell in my room--but nevertheless, I am going to look into those protcetion crystals. There is a place near the university that sells them, but how can you tell which are legit and which ones are hoaxs? And thank you BadJuuJuu for your advice as well, I am going to burn sage around my room like you suggested.
Date: 2010-07-28
Man, I have had dangerous things like that happen before, and there is nothing scarier than when unseen 'things' start chucking sharp kitchen utensils around. Your sister in law is very lucky! It's good to hear that they got out of there. 😊
Date: 2010-07-28
Wow, that's pretty scary business! I am glad that your mother believed you and your sister--of course, it'd be sort of hard to deny it when she had experienced things herself, right?--and you all got out of there. It definitely sounds like whatever was in that house was trying to get at you that night, perhaps because you were the only person there for it to 'pick' on. And maybe you are absolutely right, maybe you got out in just the nick of time before it had a chance to inflict real harm on you. But whether or not the entity meant you any harm, it is still quite unpleasant to have something so terrifying close at hand. I think you handled it well though, especially given how scared you were. 😊
Wow, that is pretty scary stuff! I am so sorry you lost your baby, though. Don't worry, you are not nuts, especially if so many other people seemed to have experienced similar things in that house.
Date: 2010-07-27
That definitely sounds like a spirit--how could pipes make your computer chair revovle or tug on the blankets? I speak from my own experience with entities to say that the chances of all those occurences being contributed to the pipes in your house are very low. I believe that you and your sister are right in thinking that you have had dealings with the paranormal.
Wow, this is a very scary experience. I have had similar things happen to me, and I am very relieved to hear that you managed to get rid of it. 😊