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My First, But Crazy Paranormal Experience on 2010-08-03

My story begins one night when I was on my way home. I live out in the middle of nowhere, so it was very dark and the only lights I had were my headlights. A couple of weeks earlier there was a bad car accident that involved six of my friends. Two of which passed away. The accident site is on my way...

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messymae09: Really? That's crazy... It is very frightening when things like this happen... Well atleast to me it is... You are probably a little braver:)
bandit: Oh no, I don't feel like your insulting me at all, I appreciate you trying to debunk things, The other comment was just to people that were saying "your boyfriend is a thief" or accusing him for things, if I truly still thought it was, I wouldn't be with him. But yes, I think some things are explainable... But it was a very creepy experience for me, since it was my first, and I was so overwhelmed that I needed you guys's help. But yes actually I have had one thing move on its own since I posted this.
In my room my bed is right in the middle and on the right side by the window I have a computer desk with my computer and a swivel chair. I was almost asleep one night and I heard my computer start up... (I keep it on hibernate, so all you have to do is wiggle the mouse and it comes on) and I looked over and the cursor was darting across the screen, and the mouse was just shaking... Not actually moving around like you or I do when we use the computer and all I could do was just sit there and watch it... I didn't want to interrupt it to see if it would lead me anywhere... But it didn't and after a while it stopped. So I turned over and faced the computer and was almost asleep again when I heard a rattling noise... And this time the chair was shaking violently. I sat up straight in my bed and just watched it... I was too scared to get up. It went on for a straight three minutes then it just stopped altogether... I told my parents but they didn't believe me. So I just went back in my room and tried to sleep again, then all was quiet and fine... But other than that experience nothing else has happened.
Date: 2010-08-22
I don't feel that your children should be scolded for telling you what they see. Just because your husband gets irritated doesn't mean they should have to suffer in fear and not know the truth about what is really happening. On your wedding day I do believe that you promise to each other to be there and support one another. If he supported you and was really there for you and was just genuinely concerned about his own children and taking responsibility as a father then he would listen to you and your opinions do matter. Marriage is two ways not just one. You should never hide anything from each other. He just needs to suck up his stubbornness and be open to listen to his own WIFE and help his kids.
Date: 2010-08-22
twelve? Honey you are way too young to be having intercourse and be masturbating. Go play outside, or with friends... You have so much life ahead of you! And I second the age limit suggestion! Where is your parents or guardian? Gracious!

Very interesting experience... Odd but interesting. I feel since I have no experiences with incubus's then I am not in any position to hand out advice other than what others have already said! Hope you get answers soon!

Twelve? Sorry I just can't get over that.
Have a great day!
thanks for your opinion, I have no clue what it was, but it wasn't my boyfriend. I just got offended because it was like you pretty much told me to open my eyes and see that my boyfriend is a thief. And that's not true.
Thank you though and I'm sorry if I came across as a bit rude but that was my first reaction.
jamesrobiscoe: I know he would never do anything like that and I apologize if in that comment to that other person sounded really defensive, in ways it was because although I appricitate advice and opinions that persons response was completely irrelevant and just pointing blame at someone they don't know. Sorry I just had to get that out. Haha. But in answer to your question no he wasn't with me when he discovered the key. His mother just moved into a new place and we assumed it was to her house because it was a brand new key. And I can't answer how it got into his jeans... And yes there has to be an answer somehow... But I believe with all my heart and would bet my life 100% he did not take it. And honestly neither one of us have the time to go make a new key. And we are together all the time. So I would know if something suspicious was going on in that regard.

To all others: although I do appreciate and welcome advice and opinions if your comment is only intended to point fingers and blame people then please just save it... I'm asking you all for help about my experiences not for you to tell me my boyfriend is a thief. With all due respect, thanks!
my boyfriend would not copy my key, thanks for your input. But if I seriously thought he would do something like that then why would I be with him? I wouldnt. Especially not for two years. And if he wanted it for his own reasons then why did he give it back? Why would he be suprised that it worked. Thanks for your input. But no isults please. You don't know him. Thankyou
Wow! So many comments! I want to start off saying thank you to all of you! Your all helping me in a bigger way than you know. And I appreciate it so much!

Darkness: I will defiantly be keeping you guys updated! Thanks so much!

Jamesrobiscoe: thanks for all the advice! I think I am going to look into investigation. But in answer to your question no, none of my other friends have seen anything abnormal around the accident site. I even had my boyfriend drive by there by himself to see if he saw anything and since it seems to target him for some reason I was almost positive he would have a similar experience. But the accident is still fresh in everyones minds here... And I don't want to seem insincere by assuming I saw one of their spirits, you know? But I will in the future ask someone that was closer to them than I was to maybe drive by one night. But thanks for your help! I'd be happy to answer any further questions to the best of my ability for answers to my experience!

Zzsgranny: hi! Yes a lot of questions but I'm more than happy to answer. What happened that night was very tragic for everyone here but what happened was there were six people in a small car leaving a party at about two thirty am and the driver was not drunk (all tox screens were clean) but he was messing around with everyone in the car and swerving and just playing around. Due to the small car not ment to hold six none had seat belts on. The driver lost control of the car and it started flipping. All were ejected from the car and one of the girls was pronounced dead on the scene. (the actual accident happened at approximately 3 am which is known to be the devils hour not sure If that is significant or not) but the other five were taken to the hospital with only one in critical condition. And he ended up passing two days later. So no other cars were involved and he wasn't trying to miss anything. He was just being silly. And in answer to your other questions no we do not keep our house keys in the open and we only have three. My father has one my mom has one and I have one. We don't have any extra. And I asked my parents if they had theirs and they did. My first suspicion was that my boyfriend took mine off my key ring trying to mess with me. But he swears he didn't. And I even checked my keys and I had mine and the one he used. I, today, have two keys to my house. One never accounted for.
Ice Princess: I am not sure if he liked me, because he had a girlfriend of a about a year when he passed. And he used to say how much he loved her and stuff, but very good hypothosis. I really appriciate your comment:) but yes it does make me very uncomfortable... Since I don't have a background of paranormal experiences... This was my first! And I do not like the fact that I feel like something was controling me...

Moongrim: That's a great idea. Thankyou!

Snowhite: yes I feel the same way, but my friend that passed knew that we were happy. That's why I don't feel like it's him. But thankyou for the advice:)
Date: 2010-07-27
Wow, sounds like there is never a dull moment around your house! 😊 But yes, I agree with the others, a blessing could be in order, or if you don't mind the visitors and they are not harming you, then I'm sure the activity will slow down in time.

Jen ❤