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I am a housewife and I am deeply interested in the paranormal. My hobbies are reading books about the paranormal but not fiction ones. Because I want to learn more and more. I am an avid animal lover as well. I still miss my beloved dog who passed away last febuary, and I wish so much to learn how to comunicate with her. I wish as well how to learn about making contact with yhose who are on the other side so that if it is possible I will make contact with my dad and my brother.That's why I am on this site. I love country music also.
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A Lady In White on 2010-08-02

About a month ago my son who is 21 years of age came home after spending 2 hours chatting with his friends. It was around midnight when he arrived and he found me sitting on the bed with the TV on, fast asleep, so he switched off the TV and went to sleep. I must tell you that his bedroom and mine ar...

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Date: 2010-08-07
Hello kamui, I'm glad that I learned something else that in the Phillipines you call your mom." ma" like the Maltese people:-) and to you dear cosmogal926, I want to tell you that I don't know any history of the house or land, but I will make a research. I suspect that the land has something to do with it, because my neighbour once told me and we were not talking about ghosts, we were talking about our pets, that she can't have a dog in her house because all the dogs that she had, about 3 in all, died mysteriously. Let me tell you that in the area where I live, all the houses are built one near the other with no space of gardens etc.I'm sure of it, that the spirit that I have in my house, is a good spirit but sometimes I am sorry for her because if it is earthbound she has to be realesed to go on the other side where she belongs now, but believe or not I love to have her in my house as she is a good spirit. When my brother who used to live in the house before me, decided to go in a new house because this one is old, everything began to go wrong eg;an ashtray fell from the side table on it's own and was shattered. The oven door which was made of glass was shattered as well. She didn't want them to leave:-) By the way cosmogal926 you also say "ma" how nice! Cu next time with another experience xx
You said that your mum had paranormal experiences all her life and still don't believe, and says that are imaginations! How does she accept the fact that she is always imagining? She must be extremely skeptical! I'm so sorry for you: (