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This Is My Life on 2012-01-23

I'm writing this because I've done everything else and this seems like a last resort if you know what I mean. Basically my life revolves around ghosts and I-can't-identify-wtf-you-are things. If you have read my prior story which I do recommend you read, you will see that for as long as I can rememb...

Who Is He And Why Do I Feel This Way? on 2011-06-21

By the way, I live in California. So, I have been seeing/feeling ghosts since I was six years old and in 1st grade. Ever since I can remember, someone has been in my head. Sometimes I think I see this thing at first I thought it was a female and now I think it might be a male. This, thing, guides me...

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Date: 2012-02-06
Well, I agree with many of the comments below. I do think that she was there to warn you rather than to cause any harm. However, though it may be hard, it's very important to talk to your aunt and if you need help I'd be glad to. Anyway, have you seen any other spirits or is this your first?
Date: 2012-02-06
Hey everyone, thanks for the comments! Right now, I'm looking for my OWN troubleshooting ideas, not getting help if you know what I mean. Anyway, keep commenting and thanks so much!
DeviousAngel: Not saying you're wrong, but those thoughts may be because a friend recently tried to kill herself and I am one of the only ones who know. Or because my parents recently went through a divorce. I now have dreams my BFF is dying and I can't do anything about it. Before this happened the thoughts were minor, I was overwhelmed with ghosts and scared.
I think you guys have got something wrong. This entity is not controling me but rather acting as a gaurdian angel. SOrry for my sucky spelling. Anyway, I have gone to doctors and I am fine.
LOL. That made since. Um, s/he never introduced himself. I saw a picture of the accident in my head. Also, sometimes I cannot tell what is my voice and what is it's voice.
Can someone explain twin souls to me? I read about them online. Thanks for all your help guys!
dragonstorm80~thanks for your reply! I have been practicing Wicca for 2 years now but it has been mostly research rather than rituals. So no, I have not done that type of ritual. As far as the particular moment, I was 5 and sitting on my couch at home, there was a story on the news I did not understand and the entity seemed to clarify for me. THanks for the help. 😁
Date: 2010-07-31
This is so romantic. ❤ I can't believe you have to leave her 😭. Anyway, that's just so sweet, and I think you should write her a goodbye letter, and definitely go back to visit her. I like that you named her Sam, I don't know why, but It kind of suits her in an imperfect way.