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Haunted Apartment And Possession? on 2010-11-16

This is my first submission and it is going to be really long, but I want to include everything. I have never had any paranormal experiences before this. I am a 21 year old single woman. I live in an apartment with my best friend, Dave, in Louisville, Kentucky. Dave and I graduated school together. ...

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I know that it wasn't Dave that did this. If Dave did do it on purpose that still wouldn't explain how an invisible force held me down or how I still experienced groping and feeling a hand on my throat when I went to a hotel without Dave. The sedative Dave took was over the counter and not prescription, so I know it wasn't Ambien. Also Dave was wanting me to go to the doctor and I was the one that refused because I was scared. If there was any doubt in my mind that Dave did this on his own I would be the first to move out. Right now we are documenting everything and saying prayers, etc. Something else that has happened is that Dave was "raped" by an unseen force. He says he woke up one night and couldn't move then he felt someone entering him and heard laughing. I actually heard laughing about the same time that night in my room, but didn't experience anything else.
Thank you for your comments. Dave and I both spoke to his priest and told him everything. His priest recommended keeping a record of everything that happened to either of us separately. I also left the apartment for a week. During this time Dave still experienced items moving or disapearing, unexplained noises, and waking up to being groped. (I didn't mention that in the story. He was also waking up at night and feeling like someone was stroking him.) While I was away I also kept experiencing nightmares and sleep paralysis. I did not go to the dr because I was afraid they would call the police and report a suspected rape. Yes I was torn pretty badly but I am getting better. Thank God I am not pregnant. Neither of us experienced anything paranormal before moving into this apartment and when I left for a week it followed me. Right now we are sprinkling holy water and saying prayers throughout the apartment as well as keeping journals of everything that is happening.