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Attacks From Incubus Or Ghost? on 2010-08-16

I am a 26-year-old male and I live in India. About a year back I broke up with my partner. I was very depressed after the break up. I trusted that person very much. After the break up I started to stay up quite late when I was of on days off from work. I would sit and browse the internet as well as ...

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anyone who got success in getting rid of this demonic thing? Please help me
I did try to ignore, but to what extent? I feel it covers me completely... Still I have to stay silently? Now a days praying to all Hindu gods and St. Michael too and it is helping to reduce the attack considerably, but still its not completely cured... Will I be able to sleep without fear and worry? I don't know.
Date: 2010-11-10
Read your story, you can get back to your peace of mind... I am from a different religion, I am a Hindu from India... Having attacks from an incubus despite the fact that I am a male, it got reduced considerably after praying to St. Michael, its really a miracle, you can relay on him, he is much stronger and dependable. Start praying and feel the difference.

Take care...
how can I get rid of it completely... In our home we had certain ceremony according to hindu culture, but still its there. Can't sleep at night time... Cannot even imagine of sex, please help me who had prior experience and who get it rid of forever...pls...
can I get rid of it permenently? I am pretty much depressed, my mood is also changing... Am getting angry easily because of this disturbance and I am hurting all my loved ones especially some people who likes me and sacrifices a lot for me and I feel so bad... I want to be happy again

Thanks for sharing so many things which actually helped a lot... It got reduced when I tried to ignore it and now for the couple of days it came back and I am still trying to get rid of it completely: (now something more horrifying happened... My brother see things like flashing lights in front of my room most of the day and now he is also getting the same experience (not started in a sexual way he is telling that it feels like a small electric current climbs through his legs...) I am pretty much depressed... If I could do anything then probably I would tear that demon off forever... I am helpless... I told it in an angry voice to leave but it never happened...